Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Illumination

“Rather light a candle rather than complain about the darkness”

pensive night river

This photo challenge is alternately hosted each Friday by the bloggers:
Something to Ponder About  and The Snow Melts Somewhere

The prompt for this Friday is:


Everyone is welcome to join in with the Friendly Friday Photography challenge.

For me, illumination means sunsets, sunrises, candlelight, or nights with the moon.

The city can be illuminating, especially when there is Fireworks

You can also see some photos of Tokyo illuminating at night here

Instructions for Joining In:

  • Write a post including a URL link back to this Friendly Friday post.
  • Tag your post โ€˜Friendly Fridayโ€™
  • Once published, paste the link to your Friendly Friday ‘Illumination’ post, in the comments here, so we can find you and visit your blog.
  • Include the Friendly Friday logo, found below, in your post if you wish.
  • Please note there are no deadlines for participating. New prompts are posted each week alternately at the host blogs.
  • Be a part of the Friendly Friday Community and visit the links in the comments section. It can be quite interesting to see another interpretation of the prompt.

Find more Instructions on joining in with Friendly Friday here

Friendly Friday

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See you at Snow’s blog next week for the new prompt.



130 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Illumination”

  1. Aw – what a kind thing to say, Moon. Sunsets are mesmerizing, as I find are lit candles. I am so happy to hear you liked the prompt. Lovely warm glow in the Miami sunset, and fun to see the Tokyo tower at night, illuminated – of course!


  2. Pingback: Cat – Black Body
        1. No. Not the cat nor the rock photo is inappropriate at all. It is just the link you typed within your comment on my friendly friday Illumination post takes to to the cat page, not the rock. I assumed from your comment that it should be linking the photo of the sun on the rock to the Ilumination prompt?? Is that the post you wanted to be linked to Friendly Friday’s Illumination prompt?


            1. Okay. Silly me!! Yes a little confusing for both of us. Now I understand that both photos could and are good examples of illumination. Thanks so much. I will trust you on the links next time!! ๐Ÿ˜

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          1. I have three. Two science fiction novels of People of Akiane Trilogy. I am working on the third novel.
            And a fantasy novela (short novel), which is the first of The Destiny Series.

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    1. Hi Susanne and welcome to Friendly Friday. Thanks so much for joining in and your kind comment. I just checked out your fabulous series of lighthouses. I love your take on the prompt. I used to paint pics of lighthouses – some time back.


    1. Pingback is there David. I just had to approve it, and I was probably asleep – as I suspect I am in a different time zone to you. Thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. Your photos are amazing, really amazing and showcase your talent as a photographyer. That first sunrise photo was incredible. Where was that taken? Is that a remnant of a shipwreck poking out of the water?


      1. There still seems to be issues with pingbacks at times. Sometimes they’re there and sometimes not. The sunrise was taken 10 minutes from where I live. It Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada. The wood is the remains of a row of old wood piles sticking out the bay originally there to stop the shoreline eroding.

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        1. Canada – lovely. I don’t think of water scenes being associated with that nation. The pingback issues is a mystery. More for some than for others. Let me know if it persists.


    1. No dramas, Sandra. I will jump over and check out your contribution. We don’t actually have deadlines with Friendly Friday, so please feel free to post anytime you like.


    1. It fits in perfectly. Gorgeous photo. I love all the individual ways we can interpret the theme. All so very interesting and unique. Welcome aboard Friendly Friday Photo Challenges. I will be back to host in two weeks. Snow hosts next week with a new prompt.

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    1. So happy you like the Nepalese pagoda and Mackerel sky, Sabine! And I hope many others will find your post on that magnificent piece of architecture and history. Thanks for posting. โค๐Ÿ’š


          1. We spent 4 or 5 days there and then went on to London, where we met my sister and brother in law for a few days. After that, we spent a week in Haarlem before coming home. It was a good trip and I wouldnโ€™t mind going back to England.

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