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Sunday Sayings – The Present Moment

Nothing in life is constant.  Like the force of the ocean, life fluctuates between a wearing away (negative or sad feelings) and a building up (positives).

The Arch great ocean road

As corny as it sounds, the way we think does determine our ‘world,’ our ‘present moment.’

If you are willing to appreciate that this moment is far better than it could have been, you will enjoy it more for what it truly is.”

(source: Marc and Angel)

When our mind is not focused on a task, we tend to live in a world of reflection. We can work through problems, remember experiences and plan for the future. There is nothing wrong with reflection, as long as it doesn’t become set to “critique”mode. That surely results in negativity and for some people: depression. 

It is rare to have absolute happiness or absolute sadness, so our moods oscillate somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum. At any given moment we are comparing how we currently feel to how we felt at another time – comparing one level of our contentment to another.

Negative comparisons can distract you from happiness around you if you notice it.

pensive thoughful looking upward

Since it is our mind that directs and controls the body, it’s the way you think that eventually makes you feel good or bad. The way we think also allows us to dismiss and give up but also to dream, hope and ponder. Increasing our awareness of the present moment can increase our enjoyment and lessen the melancholic reflections of our mind.

Life is not all black and white, but oscillates in between

What do you think? Do you agree?

Everyone’s opinion is important.

Something to ponder about this Sunday.

45 thoughts on “Sunday Sayings – The Present Moment”

  1. I agree so Much !
    Thoughts have so much power and not all thoughts need to be acted on. Like we can dismiss some and never let them back – which is not the same thing as denial. Ha it just means that we use wisdom – nice pictures with the different angles and light


    1. Thanks for the kind comment, Yvette. It is true what you have said. We can dismiss some and CHOOSE to never let them back. Especially those thoughts that are unhelpful.
      I try to find some photos that tie in with the text somehow. How is your weekend going? I imagine you reading this post in a cosy lounge with mild spring weather outside?

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      1. Yes – the unhelpful ones need to be released –
        And while we do have nice weather – right now I am relaxing with tea – and guess what else?
        I have a bright red face – and red arms
        Well…not too bright- but I am doing a niacin flush! I have to do them a couple times a month because I had heavy metal ( 🤘🏼) toxicity and niacin helps chelate metals – I take one (500mg) capsule and it is effective – (dr hotter used niacin in the 1950s) anyhow, I hated it the first two times I did a “niacin flush” but now I don’t mind at all. I know some folks who can go about everyday life while flushing – but I like to relax. And so I was doing some stretching too.
        And seriously – if anyone thinks they have mercury or other metals in their body – niacin (and edta) are potent helps

        And so

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        1. A Niacin flush. Intriguing. Heavy metal toxicity doesn’t sound like fun but it is great you have something natural to remedy that. So the niacin is taken with tea? Any particular variety?

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          1. Well I did briefly mention niacin flush in the lady by the river book (but could not really go into detail)
            And it just has to be pure niacin (not the timed release) and a warm beverage can help the flush happen quicker – but that is not why I ha e tea. I was also winding down –
            And my friend (former colleague) just did her first flush and was freaked out – she called her naturopath and he said it was exactly what to expect (she does not have high metals – she just wants to do them cos she knows how good they are)
            I buy NOW brand niacin and Dr Saul (Carrying on the work of Hoffer) suggests a low dose b-complex for folks who do them daily (and a good “online friend” of mine did a lot of flushing to heal Skin and gut issues – he also took “DIM” )
            Anyhow – over here in the United States – niacin is also used by pit smokers to flush out the thc before a drug test.
            I am not a pot smoker (not for me) but one day I was shopping and a lady was all in a tizzy coz her son had a test in the morning and the store we were at only had the wrong niacin – I told her to Follow me home (I lived near) and gave her one of my half full bottles (niacin costs under 5$- ) anyhow – I made a friend !

            And you know Amanda – it is ironic that the topic of a flush came up here – in a post on thoughts and thinking – because another aspect to healthy cognitive function has the biological connection – and niacin is a brain cleaner!
            Seriously – it is something I am very grateful to have found !

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            1. I must not have got to the niacin flush bit yet as I don’t recall it. As for the pot smoking flushing, hmmm. I think if those folk wish to smoke it, then why cover it up? Why should someone buck the consequences? That sounds dishonest. But it was very kind of you to help the lady out. And making a friend a bonus. It is also handy to know that Niacin is a great brain cleanser. Some of the elderly patients I nursed in hospital used to have niacin prescribed for them. I like that you have found a natural substance to help.

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              1. I know – there is that side of my contributing to the cover up – ha! I did not think of it at the time – and just helped a lady in need (and like really – who do you run into that has extra niacin??)
                But you are right to mention that ethical part.
                On the other hand – it is silly (my humble opinion) that pot is not legal for those who want it – but they can drink alcohol??? so maybe that was in my mind too – I dunno

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              2. Fair point. Alcohol contributes to many problems in our society. And I don’t blame you at all for helping the lady out. It may have been something that made her or her son think differently enough to change their perspective. One can hope.

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              3. actually you must be really extra in tune here – because I sorta wonder that too. We were of different races and who knows – when she got home and told her son all about it – well maybe the race differences came up maybe not – but if they did – I would hope he felt “love from a white lady”
                ha – although I was a little tan at that point (bah)

                but I really did just feel led to help. It was more about connecting as humans and we were talking in the supplement aisle.

                we even exchanged numbers but I have not heard from her.


              4. I think it is right to look at this as just two people connecting as humans. I didn’t think for once about races in this equation. I think you responded to a plea for help because you are kind and helpful. I hope it changed his perspective. You never know

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          1. Ahhhh – well
            Again – good post! And something we need to be reminded of again and again-what is the old saying? thoughts lead to actions which lead to habits – so nip them in the bud and stay in tune

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  2. If you are willing to appreciate that this moment is far better than it could have been, you will enjoy it more for what it truly is.”

    That’s the message to keep all of us!!

    Thank you for sharing !! I am going to enjoy the Sunny Sunday!!


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    1. A sunny Sunday sounds perfect, Efi. You sound happy and relaxed?
      I ‘ve had a relaxing day at home today, doing some reading and writing. And I tried to appreciate the moments and increase my awareness, as the quote suggests. In doing so, it seems to heighten sensations and memories of the day. Enjoy your Sunday!

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        1. Wonderful. Grandchildren are a treasure I have yet to experience. Maybe one day. How old were you when your first grandchild was born. I hope I am not too old to run about with them. If indeed I have any at all.

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            1. 18 months is a delightful age! Enjoy. I am one year older but no prospects with any of my 3 children yet. In 7 -10 years perhaps?
              I do agree with you. It will happen when the time comes. Until then, I enjoy life.

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    1. It seems to be the perspective we chose to take, Lisa. If we feel grateful in our attitude, it becomes self-fulfilling and we see more things to be grateful about. Are you having a busy weekend?


  3. I don’t think Italians really believe that you can control your emotions with your mind, or at least they don’t do it, on purpose. It keeps them healthier than many other nations. However, this results in all kinds of moods. Today is my 6th anniversary of moving to Italy. Never a dull moment. 😀

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    1. This is quite interesting, Manja. I didn’t anticipate that there might be a cultural difference in the way we react to emotion. However, I do believe Italians are known for being emotional, generally speaking. And Greeks can be too. And if push comes to shove, Australians on holidays in Bali. But you point of thinking it can or can’t be controlled by the mind, is central. If you don’t believe that thoughts preceed feelings, there is no way you could control them. I think feeling comes extremely fast, after the thoughts, but it is still our thinking (or reaction), that governs how we feel. The feeling is the consequential response. Italians may like not to believe it. That is okay too.

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      1. I simplified the matter some. I can’t tell what they believe or not, but for sure they act out all their emotions immediately with no regard to anything at all. Not all, of course. I think it increases the more to the south you go. Luckily, they are generally a happy bunch. 😀 But when something makes them angry, sad, or anything other negative – run.

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  4. I agree that life is always in fluctuation and no matter what happens it is how you look at the situation that gives the situation power. Accentuate the positive, as they say. Not that I don’t see and understand the negative, it’s just that I prefer to accentuate something good. Or at least good in my mind.

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    1. Some might call that looking through rose coloured glasses, Ally. But if you are a negative thinking person, it is important to watch that those negative attitudes are not becoming entrenched preventing you from seeing any good in the world. I think seeing the good side can be infectious, it spreads from person to person and makes more of us than just one – happier. Would you say that you are an optimist?

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        1. Charmingly cynical hey? A healthy dose of scepticism never goes astray. It is a self protective mechanism, I think. Totally agree that we should keep to the optimistic side of the spectrum for good mental health and when we do this also influences the happiness levels of those who live and work around us.


    1. I am sure I replied to this, Yvette, but perhaps wi-fi was patchy when I clicked send. We all have blueprints for things we want to do. The translation of such requires us to plan but also be aware of the present moment. Lovely of you to share, Yvette!

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  5. What a beautiful piece of writing! I agree totally. Being present in the moment can truly make us aware of all the good that it holds. Thoughts have power and they dare us to dream, encourage us to hold on to hope and at the same time can also cause hurtful feelings to swell up inside. How we deal with the last kind is, I think , a lesson that we learn over time.

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