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Sunday Sayings – Problem Solving

This is particularly pertinent to Climate Change Problems

We have to change our thinking in order to find the solution.

I hear lots of criticism of student protests for Global Change, mainly folks blaming them for highlighting a problem without suggesting answers, but if we think about Albert Einstein’s quote, is this not so surprising?

Snow pea insect

Swedish school student and advocate for Global change, Greta Thunberg suggests we must work collaboratively to find new answers to the world’s problems.

“Many don’t listen to the science of climate change because they are only interested in solutions that will enable them to carry on like before. Those solutions don’t exist anymore because [you] did not act in time. “

Greta Thunberg

Similarly, we have to invent new way to create our own happiness – if you listen to the Dalai Lama –

Happiness is not something ready made.

It comes from your own actions

~Dalai Lama

We alone are responsible for our happiness.

Others may influence us, but ultimately it is our choice how we react to any given situation or event.

Several years ago, I created ‘Proverbial Friday’ on my blog.
I became fascinated with traditional proverbs and sayings, their metaphorical layers and the many different interpretations found within just a few, succinct words. I marveled at their ability to transcend race, religion, opinions and age.
Mostly anonymous, proverbs are a portal through time to generations past and echo a diverse range of cultures.
They speak of the experiences of many lessons learned and the wisdom from thousands of lives already lived.
They offer us knowledge; knowledge that is passed to us in much the same way relay runners might pass a baton. Once it’s handed over, it is up to us what we do with it and how we pass it on.

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Something to Ponder About this Sunday

43 thoughts on “Sunday Sayings – Problem Solving”

        1. Another wonderful quote. I was thinking yesterday about Gandhi, and his stoic reserve and power of passive resistance. Definitely was a role model for gentle action.


    1. Thank you, Donna. It is an important point that questions those that heavily criticize the student protests, without offering any alternatives. Just as the environment around us changes, our thinking and perspective must also change and move forward with each problem. The old ways of addressing problems only work in the past, not in the future. Innovation is the key, I think? Do you think so?


  1. A wonderful enlightening post, and true we alone are responsible for our climate and our happiness, yesterday solutions are not working..
    It brings me great hope that there are so many young minds now who are enlightened beings who are hear at this time to wake more people up to themselves..
    And who are not afraid to stand up and be counted..
    Much love..

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    1. Indeed, Sue. It is so heartening for me to see that people are finally taking notice of the impending and potential catastrophes. The schools have done a wonderful job making the younger generation aware of the environment and how they interact with it. Many years ago, I left the environment field as it was do discouraging to see this area as marked least important by government. To see natural beauty and resources sacrificed for economic gain in the short term, all in the name of ‘progress.’ Yet now, like you, I see hope in the future. It is too late to turn around some aspects of environmental damage, however, the mentality of the young, even though on the conservative side of politics, that believe climate change to be of primary concern, means new solutions will be found, come ‘hell or high water!’ Do you follow Greta Thunberg at all?

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  2. I love the Einstein quote too. A bit like, ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what ya always got’, Climate change, and wars though- two humungis problems, bewildering, I certainly don’t know what the answers are to either.

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    1. ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what ya always got’, – That is a good saying, Chris. It illustrates stagnancy and lack of initiative/innovation extremely well. I don’t think there is a single encompassing answer to such complex issues as war and climate change. It requires a multi-faceted and collaborative approach, something we humans are not so good at. As the world gets smaller and less diverse (unfortunately) – I see some benefit in that there may be more agreement, or less Misunderstanding of other nations, other cultures and other individuals’ plights. Do you think we will then achieve more consensus, Chris?


  3. I agree with all three quotes here but of course, most that read your blog are of the same mind. Reaching those who do not believe as we do is a trickier matter. I almost had an argument with the (ex) DIL this week. She feels it important to keep power plants open no matter the expense. I made mention that it might be nice to be able to breathe the air. Since my lungs are already shutting down, she ceased speaking. They are hard heads that want the world to be the way it’s always been. Even resisting all new ways of doing things. I can’t say it’s all bad but a closed mind is a dangerous thing. Without air and water, what is there? Happiness is of course an inside job. I can be aware of all the turmoil and tragedies going on in the world but still choose to focus on the good and that I create my own happy feelings. People think I’m a bit off because I know I’m dealing with an illness that has no cure and I’m still happy, laughing and enjoying life. What else would I do? I’m not the oh, woe is me kinda girl. I’ll party here till I’m done. Circumstances do not control how you feel. You do! Have a wonderfilled week, Amanda.

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    1. Hard heads indeed. It is so difficult to get one’s point across as they shut you down and keep their mind closed. How do we open closed minds? in some cases, a person in authority or someone they respect can open their mind, or even a book that reveals another perspective to them. Other times, they refuse to believe because they don’t want to look foolish and believe their truth. The truth can be a very individual thing and open to different interpretations.
      Without clean air and water, what is there – ultimately they will see that is the supreme problem and cry out – Why didn’t the authorities or technology save us? Why didn’t someone do something? And we will say with our last breath: We tried but you didn’t want to hear, you didn’t want to listen.
      “Happiness is of course an inside job.” Another Marlene Gem!! I love that. I am going to write that one down in my journal. Maybe even print it on a T-shirt!! Lol! I don’t know if it is your benevolent and articulate influence via our blogging dialogue, but I have also found that amidst great turmoil, it is possible to focus on the good amongst the horrific. When it is too painful, tragic or hopeless to focus on the event/s, focusing on what we can take from that situation, what we can learn from the situation, is so much more uplifting. When we are proactive, we feel more positive. Slumping in the corner, saying woe is me, or woe is the world, doesn’t change a darn thing, does it? It is the path to misery and sadness. Who wants to prolong that pain longer than necessary. It is right to grieve and feel sorrow, but if it makes you feel miserable, something has to change. And, just what CAN one do? Rather than what CAN’T be done? I have a friend/relative in law with bone cancer in her skull – newly diagnosed and has been given three months to live. She wants her remaining time to be happy – not dwelling on the miserable situation. I totally agree and what an inspiration both she and you are to me. Thank you!
      And finally you leave me with another Marlene gem: Circumstances do not control how you feel – YOU DO. Marvellous words and so comforting to a distressed person if they are open to them in that moment.
      P.S. The “expectations of a lucky year ” experiment, is still successful. You can tell your daughter it is working well thus far. I still can’t believe it is so, and wonder if I will get too cocky about it. I hope not. Did I tell you about finding my lost wallet? I am sure if my mindset had been different, I would not have found it – or not found it so easily. See what a positive influence you have been to me? Thank you so much for that.
      How is the audio dictating of your thoughts going? Did that work okay?

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      1. I’m glad I’ve been able to help, Amanda. Like many others, I grieve for loss and tragedy, but I don’t live there. When you lose someone you love or a tragedy strikes an area, your heart hurts for them. But staying in that energy helps no one. My daughter uses the phrase when she’s being challenged by something. “The Universe (God) loves me and wants me to be happy” So things always work out in a positive way. Not necessarily the way you expect. 😉 I’ve had no time in the last three weeks to do anything including write a post. Maybe today will be my break. They canceled my writing class for tonight so I can take an extra breath and get some sit time. 😉 Keep up the good feeling work. It’s important, you lucky lady. 😉

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        1. That is a lovely thing your daughter says to herself. I can see where she got her clever thinking from! I hope you do find time today, if indeed the universe moves you to do that! How long have you been attending writing classes? Is that creative writing?

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  4. Amanda, I watched Fareed Zakaria interview Greta on his GPS news program recently. I found her to be very thoughtful! Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Eventually humans all across the globe might be forced to cooperate with each other out of necessity. Change is difficult sometimes, but almost always worth it!

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    1. That sounds like an interesting interview, Sabine. I have only seen her lectures online and Anne C from To see the World in a Grain of Sand, put me on to Greta’s work. There are some folks who instantly get their backs up that she stays out of school. Striking might be the necessary way to get traction and awareness on this issue. She has found her life’s passion and one hopes it will lead to more work, more awareness and more progress in mitigating climate change. For that, a day off school a week, seems a teeny tiny price to pay. What is the feeling towards Greta’s work in your neck of the woods? Have people embraced or rejected her?

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      1. It was! It was via video, since Greta doesn’t fly. I’m not sure what people here think of her. Many Americans don’t pay attention to international stories and are often rather ignorant not only about climate change, but many other important topics such as inequality etc. Hopefully more young people like Greta will come forward and become vocal. That’s what the world needs!

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    1. In a similar way to Marlene’s saying: Happiness is an inside job” we come to realise we shouldn’t expect happiness to arrive each day unless we are willing to put in the work to find it. Putting in the work involves proactive compassionate altruistic decisions, looking for positives, eliminating or reducing expectations, accepting what we cannot change and rethinking things that must be changed. Looking what we can do to help others and ourselves. Aiming for contentment and happiness will come and go. That is life.


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