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As some of you may know, I am preparing for the next stage of my life. Retirement from work. It is a few years off yet, however I do like to be prepared.

To this end, we are building a future home at the beach. A new home means a new blog called A Home By the Sea.

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My Journal Blog

If you wish to follow along on this journey with me, click on the link above and you will be magically transported to my blog: A Home by the Sea.

Brighton beach

Just to be clear, Something to Ponder About will continue in its present form. The new blog will have more of a personal journalling function.

At the moment, it is in its infancy, merely following our building projects’ ups and downs. But the challenge of transitioning to retirement will bring loads more stories, commentaries and pictures, so that will come later.


31 thoughts on “My New Blog –”

    1. Thank you, Livonne! Planning a home isn’t always smooth sailing, but it is full of anticipation and exciting in that way. Hoping for a smooth transition. I have visited your blog quite a few times, but never have I been able to comment. Do you have comments turned off?


  1. Exciting!!! For you and the next phase in your life, and for us readers who get to come along and learn from your experiences of building a new abode and settling in a new location. I’m still working on getting my act together on the Friendly Friday posting. Good thing there’s no deadline! 😉

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    1. No deadline for Friendly Friday at all, Sabine. Post whenever you like. That was how Snow wanted to have the challenge. I think it is a good idea as life does get in the way of blogging! Thanks for reassuring me that others do find this type of post interesting to read. I am also documenting the journey for my own memory and as a kind of journal. We forget so much when live gets hectic. More to come soon.

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  2. Have you decided on your decor yet,or is it to early? I love all the little coastal bits and pieces – and I’m really looking forward to seeing the build and evolution of your home by the sea.

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    1. Oh thanks, Chris. Nice to know that it is as interesting for others, as for me. I have chosen much of the decor. We had to choose everything in terms of fixtures, paint colour, tiles, taps, cornice, etc etc etc, in order for the building to write the tender and set the fixed price for the contract. It was a strange feeling choosing things when you could only visualize them from a plan. I am used to knowing exactly what I am dealing with in a physical sense. In the last few weeks, we have also had to buy most of the furniture, as the furniture companies have great sales atm, but more importantly, they have two months or more lead time when you order products as they are made overseas and imported on a ship. Hardly anything is made here anymore…. the sad demise of the Australian manufacturing industry. Anyhow, we didn’t want to get caught with the house being finished and nothing to sit on, which would delay our moving in date.
      I have been writing this new blog as a kind of electronic diary, come journal, and it is nice to know that it will have a wider audience. I alwasy enjoy our conversations here. Have a wonderful week!

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  3. I am also retired worker work fourty years of my life.I have interest to travel where we’ll fare state is lying.I belong to poor country where pension of worker is only forty dollars per month.I have dream in my life I travel to that country where old age people are enjoying grave life in good health.They are enjoying free medicine free travelling in train and aeroplane.Old people enjoy rest of life.This dream is of all people living bad governance countries.But people are part of U.N and human rights commission. Daily swing conferences meeting but dreams remain dreams and one party of Old age only allowance of fortyfive dollars per month due bad goverenence implementation of U.N and human rights remain on paper work doing conferences and meeting


  4. Very exciting. I’m a few further years away but I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about preparing for the next stage…….I’m still a good ten years away though……need some really patient readers!


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