Monday Murals

Street Murals – Provocative, Clever, Creative but always interesting.

And another favourite mural here in Melbourne.

graffitiart (Small)

Street art makes the boring neighbourhood scene fun even if a little creepy.

Murals at a fish and chip shop and railway subway

I found Sami’s blog and her Monday Mural linky party via Suvi today – funny how I cyber travelled via Suvi in Finland to find another Australian blogger on the other side of my country.


Something to Ponder about


28 thoughts on “Monday Murals

  1. I love street art, Amanda. Your examples here are very creative and provocative.
    I also find it amazing when I cyber-travel via blogs in England and Australia to find a blogger who lives on Vancouver Island (that has happened to me three times so far)! 🙂

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  2. I have seen some photos of murals on silos out near Moree? They look fantastic and better than plain cement, by far. Have you posted the photo of the cement factory on your blog, Mosy?

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  3. Good morning Amanda!!

    Murals have been around for as long as humans have been living inside shelters. From carved walls in Egypt and mosaic works in Ancient Greece, to frescos in the Renaissance era, through to the political murals of the mid-20th century as seen in Latin America or Ireland.

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  4. It is an exhibit in Melbourne, Suvi. You position yourself in the illusion and then take a photo. Essentially Trompeloeil. Can you see it is me and my daughter in the glass?

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  5. The fish are fun, aren’t they? And it was just some young guys painting this. Most appropriate for a fish and chip takeaway and the bonus is it pretties up an ugly wall.

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