Sunday Sayings – Feelings of Enlightenment

Several years ago, I created ‘Proverbial Friday’ on my blog, which morphed into Sunday Sayings.

I became fascinated with traditional proverbs and sayings, their metaphorical layers and the many different interpretations found within just a few, succinct words. I marveled at their ability to transcend race, religion, opinions and age.

Mostly anonymous, proverbs are a portal through time to generations past and echo a diverse range of cultures.

They speak of the experiences of many lessons learned and the wisdom from thousands of lives already lived.

They offer us knowledge; knowledge that is passed to us in much the same way relay runners might pass a baton. Once it’s handed over, it is up to us what we do with it and how we pass it on.

viking horse

“A donkey carrying a pile of holy books is still a donkey.”

Zen Proverb

There are many paths to enlightenment.

Be sure to take the one with a heart.

Lao Tzu

What we get out of life is not determined by the good feelings we desire but by what bad feelings we’re willing and able to sustain to get us to those good feelings.

This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes. So choose your struggles wisely, my friend.

Mark Manson

Do you agree with the words shared today? Do they resonate for you?

What is your opinion of them?

Join in on the discussion. Everyone’s opinion is valid.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Sayings – Feelings of Enlightenment”

    1. We are all on our in individual journey aren’t we, Mrs Wayfarer? Some take detours from the path that leads to enlightenment, some take the shortcuts. But underneath it, we all strive for that, intentionally or subconsciously.

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    1. Haha! A wise donkey is something that is extremely valuable. I like your blog name too! Smilecalm. Even saying it makes one feel calm. Thanks for stopping by. See you next Sunday.

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  1. The zen proverb made me laugh. Loved it. Lao Tzu is a favorite of mine. Always take the one with heart. I agree. The last one left me a bit befuddled at first. I’m guessing that life gives you plenty of lemons so you just make lemonade until you figure out how to make Limoncello. 😉 It’s just my odd twist on it. 🙂 Hope you are doing well with construction. Thinking of you.

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    1. Hey Marlene, Construction is going well, thanks. First part of the frame is up.
      I am glad you saw the funny side of the zen proverb. It has a darker side though too, I feel. One with barbs, perhaps?
      Lemons》lemonade》limoncello – what a great metaphor for making the best of things.
      How are things with you?

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      1. Things are as good as they can get. I’m in limoncello mode. 😉 I don’t like the idea of barbs about a donkey. They are precious beasts and worthy of carrying something holy. For goodness sake! Life is in session. Hugs.

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        1. Good to hear you are celebrating each and every day. Fair point about the donkey. I’ll happily endorse your comment on his worth to us. I saw the proverb as a caution against charlatans shielding under a religious cover! The one who are corrupt or fraudulent or those who abuse their authority despite preaching from the pulpit. This might apply to all religions, as I am not singling any out. Equally my thoughts on the proverb might pertain to about other charlatans; in politics or life in general. They are the barbs! Just my take on the meaning.
          I would go back to my corner and order a limoncello but the bar hasn’t opened so I stick with lemonade! Lol!

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        1. Exactly. We exhibit a certain personality from the moment we are born. Whilst we may change and mature in little ways, we are fundamentally still the same person. Some parts of us are fixed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Dear Amanda, I love proverbs! And as you say – the essence of wisdom, binding us together with our forefathers, carried from generation to generation. Opening the door to life with enlightenment. 😉

    Such a marvellous idea to put them up here and discuss them! 🙂
    And, speaking of proverbs, here is one from Denmark:

    Common sense is not that common … 😉
    (“Almindelig sund fornuft er ikke så almindelig endda”)

    PS: I made a (long!) comment to your earlier thread, but… I think it may have ended up in your spam folder, for I included a link in it. 😉

    PPS: my cousin abducted me this weekend, so I didn’t get to try the orange cake yet. But I will let you know when! 🙂

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    1. I will check spam and retrieve it, if so. I am glad you like proverbs, Elena and I can see you ‘get’ why I like them also. That Danish proverb is surprisingly accurate. Most of us will quote that phrase: “its just common sense,” and yet our actions display might have little of that logical wisdom and seem more based on emotions. Many people are not really logical at all in their actions and don’t like to apply logic to their decision making. Logic has definitely helped me in situations where I am searching for a solution and for me that is a big part of what common sense is; life is full of instances and behaviours where a person needs to draw on wisdom gained via experience. For me, this wisdom also consititute common sense. It is the individual knowing the right thing to do for the many.
      Sounds like a fun weekend you had!!!!

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    2. I love that video link you sent me! I feel so calm and relaxed after listening to it. And to see such beautiful scenes of my beloved Norway. Where abouts are those scenes filmed? I seemed to recognize some locations, but there are so many fjords and moutains in Norge.

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      1. Dear Amanda,
        I am truly delighted that you liked my video! We filmed it during a vacation a couple of years ago, while travelling with my parents-in-law and my mother. The photos are from totally enchanting Hjelle, in the western part of central Norway (“Sogn og Fjordane”). 🙂

        And you say your son is also a musician?! That is great! Though your words about it – that it is both his passion and his curse (in a way) – they sound a bit like my own experience?

        Sending you my warmest greetings and wishes for a wonderful and inspiring time, dear Amanda! 🙂 🙂

        PS: yes, the weekend was really fun! Their children were totally excited about a new fairytale we made, inspired by the drawings they were making! 🙂

        PPS: Another Danish proverb: “Nothing good comes easy.”
        (“Intet godt, kommer let”)

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        1. So it is Hjelle, near Stryn. I have been there through Stryn a few times, but not to Hjelle. I was supposed to go to Olden on the other side of Stryn, for a few days one year, but the hurricane came and wiped out Olden area and the road was impassable. So I did not get there.
          Hjelle looks a lot like the rest of Sogn and Fjordane, spectacularly stunning scenery. Yes My son plays guitar, drums, and wants to play a saxophone, but he has little money to buy another instrument.
          I like the Danish proverb as it totally applies to him, Nothing good ever comes easy. Thanks for sharing that with me. I might post it next week.

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