Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Revisited

Weekly Prompt – Revisited

Tokyo today – from the Tokyo Skytree

Our lives become so busy, it is only in reflection that we can truly appreciate some of the places we have visited in our lives. Through our photography, memories come alive.

Tokyo skyline from Tokyo Tower – nearly 15 years ago

Sometimes things change immensely, whilst others stay very much the same.

This week on Friendly Friday, I am asking you to Re-visit your memories, places and experiences.

Asakusa Temple Now
Asakusa Then – July 2004

The prompt ‘Re-visiting’ might mean something entirely different. It might simply mean a return to a place, but in another time. A ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo, of a project, from start to finish, or a time warp showing changes from one decade to another. Such as revisiting the changes from baby to child or child to adult. It might even be a place you wish to re-visit one day.

Such as a little village in Denmark.

A perfect summer in Denmark

You are limited only by what revisiting means to your imagination.

Photography Challenge

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is alternately hosted at The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About, each Friday.”

Like the former WordPress Photo Challenge, we’ll post a prompt each Friday and invite you to create a ‘Friendly Friday‘ post using one or more photos of your choice, relating to the weekly prompt.

Write as little, or as much, as you like in the post. That part is really up to you!

Once you hit publish, come back here and leave your comment and link for your Friendly Friday post, in our comments section.  Find further instructions here.

The New Friendly Friday Logo

Snow and I have created individual logos, for Friendly Friday, that you may like to add to your Friendly Friday post, but this is entirely optional. This week, my daughter created a new, unique logo using her quirky art. You are free to use this logo, or the former one, in your post if you wish.

And don’t forget to add a tag, and pingback to Friendly Friday.

This will make it easier for us all to find you and your post.

See you again in two weeks!



132 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Revisited”

  1. Yeah! I was waiting for your post and was curious what the subject will be. I love it! I’ve done a few time warps with scenes from nature through the year, I don’t think I have any more stocked. But I’ll gladly come up with something, just maybe not today. We’ll see. Tokyo looks quite intimidating! 😮 And a lovely new logo!

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    1. Yay! I am so pleased to hear that you were looking forward to the next prompt, Manja. And even more pleased that you will search for another time warp at some point. Thanks for the compliments on the logo. My daughter has this quirky sense of art forms. Yes, The concrete jungles of the Tokyo metropolis looks intimidating, and is amazing, but it is surprisingly very easy to find your way around. Google maps works really well there and also associates with train platforms and subways! It gives tourists confidence. Do you think you will travel there?

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        1. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, Veron. Do you take Vitamin C ? I find it helps me keep the winter bugs at bay.
          I will pop over and check out your contribution. Thank you for joining in again!

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    1. Excellent Snow! I would so love you to join in too. Your photos are always very special, and so pretty! Extra enticing for me if they feature that cold fluffy, white stuff that I like. Have a lovely weekend.

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    1. Loved the trip through HeidKate via your photos. What special memories. Old photos are so nostalgic and bring back lots of smells, tastes, minute details that I may have forgotten. Great use of the prompt.

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    1. Thanks for jumping aboard, Lorelle! I was hoping to see you on Friendly Friday one day and Rome was an excellent choice to re-visit. H. will be happy to see you using her logo on your post as well!

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    1. Hi Maria, and welcome aboard. The Danish photo is from the area around Copenhagen so only across the strait from Southern Sweden. Southern Sweden was Danish back in time, wasn’t it? Love you take on the challenge.

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              1. I look forward to hearing more about your travels. Thanks for the geographic clarification. May I ask if you are travelling independently or with a tour?


              2. Independently for the most of destinations, but some countries you are not allowed to travel without a guide – for example Tibet. We also traveled together with 14 other people on the same ship in the Galapagos archipelago. I feel, as we grow older, maybe there will be more of the organized ways to travel.

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              3. I do understand what you mean. I have always travelled independently apart from the last few trips where I do a combination of both. As I travel for a long period, keeping all the connections, dates and times in my head and working out how to get from one place to another can be overwhelming, so I am happy to hand it over to a tour guide for a week or so. Even though you are stuck in a group, it is quite nice to be able to pop one’s heavy suitcase outside the hotel door and let someone else load it on to the bus. (Just for a short while).

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    1. Thanks for joining in Graham. Your photos are unique and so very interesting. I don’t think I have seen anything like it. Is it a popular tourist attraction?


    1. Some of us have good internal navigation, and others don’t. I used to have a perfect compass inside my head knowing where north, south, east and west are, Len, but it seems to have deteriorated over the years. Two years ago, I discovered what it was like to be lost – not a nice feeling at all! If you are going to get lost, being in Venice with a romantic love, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, would it? At least for a short time?

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      1. It was a pleasant time! The crowd only gather in some areas, so once I get lost I can have the city for myself. The annoying part is finding the way back to hotel. Sometimes the street look familiar, but in fact it wasn’t the correct way, and I got lost further 🙂

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        1. That is very tricky. I have to confess to getting lost in Italy too. (in Milan). That was the first time in my life it had happened to me, as I alluded to before. I had carefully noted a railway overpass and other landmarks on my way to the city centre, but it was on my return that I could not locate the hotel even though I was walking next to the railway overpass. Turned out that there were two railway overpasses very close to one another, and my hotel was hiding behind the second. What made it worse was that no shopkeepers in the area had heard of my hotel (what the???) so I ended up jumping in a taxi – all 3 minutes of the way back to my hotel. I did feel a little stupid!! So I do understand your difficulties in Venice. One might almost have to consider leaving a trail of breadcrumbs – but for the fact that the pigeons might eat them. Lol!

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          1. I can understand your frustration, especially when having the luggage. I was in a similar situation last month, when I was in Hong Kong. The walk from the subway station to my hotel only takes 5 min. But I made a wrong turn, and I had to take the taxi to hotel. Pretty silly? But well… it’s part of the adventure! 🙂

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            1. Well I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that has done that. I totally agree that it is part of the whole package of touring. The downs and the ups. Did you feel you could ask the locals for help with directions in Hong Kong ?


    1. Japanese is a fun and relatively simple language. I learnt it at school and loved it. I can remember most of it, although the written Kanji is difficult! Tokyo is chaotic, but it is such orderly chaos! People stick to the rules of walking the correct side of the footpaths. I have more trouble walking in the city in my hometown than in Tokyo. However, the lights and visual stimulation is pretty frenetic. So Dragøer in Denmark would be extremely calming in comparison, Marlene! And for you, Denmark is not so far! It takes me such a long time to get there. The Dragøer photo was taken in an idyllic summer, one August! Extremely memorable. And language is not an issue in Denmark. I persist in learning my Danish, but some of the sounds are so very difficult. However everyone in Denmark speaks English unless you are an older person from the countryside. Has your daughter been learning Japanese for long? Konnichi wa!

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    1. Thanks so much, Cee for the lovely comment. And here I was thinking that this topic might have been done many times before! I like your take on the topic. It is incredible how a different time of the day can change scenery so dramatically. It almost looks like a different location, altogether. A sign of changing beach topography, I guess?


    2. Thanks so much, Cee for the lovely comment. And here I was thinking that this topic might have been done many times before! I like your take on the topic. It is incredible how a different time of the day can change scenery so dramatically. It almost looks like a different location, altogether. A sign of changing beach topography, I guess?

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      1. High and low tides can really vary. High tides and low tides are caused by the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull generates something called the tidal force. The tidal force causes Earth—and its water—to bulge out on the side closest to the moon and the side farthest from the moon. … When you’re not in one of the bulges, you experience a low tide.

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    1. Aha, Gavin! Great minds think alike. Or so they say! I am happy that I provided you with the opportunity to post about your wonderful heritage in NZ. I love that you can remember some Aussie lingo! LOL. And the photo of your brother with the green hair! That had me in stitches. Thanks for the laugh.

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    1. Both links worked equally well, Marie. I appreciate the link back and you are getting better! I loved your waterside photos. I feel a calmness exude from the screen on opening! Would you share the location? Or is it a private oasis, somewhere?


    1. You are very welcome at the Friendly Friday Challenge, Sofia. We only started this challenge a few weeks ago, but already there feels to me a supportive and interested community spirit here and at Snow’s blog. We are very happy at the level of response already! Keep up the great work. Venice is a destination I might get to as well. However, for me, it would be a first time visit!

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    1. Great photo! Makes me remember The Netherlands. I hope you will join in again in two weeks time here. Next week’s prompt will be at Snow’s blog!


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