Friendly Friday: Photo Walk

Come and take a Friendly Friday Photo Walk with Snow from The Snow Melts Somewhere

My starting point for a walk. Overlooking Shinjuki’s Concrete jungle.

Snow and I co-host a Photo Challenge, Called Friendly Friday, alternately each Friday (Saturday for some time zones). Although I have linked the response to this week’s prompt of a photo walk, to an earlier walk I took through the Gyoen National Park in Shinjuku, Japan, this prompt from Snow was one I couldn’t resist joining in with again.

Hosts are allowed to join their own challenges, aren’t they?

Japanese know their horticulture and how to make it a work of art. The trees perfectly frame the pond and the manicured trees int eh distance. In a week or so, these trees would turn brilliant red. Oh how I would love have seen that.

A row of Japanese mountain Maple trees – more LOTR trees,

A fellow Aussie blogger liked my comparison of these trees to Lord of the Rings.

Here is some more, Chris!


No problems to sit here for a while and absorb the ethereal light.

More spam of my absolute favourite Sycamore, (or Plane trees – thanks Manja)!

Proof it is a real kind of Photo Walk
Friendly Friday
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26 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Photo Walk”

  1. Absolutely beautiful Amanda, so picturesque, as an horticulturist i really appreciate just what time and effort is put into making such a lovely garden, and with mother nature looking over all is well..

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment, Steve. I am sure you would understand the depth of work needed to build and maintain such a garden. Are japanese style gardens a specialist area, or can any horticulturist style this form for a customer?

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      1. to be honest the japanese garden is best left to the japanese, but a garden inspired by a japanese garden can be done by anyone, just time and patience, and careful thought.

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    1. Yes, I couldn’t resist posting a few more photos. I have loads from that day. It was a fabulous first day in Japan! And the photos are a treasured reminder. I hope you get to see it one day, Lisa. Thanks for a lovely comment.


    1. Me too. Who would have thought blogging could lead to a taxonomic discussion. We have learnt something, Manja. Well I have, anyways. Next time I go to Melbourne I will notice the plane trees more.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Being a flight attendant used to be a glamourous job but my father used to say that they are just glorified waitresses. I think it wouldn’t be easy dealing with crochet folks in a small space up in the air.


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