Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Leaves


Photographers, both amateur or professional, alike, are fascinated with them.

Botanists like examining them.

Gardeners like growing them


And travellers relaxing under them.

The theme for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is: –


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Friendly Friday
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121 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Leaves

    • Well done! The textures in your photo made me think they would definitely be on the brown side! Awesome photography. Do you think you might like to host a Friendly Friday Photo Challenge for me, one day?


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    • First off the block, Klodo! Great effort! Excellent leaves for the challenge. I love the clarity in your photos.
      Regarding the seasons in Australia, it wholly depends on where you area. Most of Australia, especially the Northern half, has only two seasons – wet and dry. The south is more temperate in that they have a bit of an Autumn and a bit of a Spring. But it can be hot hot hot in summer and cold as, in winter. But the winters are wet and the summers are dry – hence the bushfire problems. We are up in the north so we have a subtropical climate.Humid wet summer rains and dry, dry winters. Not that much fun. Spring might last one or two weeks and no real Autumn to speak of. Probably why I am obsessed with Autumn leaves. I am deprived living here! Hah!

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  6. Hello Amanda! Great content you have here and I am eager to know you and explore your Blog. Btw, I love this theme as I am a plant lover and next to painting materials, they are my biggest expenditures Lol. My life revolves as well with my plants.

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    • That is a kind comment. Thank you very much for saying so. Raindrops are a fascinating subject for me. I used to paint water drops and was always surprised how much colour one used to achieve a water drop effect.

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    • The photo you liked, Yvette was taken in Japan in crimson message season! It is gorgeous! But I guess you are no stranger to Autumn colours!
      I love that you joined in again. I actually like the photo where the back of the flower is featured!! You can see the vivid seagreen colour of the value and leaves!

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      • Oh thanks for the feedback on the featured flower – and I just tell ya that was not a planned photo – well I meant to take it – but I only had a few minutes to take sunflower pics that day and was rally trying to get a nice shot of a “pair” – you know how a lot of artists have “two” flowers (like O’Keeffe?) and so looking at them later – I realized I got some detail of the leaf with all that fuzzzzz
        And your photo from Japan — must have been awesome feeling that in person

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  18. … and bloggers enjoy reading about them! 🙂
    Leaves are magic! They capture the light and turns it into life and colour! There are times, when I am sitting under a tree and looking up at the leaves, that I never want to leave … 😉 🙂

    Thank you, dear Amanda! I hope and wish for you to have a really great and inspiring Sunday, my friend! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Thank to Elena! It is Father’s day in Australia so lots of folk are out and about visiting family.
      I agree with you about the leaves. I feel exactly the same way. Thanks for your beautiful comment.

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      • Ummm I started an astrology blog in 2008 & this one in 2012 to pick up everything that I wanted to write about that my astro readers didn’t want to read about. I’ve really only got serious about it since I wrote my first novel a few years ago. You?

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      • I can’t remember when I first started blogging. About 7-9 years ago, but didn’t get too serious until a few years later when my blog evolved and really took off. Another blogger I Melbourne and I are planning a book but it is a long term project. Being a published author, I would be grateful for any tips from you, in that regard. I have met with three other bloggers, Lorelle in Melbourne and Ineke in N.Z. and one in Norway.Great experiences connecting and sharing ideas. Every blog is different! I will enjoy getting to know yours. Have you met other bloggers and if so, what was your experience?

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      • I sure have. Quite a few – each have been people that I’ve got to know really well through their blogs so meeting them was easy. I’m about to start some how to write or rathe how to organsie yourself to write posts on my author site. I’ll link to them through this one. It would be great if you could follow along.

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