Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Mistakes


We all make them.

Sometimes they help us discover something new, sometimes they are curiosities to us, or something to laugh at, occasionally they might even be serendipitous.

Friendly Friday
Graphic credit: H. Mcl.

Still other times, mistakes might be a real pain.

But with every mistake, we undoubtedly learn something previously unknown.

This week on Friendly Friday Photography Challenge, I am asking you to create a post on the theme of:


Write as much or as little as you like to accompany the photo/s you choose to post.

New Zealand – an unexplained photo mistake??

The Friendly Friday prompt, this week, is “Mistakes.”

There are two mistakes in the above photo.

Mistake #1 – shows a quirk of mobile photography – I am unsure how I managed this photo, given it was taken with my smartphone, but I think it looks kinda cool. It reminds me of The Day of the Triffids, War of the Worlds, or a sci-fi novel.

Can you guess what the mistake actually is?

Mistake #2: Can you see another mistake?

I feel sure this mistake would not amuse local police.

Here is another kind of mistake:

Did he/she make a mistake?

Create a post sharing your interpretation of the weekly prompt – Mistakes.


  • Write and publish a post, tagging the post Friendly Friday, and adding a url link back to this Friendly Friday post.
  • Include the Friendly Friday logo if you wish
  • Post a link to your Mistake post, in the comments here, so we can easily find you.
  • Please note there are no deadlines for participating
  • Browse the other participants’ posts using the links in the comments section, to see how they’ve interpreted the weekly prompt. It can be quite interesting.

Find more Instructions on joining in with Friendly Friday here

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41 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Mistakes”

      1. It certainly was very strange. It was raining and I clicked off a few photos, but somehow managed to transpose the wiper blade out of the side of the mountain. Have you had a phone camera do that?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Can we ever find perfection? If we do, isn’t it a transient concept, Lisa? Life is change, so perfection can only be a fleeting thing. Yet we devote so much time looking for it. I think I might explore this concept a little deeper on my Sunday Sayings post tomorrow.


    1. I have been trying to figure it out Maria. The only thing I can think of is that a burst of shots somehow double exposed. I don’t think it was a reflection as the windscreen wiper is the correct orientation for the way we were facing. I do remember taking a series of shots as I was trying to catch a wave breaking over the road, and the boathouse looming in the distance. I didn’t intend to capture the car overtaking on double lines nor the mysterious wiper monster emanating from the hills!! Have you ever had a strange double exposure with cameras?


    1. I swear, I swear, I swear I didn’t tamper with the photo. That is why it is so weird, it was like a malfunction of the phone’s camera. I can’t work out what happened, but it is unusual isn’t it? It was taken in 2013 so perhaps the older phones could malfunction like this?

      Liked by 1 person

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