Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Illumination

“Rather light a candle rather than complain about the darkness”

pensive night river

This photo challenge is alternately hosted each Friday by the bloggers:
Something to Ponder About  and The Snow Melts Somewhere

The prompt for this Friday is:


Everyone is welcome to join in with the Friendly Friday Photography challenge.

For me, illumination means sunsets, sunrises, candlelight, or nights with the moon.

The city can be illuminating, especially when there is Fireworks

You can also see some photos of Tokyo illuminating at night here

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Friendly Friday

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130 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Illumination”

    1. Fantastic collection, Lorelle. There are loads of fantastic things to see at night in Singapore, it seems. Thanks for sharing some of your snaps and joining in with Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

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    1. Absolutely love the photo of the sun peeping through the clouds. I admire your photographic skills in shooting into the light! Well done and thanks ever so much for joining in with the challenge. It is great to see you here!


        1. Being the change you want… hmm, that is a good one, because it is so broad it makes you think and question priorities. I will post another regular Sunday Sayings post tomorrow, where I publish a proverb, quote or saying. There are some awesome quotes that have so many layers and I do enjoy discussing them with other bloggers. I hope you will join in then too.


    1. Wow, Chris, your Friendly Friday photos are spectacular! And Thank you for your nice comment! So pleased to see you here on Friendly Friday. Yes the pingback has worked! Well done! Now I have released the dinosaur, you can participate with linkbacks (or pingbacks) to all sorts of wordpress challenges!
      I am anxious to find out more about the avenue of lights.


        1. What a lovely idea. Fun to visit and a significant message as well. I hope they adopt this in other towns too. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have it spread from coast to coast in various towns?

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        1. Funny. I don’t remeber the towel thing from the audioseries – as it was back in the day. It was the early eighties when I listened to this story. But I do remember ‘Don’t Panic’ and ’42.’

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      1. I’m very tempted but don’t have much time but I do think it’s so nice that you have teamed up with Snow in Finland on this project. Really interested in your new home too, so will be taking an interest in that. Hope you are having a good weekend, Marion

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    1. Hey Pooja! Kind of you to say that about the photos here. I thought of you when I posted that photo and was hoping you might stop by. It is a pagoda the Nepalese government built here for the World Expo in 1988. Afterwards, they left it here as it was too expensive to dismantle again. The City Council maintain it but it is actually empty inside. Perhaps they rent it out as a function space, I am unsure. Whatever they do, I love to visit it. It reminds me of my time in beautiful Nepal and the intricate woodcarving is always interesting to look at. I wonder if there are other Nepalese pagodas around the world outside of Nepal?

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      1. Wow interesting story behind the temple. I thought it was built by the Nepali community there. there are Hindu temples in places with Hindu immigrant population like the US, UK and Australia, but I think most of them are built by Indians. I am not aware of those unique Nepali pagodas outside of Nepal, so the one at Brisbane is interesting indeed!

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        1. I remember it was said it was unique at the time. Not only did they build it but during the expo they had a pottery kiln operating and made those traditional pots and terracotta/clay trinkets. I bought a few😉

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            1. What a wonderful heritage you have, Pooja. You must be very proud. I was in awe of the age and intricacy of the architecture in Nepal.


  1. As always, a marvelous collection, Amanda! I usually don’t point out which ones I like the most as I find it hard to choose and it was the same this time around too… all the photos are beautiful:) However, when it comes to sunrises and sunsets..I have an extra special place for them in my heart…who doesn’t..right?! So, in this collection…those are my favorites along with the moonlit night!! And I loved the choice of the term ‘illumination’, rather than light.
    Here’s my contribution for this week-


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