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Everyone is welcome to join in with the Friendly Friday Photography challenge.

Here are some alleys in the lakes district of Italy.

Alleys are found not just in the old world. The ‘New’ world has its alleyways too.

Melbourne’s streets was created in a grid like pattern of both wide streets and narrow alleys, as the authorities couldn’t agree on the sort of town plan they initially wanted, for the city: whether to make it more European like, or with modern wider streets, so they hedged their bets and incorporated both.

In Sweden, we have some unique alleys to showcase to visitors.

Both on the West coast and in Stockholm.

I chuckle to think how Manja Mexi would caption this photo?

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112 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Alleys”

        1. It was mentioned in a Camilla Lackberg novel, and I just had to see it. Then again, if you go to the West coast of Sweden, it is a popular attraction in itself. A fabulous part of the world, and the rock sitting there, is quite forbidding, but the area around it, is sublime.

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        1. I can see that you have been to some very scenic places Sue, and the Venice canal alley is my pick of your photos. I really like the way an alley directs your attention to the object at the other end, even though you only see a snippet of it, it invites to explore it more! Thanks ever so much for joining in, and I hope there are some more entries in this challenge that are just as interesting as yours. Were you touring Italy, Sue?


            1. I flew into Milan and travelled North. I missed everything south of Milan. Yet, I found the North was very scenic and still plenty of gelato, pizza and pasta there. What was your favourite region to visit?


              1. Traveling independently is something I have done too. I loved it. So liberating, however, the packaged tours have their place don’t you think, Sue?
                I never felt lonely when travelling on my own. I did find that a little surprising. I sort of got used to the single nomadic life, and I was fortunate to have some planned visits with friends that interspersed the solo travels.


              2. Since my health took a nosedive a few years ago, I have found that organised trips are more suitable….something that was anathema to me some years ago…..

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              3. Well I didn’t want to mention them, in case you disliked them, but I have availed myself of these, albeit shorter ones, as I can see the advantages of having someone else lugg one’s suitcase up and down, and worry about the transport arrangements to the next city. It also often gives you priority entry to really popular attractions. And there are often some really lovely folks to chat to.


    1. Fantastic alleys, Mama. No matter how they look, an Italian alley seem to have a romantic flavour don’t you think? And busy as…. Were the photos taken in summertime?


    1. I haven’t linked her in the post, so I hope she sees it. I thought of her when I saw the photo. She certainly comes up with some humorous captions. They make her posts so interesting and light-hearted, don’t they?

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    1. I don’t believe it Mythrider! Surely you can find an angle to this prompt to post. It doesn’t have to be the European version. What does alley mean to you?


        1. Ahhah! So pleased you figured it out! What a wonderful take on the prompt, Phyllis. You are very creative. No doubt they do have a home in that alleyway. Icelanders would wholeheartedly agree.

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  1. Ohh, Amanda, how lovely that you thought of me and my potential caption, and to hear that Snow, you and your father enjoy my wit. 😀

    Snow alerted me to your post. I would check it anyway sooner or later, but yesterday we arrived in Slovenia for a week and here I hardly have some time for blogging! I will do my best to gather my alleys some time by next Friday but hard to say when.

    I love all your photos, such a great collection. Is Mezzegra a town? I have never heard of it. The last scene would certainly get my attention, so full of stuff! However, I cannot see from up close what all there is. I can make out Chuckle Park but can’t see the details. What I can see, I love it all. But what I’d call this photo? “Well-lit spiky splendour in the city”, for example. Which city is this from?


    1. Hej Manja! Great to hear that you are back in Slovenia for a break. Don’t stress about the blogging. You must make the most of your time there.
      Mezzegra is a town in Lake Como, Italy. Just across from Bellagio and George Clooney’s hangout! Lol! Where Mussolini met his maker.
      The final photo is a small informal cafe in Melbourne, Australia. Down an alleyway of course! Funny name. (lol). I loved the hanging lanterns and gaily painted picket fence. I actually didn’t go inside so what exactly Chuckle Park is, will have to remain a mystery. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. That is an awesome collection of alleys, Teresa. I wondered if that was you, in the final photo? Is Edinburgh your home town? Thanks so much for joining in on my photo challenge. Snow will host the prompt for next week’s challenge.


    1. Wonderful alleys from the South of France, Suvi. And nice to see a little of you in the photos. I can relate to the water in the pools being hot – our backyard swimming pool used to get like that in Jan/February. You felt like you were having a warm bath. Not at all refreshing.


    1. Thanks, Suvi. It is a favourite subject for me to take photos of alleys. Thanks for posting some of the south of France. It is funny but I never imagined France being a hot place in summer, until I read your post.

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    1. I think I would love Ljubljana and Pitigliana the best! The latter was very enticing. You captured the contrast between the green and the stony well. If only the walls could speak!
      Thanks for supporting the challenge, Manja. You never disappoint.

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  2. Loved this beautiful collection, Amanda!I do not have anything along these lines so this week I am just enjoying going through your photos and those in this section…what an interesting range of photos…loved looking through them.

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      1. No I haven’t Amanda:( I have a bucket list of sorts, of places I would like to visit when i have some more money and some time! There are many old cities in India that have some wonderful alleys, but a place called Varanasi is probably the most special of them all…there are alleys that are wide enough for only a couple of people to pass! I have not been there but i have heard from people who have and I am eager to explore that myself! have you heard about Varanasi?

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  3. The opening photo my fav – the glisten in the cobblestone path and the thin walkway – alleys is a fun topic – not sure if I can join in – but I enjoyed seeing this post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries, Yvette. I am glad you liked the photos I posted. Alleys are a good analogy for the joyrney through life, don’t you think? Therefore, I am not surprised that you would like to join in. Being interested in that topic.

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