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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Shadows

Everyone is welcome to join in with the Friendly Friday Photography challenge.


This photo challenge is alternately hosted each Friday by the bloggers:
Something to Ponder About  and The Snow Melts Somewhere

The prompt for this Friday is:


I hear you say that you don’t have a photo with a cool ‘Shadow’ in it?

Then create one, like I did above! Add a frame or border with a photo app if you like.

I am really curious to see what you come up with this week!

Spread the word and gets your blog community to join in on the fun.

Instructions for Joining:

  • Write a post including a URL link back to this Friendly Friday post.
  • Tag your post ‘Friendly Friday’
  • Once published, paste the link to your Friendly Friday ‘Shadows’ post, in the comments here, so we can find you and visit your blog.
  • Include in your post the Friendly Friday logo, found below, if you wish.
  • Please note there are no deadlines for participating. New prompts are posted each week alternately at the host blogs.
  • Be a part of the Friendly Friday Community and visit the links in the comments section. It can be quite interesting to see another person’s post on the prompt.
Friendly Friday Photo challenge

See you over at Snow’s blog TheSnowMeltsSomewhere next Friendly Friday.


109 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Shadows”

      1. Sorry I can’t join more often. The beginning of the working season has been a bit hectic so far…

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        1. It is a problem when work interferes with blogging! But we have priorities, so totally understand. It is always a delight when you can join in, Vero! Thanks so much.

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      1. My pleasure! 🙂 newcastle is worth a visit in my opinion, even if it’s just for a swim in the baths and an ice cream on the beach (2 things that I always like to do when I visit!)!

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            1. Ah, but you have Europe and Scandinavia at your doorstep, You might travel there for a weekend trip. I can do no such thing, so Australians are at a disadvantage. We call it the tyranny of distance….

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        1. No way would I have the time to edit them all. There are some that don’t need enhancement, as they are only for my record. I do find editing useful if you have auto snapped and the light needs fixing. Then “crop” is also useful. We are fortunate to live in an age where we have access to an infintite number of photos. Unlike the old days where you rationed your shots due to a limited number of photos on a roll of film! Remember that?

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      1. Yes it is a Park, old name ‘TOPI RAKH’ new name ‘Ayub National Park ‘ 30 miles from Capital Islamabad, it has spacious lawns lined with trees,a circular natural boating area , a small forest with walking tracks and many picnic spots It has swings fun area for kids, called PEPSI JUNGLE and a spacious restaurant too


          1. yes You are right its a moat with calm waters so the boat can be steered slowly and visitors can see things around hear the sounds of the forest birds is alligator free

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              1. wonderful my son was in DK for three years but we could not visit him though my love of literature really wished me to seethe land of Hans Christian Anderson

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              2. Indeed it is I got the chance to walk on the pages of Literature in Nottingham in the UK in 2003 It felt as if I just slipped into a book Wonderful unforgettable experience

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    1. Shady contribution that is worthy of a special mention. Fabulous long shadows evoking a lazy and relaxing afternoon. And that rough tree trunk with the leafy shadows really caught my eye.

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    1. I was just reading the excellent poem. What a wonderful take on the prompt. I am sorry it gave you such trouble, but love your problem solving strategy! Well done.


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