Friendly Friday Photo Challenge -Coral ish colours

It was just too tempting not to join in again this week with Friendly Friday, given this stunning example of coral ish colour just outside my door.

Join in with Snow this week. At the above link

Next week Something to Ponder About will host Friendly Friday with a new prompt.


36 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge -Coral ish colours

    • Indeed you are right,Snow! It is the Swamp Mahogany (gum tree). It is rather special. Not a tall tree, by any stretch. But so pretty in blossom and the rainbow lorikeet birds love them for the nectar. Do you remember those birds?

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      • Ah yes, gum trees! I remember. And lorikeets, yes! When I visited my childhood best friend as a grown up, I was surprised by how many different kinds of parrots you could see everywhere, early in the morning. I had forgotten the lorikeets but that gum tree flower looks so familiar! ❤️

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