Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Shadows

Everyone is welcome to join in with the Friendly Friday Photography challenge.


This photo challenge is alternately hosted each Friday by the bloggers:
Something to Ponder About  and The Snow Melts Somewhere

The prompt for this Friday is:


I hear you say that you don’t have a photo with a cool ‘Shadow’ in it?

Then create one, like I did above! Add a frame or border with a photo app if you like.

I am really curious to see what you come up with this week!

Spread the word and gets your blog community to join in on the fun.

Instructions for Joining:

  • Write a post including a URL link back to this Friendly Friday post.
  • Tag your post ‘Friendly Friday’
  • Once published, paste the link to your Friendly Friday ‘Shadows’ post, in the comments here, so we can find you and visit your blog.
  • Include in your post the Friendly Friday logo, found below, if you wish.
  • Please note there are no deadlines for participating. New prompts are posted each week alternately at the host blogs.
  • Be a part of the Friendly Friday Community and visit the links in the comments section. It can be quite interesting to see another person’s post on the prompt.
Friendly Friday Photo challenge

See you over at Snow’s blog TheSnowMeltsSomewhere next Friendly Friday.


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