Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Moving

For those who have been following this, or my blog, A Home by the Sea, the weekly theme will come as no surprise as I have been working towards this all throughout 2019.

Theme for Friendly Friday This Week


The theme ‘Moving’ might mean new beginnings – the end of one chapter in your life and the start of another.


The end of one journey and the start of another.


Moving might mean moving on, or moving away.

Tearful Goodbyes or Happy Welcome Homes.

Moving might mean a mode of transport – trains, buses, boats or cars.

Moving means change, something we face in everyday life.


Change brings new opportunities and may be exciting for some.

shutter speed photography

Your interpretation of the theme might be some kind of speed blur or special effects with camera shutter speeds.

Where am I

What is your interpretation of the theme of Moving?

Show me in photos – I would love to see what you make of it!

Scroll down to find more detailed instructions on joining in with this photography challenge.

Join the Team at Friendly Friday

My co-host Snow and I are also looking for another blogger to help host Friendy Friday for 2020. As a host you would need to:

  • Choose the Friendly Friday theme
  • Publish two posts a month, or less on negotiation
  • Visit the participant’s blogs and respond to the Friendly Friday comments on your blog post
  • Liaise with other co-hosts

Sounds Easy?

It is – and you get to meet and chat with other bloggers from all around the world.

If this sounds like you, please let Amanda or Snow know via our contact pages.

November Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

I am very grateful for Manja from Manja Mexi Mexcessive for stepping up to Host the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge for me, during my very busy month of November. Thanks so much, Manja!

Snow from The Snow Melts Somewhere will continue to co-host along with Manja in November.

Friendly Friday

How to join the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Post a comment below and include a ‘Friendly Friday- Moving’ ping-back in your post, so others can find your entry.

  • Publish a new ‘Friendly Friday ‘Moving,’ post including a URL link to this post, tagging the post, ‘Friendly Friday’ Add the Photo Challenge logo, too, if you wish.
  • Copy the published url into the comments below, so other readers can visit your blog.
  • Visit other Friendly Friday entries by following the links. It’s fun!
  • Follow the host blogs to see future prompts.

Please note there is no deadlines for any Friendly Friday challenge.

108 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Moving”

  1. Moving can also be as in a moving moment that tugs at your heartstrings, for example, the movie Love, Actually is filled with them… The PM searching for his assistant, the wedding scene, the cue cards scene, the Colin Firth proposal scene, aww…

    Speaking of moving: what’s happened with the move?

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  2. Amanda, after just having helped a close friend move, I’ve decided to stay put as long as I can! It is a nightmare, with delays, such as I see you are experiencing, hassle of sorting out all the admin, and don’t talk of boxes! I’m still dreaming of them! But, yes, when the dust has settled, the peace and harmony of new beginnings can be start to be felt. The excitement, the healing … an interesting theme.

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Annika. It can be a nightmare, but so far it hasn’t been too bad for us. Any more delays could be very worrying. We are on a tight schedule as to the amount of time we have left in the rental house and I feel that once we pay the final money to the builder, there is no incentive for the builder to complete the job and there are things left undone.

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      1. You are welcome, it is a pleasure to stop by. Wow…second move in 35 years that is a long time and sure it is takes a lot. I’ve moved quite a bit in my adulthood due to military reassignments and life circumstances. During my early life up through graduating high we moved twice. My youngest sister still lives In the home my mom purchased when I was 2 years old.

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        1. that is a good record of stability, right there. Changing addresses is quite time consuming when it comes to paperwork and notifying authorities, so your sister has avoided all of that drama! Did you mind moving schools when you were younger? I did it – twice but only prior to age 5 so I don’t remember much of that.

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    1. Just like you. Snow, to put a positive spin on it whilst acknowledging the negative! That is great and a new start is something I am looking forward to. It is not that I need one, it is just that I think it is fun to start again and decorating is always fun.

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    1. @Tatiana – that is a really fascinating photo. I love the way the light is an illuminating silhouette arround the head and shoulders of the central figure. You got that light totally perfect! So glad you joined in.

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    1. @Sandy – I love that photo! The Balinese are incredibly skilled at balancing unwieldy objects. It is astounding and makes me think they have very strong neck muscles. Thanks for joining in. A perfect photo for the challenge theme.


    2. And yes, I am looking forward to sitting down and enjoying the new house at Christmas time. The madness may have settled somewhat by then. Forgot to ask:
      Was it your first time in Bali?


    1. I am glad you like those photos. I think you picked my favourites from the ones in the post as well. Norway never fails to disappoint and the west coast especially. Thanks for joining in – I will pop over now and check out your post. – No wonder you commented on Norrheimsund – you have been to Norway, haven’t you?


  3. Good luck with the move. Having just moved myself (and under something of a time constraint) the best thing that can be said about it is that it’s a great time to get rid of stuff. That way, there’s less to move and you don’t have to restash it at the new place. Sadly, my new housing situation is probably temporary so I’ll have another opportunity soon to practice that some more.
    I particularly like your bike photo and the bus/train with reflections. Here’s my offering:

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    1. Hey Graham, you are right about being a great time to cull stuff. I culled sooo much when I sold my house last year, but I think I will be culling some more before I finish. I put a lot of stuff into storage ( read: under a relative’s house), and I think a lot of those things can go. After all, I have not touched them for 13 months. I hope your next move is more setttled for you. I used to enjoy moving when I was single, and had one room full of stuff – now it is such a pain. I hope you don’t have to practice too often!
      The train is simply a reflection of an external window. It kinda turned out nicer than expected.
      I will go check out the windsurfer – great subject for the theme.

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    1. Maria, you never cease to delight me with the photos you submit for Friendly Friday. Gorgeous mustard yellows and earthy ochres and yellow. It makes me yearn for a real autumn here, which just doesn’t happen.


    2. Thanks so much, Klodo. I am sure it will sort out. Everything sorts out, one way or another, in time. I am not stressing so much – yet….. if I have to move twice, it will be a bit annoying.


  4. Good luck with all the moving problems. I hope everything sorts itself out for the better.


    1. Thanks so much, Klodo. I am sure it will sort out. Everything sorts out, one way or another, in time. I am not stressing so much – yet….. if I have to move twice, it will be a bit annoying.

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    1. Awesome collection! The first one is a cracker! Gawwwwjusss…. and that is not the phone spelling that word! Lol!
      It is only a small delay with the house. It is just like I feel like I am treading water. We are so close that a delay feels like a waste of time. But it will be fine. We have a plan B, if the delay continues.
      And yes, I definitely want you to do the challenge in November! That will help enormously! Thanks so much, my friend!

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      1. Thank you so much, Amanda. 🙂 Do you mean the featured flamingos or the lake? Probably the lake, I see that you like the effect. It’s not visible on the phone but it’s been present in more or less all my posts on this blog. Okay, plan B sounds good. And I like to help.

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  5. Good luck with your moving! Delays are not unusual – but hopefully it will not be for long! Love the bicycle in the mist – and hope your move will be a smooth thing. I have only moved twice, and the last one was 41 years ago. Sometimes I wish we had moved at least one more time – too many things to store…

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    1. I get what you mean, Ann-C. Moving does force a person to make decisions about material objects we otherwise would not keep. My longest stay is 35 years and I am too old to beat that one now, LOL! Would you have moved to a new house if you could wave a magic wand and re-do time?


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