Haunted Houses and Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, the topic of whether spirits are real or imagined is often the subject of conversations, particularly among younger people.

This church has been there for 900 years but no one knows why this image was painted there

Children are noted for seeing apparitions, perhaps because of their fertile imagination, or perhaps because of their innocent nature: a nature unfettered and free from the restrictive thoughts of logic and reason, that pervades adults in their thinking and creativity.

An eerie place

Many years ago, I rented a house I believe was haunted or, at least, where things happened, that I couldn’t easily explain.

I was much, much younger than I am now. It was a very old house, somewhat dilapidated, but the rent was cheap and being located close to the city, it was attractive and convenient for a young person on limited means.

I moved in with a housemate. And it wasn’t long before strange things began to happen.

Ghostly mist coming from the fenceposts

Household Objects that Move

Incident #1: I awoke one particular morning feeling nothing out of the ordinary, but was surprised to find the refrigerator situated in the middle of the kitchen and not against the wall, in its usual position. And I do mean in the middle of the kitchen. It was placed about 1 – 2 metres out from the wall as far as the power cord allowed, which was still in the socket. Something, or someone had moved the fridge out from the wall, during the night. Despite my scepticism and questions, my housemate vehemently denied moving the fridge and was asleep beside me all night, as far as I could account. He was as stunned as myself at this strange occurrence. We had no guests or visitors staying over either. It was just us in the house that night. We moved the fridge back against the wall.

Walls that were Numbered

Incident #2: The walls of this old timber house were painted in various shades of white, or off-white, green and light blue. However it was the living room that was of particular interest. On each wall, someone had written a number in black paint – A different number on each wall. Initially, we thought nothing of it. We passed it off as some random numerical graffiti a child had drawn on the walls. That was, until a year or so later, when a visitor casually told us the numbers written on the walls indicated that the living room had been the site of a witch’s coven. A witch’s meeting place!! Given that witches gatherings are not as left of field as they once were, perhaps this is not such a drama, anymore. Although I was taken aback and wondered if it could explain the other incidents like:


Incident #3: Whenever I was in the house alone, and went to the downstairs bathroom, which was under the main part of the house, I would, more often than not, hear the sound of footsteps moving around upstairs, (directly over my head), despite no one else being at home at the time. The footsteps were loud and quick, and they were very clearly above my head.

Strange Noises and Lights

Incident #4: Sitting quietly in the living room watching TV one night, around 1980, a very loud bang accompanied by a flash of bright, blue light appeared in one corner of the room, despite there not being any electrical sockets, or power sources in the vicinity. The lights did go out as I recall, and our pet cockatoo let off a loud shriek and fell off its perch! We were a little frightened, but after some rudimentary investigations could not any explanation for the noise, or the light. Nothing further happened that night. Although it was perplexing at the time, life returned to normal without further mishap or occurrences of the mysterious blue light.

Could it have been a build up of static electricity, perhaps?

All of this was very strange.

This house definitely had some unexplainable and mysterious events. what is worse is that over the time I lived there, it also coincided with distinct personality changes in my housemate. He became abusive and turned to alcohol as comfort, but I am not disputing that other factors could also have accounted for this.

Have you ever watched a horror movie and thought, “Why are those folks going back into that haunted place? Why don’t they get the hell out of there?”

I have thought that yet I was the one who continued to live in that house, despite all these strange happenings. At the time, it didn’t really bother me much, yet I wonder if someone had looked on at me from afar, would they have been yelling the same thing to me?

Living in that house did not seem scary at the time, at all, and I think that is mainly because the house at that time, was my home. Now I just hate that house. If I do drive past it, (and I try not to do so), I wonder what experiences the current residents who live there have had? Did they experience any weird happenings, like me?

The most haunted house in Iceland – my friend was not welcome here

Many old houses seem to have some unsettled spirits and Halloween makes us think about the possibilities of these events having some scientific validity.

A friend of mine lives in one such old house. On several occasions, she has seen an apparition of a young girl in the hallway. When she researched the history of the house, it appeared that a young girl died there, in a house fire, many years previously.


What do you think?

Have you had a ghostly experience?


58 thoughts on “Haunted Houses and Halloween”

    1. I used to be completely sceptical and always found some logical explanation other than spirits. In a way I still do think there must be some explanation, but it was still very strange.

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    1. Maybe science will explain these unexplained things in the future. folks use to lie upright in bed because they believed they might suffocate and die if they laid down to sleep, (common perception in Denmark in 1700’s), it is an easy stretch to think that science might explain spirits, in years to come. Who knows?

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  1. Yikes, sounds scary! I find ghost stories fascinating and have taken part in two ghost tours in Helsinki. There are many interesting tales to be told! After my MIL passed, I was driving my car alone one day and suddenly I detected a whiff of her perfume in the car. It was just a moment and no-one believes me, but I cannot find any explanation to why I would smell any kind of perfume in my car, especially since the scent did not stay….

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    1. Smells are a very potent initiator of memory. When I smell the perfume I wore on my wedding day, in the stores, it always brings back memories of it. Your experience though is strange as it was in the car andwhy just after she passed. Intriguing. People who believe in spirits would say it was her spirit. Do you believe that? ( you don’t have to answer that, if you don’t want to, of course).

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        1. I agree. Loujen posted a comment that had parrellels with your story and Marlene and Alejandro as well. Klodo also had a similar type of story on his blog. So there must be something intangible, something that can’t be explained but nevertheless real.

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  2. Dang! That’s a scary story. I am relieved to say I’ve never experienced anything like it. My mother though, claimed to have seen ghosts and had a ritual to cleanse any new place she/we move into. She’s passed away now, so I guess that means I’m stuck here in this house forever. Happy Halloween!

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    1. It might be a scary story, and it sounds like it when I read it back, but I honestly wasn’t scared. I found it hard to believe there was actually a ghost or spirit in the house. I never SAW any spirit, so it is hard to believe sometimes. I do not know the history of the house, other than there was some kind of white witch group meeting there. Your ritual cleanse sounds interesting. I guess it can’t hurt to do such a think and it is a rather nice cultural tradition too, I guess?


  3. I’ve experienced a number of odd occurrences throughout my life, but I can only recall two that were actually frightening. One happened when I was a teenager and, along with some friends, played briefly with a Ouija board. After a few minutes, I developed an overwhelmingly eerie feeling and stopped. My friends wondered what was wrong, but I was speechless. Then they all got quiet and stopped as well. In the mid-1990s, I was going through a very rough period – especially at work – and thought of hurting both myself and others as a means of alleviating the situation or getting retribution on those I felt had wronged and / or disrespected me. One night I heard something breathing beside my bed. I became paralyzed with fear. But I told “it” – whatever it was – to go away and managed to fall back asleep. When I awoke in the morning, I noticed an impression in the carpet on the left-hand side of the bed. I could tell something had been laying there.

    I have friends and relatives who experienced some truly frightening episodes. In the late 1970s, one of my cousins shared an apartment in Dallas, Texas with a college friend. Like most everyone else in our family, my cousin was raised Roman Catholic. But, by her 20s, she felt she’d risen above that; having studied a variety of other beliefs and majoring in (I think) psychology in college. She even has a PhD. She told us she and her friend were agnostic. At some point, they obtained a voodoo doll. I think it was some kind of gag gift. They didn’t think anything of it and set it atop the refrigerator. After a while, she said they started to notice small objects out of place; nothing major, a potted plant, an ashtray, etc. Then larger objects, like couches and tables, started being moved around. She said they didn’t know what to think at first, but finally concluded it had something to do with that doll. They didn’t want to believe it, since they were both highly educated and considered themselves logical, reasonable people. But they eventually convinced themselves that, indeed, it all had something to do with that doll. So, one evening, they wrapped it up in newspaper, put it in a shoe box, tied some rope around that and drove to a junk yard in South Dallas where they simply dumped it into a trash bin. When they returned to their apartment, she said, the doll was back sitting atop the refrigerator.

    That terrified them, and my cousin called her mother (my mother’s older sister) who was devoutly Roman Catholic. As meek and humble as my aunt could be, things like that didn’t scare her. She brought over her Bible and some holy water. She doused the doll in the water, and my cousin said they could literally see smoke rising from it. My aunt then wrapped it up in more newspaper, placed it into another box and merely tossed it into the apartment complex trash dumpster. My cousin said she and her friend were so frightened they returned to my aunt’s house (which wasn’t far away) to spend the night.

    A close friend of mine began dabbling in black magic shortly after graduating from high school. He had been bullied in school and felt that none of the teachers or administrators took him seriously. This was in the 1980s, before bullying was recognized as a problem. He bought a book of curses and a voodoo doll from a shop in East Dallas and started inflicting curses on people he felt had wronged him. And strange and unfortunate things began happening to those people. No one got seriously hurt or died, he said, but the rituals he practiced apparently paid off to some extent.

    But he didn’t realize there’s a price to pay for that. Soon, strange things began happening to him. He got mugged near his home one night; he had a severe car accident; and other events. Worst, though, were the terrifying dreams he began having. He then understood what he’d done to himself and reverted back to his Catholic faith. By the time I met him around 1987, he’d given up that voodoo lifestyle.

    I know there’s true evil in this world, but more importantly, there’s true good. I don’t call the “Supernatural” supernatural. I prefer to think of it as a higher plane of nature; a place above and beyond our general comprehension. None of it frightens me, though, but rather, intrigues me. I’m in hurry to find out, but I do find it fascinating.

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    1. My goodness, you have some great stories there, and good material for writing if you so wished to incorporate it in your writing. The Voodoo doll on the fridge story freaked me out a little. I suppose sceptics might suggest one of the friends stole it out of the box just before they left the house and re – tied the rope, as a joke. And the steam – they heat from the refrigerator’s motor, perhaps. However, your theory does sound more plausible to me. A higher plane. This doesn’t have to be religious, but could be if you wish to describe it as such. The Voodoo coming back on the cursor – well that is a little bit like inciting karma isn’t it? There is true evil in this world, yes indeed, and it often comes under the guise of upstanding citizens and or religions of many persuasions. That is a shame.
      Fabulous accounts/stories! Happy Halloween to you, Alejandro.


      1. Oh yes, Amanda! I’ve already started translating those experiences of my cousin and friend into story form. Name will be changed, of course, to protect myself and the (never) innocent. The latest – shall I say – otherworldly experiences I’ve had involved my father. In the months after his death in June of 2016, my dog’s behavior changed. A normally rambunctious little critter, Wolfgang became more sullen and would stare into space at times. I knew, without a doubt, he was seeing my father. Every time I noticed a spot of light – like a starlight – off in the distance. Sometimes I’d see it, even when Wolfgang wasn’t nearby. Wolfgang passed away nearly 5 months after my father (this past October 26 was the third anniversary of his departure).

        My father and I were very close, and I’ve often felt his presence – sometimes in very unique and unassuming ways. For example, I had been searching for an extra key to the back door that leads from the atrium into the rear yard. We had a single key in the lock of that door at all times. I tried to make a duplicate, but it couldn’t be done for some reason. At some point, I had that key in my possession and, when I stepped into the atrium, there was another key in the lock of that door! I don’t know where it came from nor do I recall how it got there.

        Here’s another curious story from my childhood. The aforementioned aunt, Margo, lost her husband, Bill, in a car accident in October of 1968. He was a traveling salesman and was on the road quite a bit. He died around 3 a.m., and police believe he’d fallen asleep at the wheel of the family station wagon. I was 4, almost 5, and a couple of days after the accident, we were at Margo’s house. No one had told me about the wreck. At one point, I was on the floor in the den playing with a toy station wagon. They said I pretended the vehicle crashed and then said, “Poor Uncle Bill; he died.” It startled my parents and my aunt. They wondered who had told me about the wreck, but none of them had. They also noticed that toy station wagon looked exactly like the one Bill had been driving. It was a family vehicle. My father usually bought my toy vehicles, but couldn’t remember getting that particular one. Then, after we returned home, they noticed the toy station wagon was missing. My aunt said she couldn’t find it either. They just reasoned that it got lost, but no one ever saw that toy again.

        Again, none of this is frightening to me. It fascinates me, and I strive to learn more about that higher plane of nature.

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        1. Wow! These are really curious stories! Particularly the key turning up like that! How very strange and hard to explain by any other means. I am not surprised you instinctively knew about the car crash as a young boy. Children pick up on vibes more easily than adults and seem to know things instinctively, even if they don’t hear them. I wonder if they derive things subconsciously from our body language and verbal cues? Much like animals. Did you read Klodo’s horse ghost story on his blog?
          It is another story that is bizarre and so hard to explain any other way. There must be something there.
          Indeed it is fascinating.


  4. You do know how to start a conversation, Amanda. 🙂 This is a good one. I love hearing these kinds of stories. Everything is energy and is always there so I doubt nothing. Anything is possible Both of my children have experienced invisible forms in late childhood. My daughter had a particularly hard time with it until she realized it was benevolent. My son and our dog witnessed a poltergeist. I have had my mother come sit on my bed some nights and leave in the early morning. She also moves things in the sewing room which tells me she wants me to play German music for her. As soon as I do, a missing article will reappear in plain sight. Yes, I believe anything is possible. I will have to read more of the comments later.

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    1. Is it a comfort to you that a spirit who might be your Mum comes to visit. Come to think of it, my grandmother mentioned that her husband, (my grandfather who had died years before I was born), used to come and visit her sometimes. She was a very practical women and not prone to indulgence, so thinking back to that comment heard as a child, I wonder if she was speaking the truth?

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      1. I never see anyone. I just feel the pressure change on the mattress at the foot of the bed. It does not frighten me because I have always known I am being watched over. All of my spiritual experiences have left no doubt. I’m not a follower of any religion but I know there is more than we allow ourselves to see. Children are more open unless they are taught against it.

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        1. I love hearing about this and how comforting it is to you. It is a nice feeling that we could still be around in some form to watch over our children when we pass. I am not religious either, and not a real believer in the supernatural, but I leave the door open to possibilities. The fact that children see more because their mind have not been closed to possibilities reinforces to me that it is real. Have I told you about the older folks seeing a child ghost in a hospital ward when I was a Nurse?


  5. Although not a “ghostly event”, but… One night my father, who lived 3000 miles away from me, visited me in a dream– for only a short minute or so. It was so vivid, I got up out of bed and called the VA health center where he was staying. The nurse, who answered the phone, responded to me in a soft comforting voice that she was sorry to tell me that my dad had just passed away just minutes ago. Yes– this could have been just coincidental. But I’d like to think there was a bit of a supernatural element involved.

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    1. Ordinarily, I must have said it was just a coincidence. However, there are any people reporting this kind of thing.
      AND, as I have been reading about energy that as people we can emit and give off, just by our moods, your account now seems totally plausible in that there must be Many forms of energy we cannot explain or measure. There was definitely some energy fields in that old house that I lived in. But whether these kinds of energies are malevolent or benevolent is more a human construct and perhaps also a religious one. The stuff of imagination/intuition/sixth sense? I prefer to think they just ‘are.’
      Was it comforting for you?


  6. Amanda, a brilliant descriptive post about the haunted house! I have goose-bumps just reading this. Your experience here mirrors a house my husband (then boyfriend) and I rented for a week in the far north of Sweden. It was the eeriest place I’ve ever been … the atmosphere in some rooms was so strong we could not enter them. We heard footsteps, things moved and the overwhelming sinister and dark feeling of the house itself drove us on many outings during the day. We are both down to earth people and my husband never believed in ghosts or such … until this stay. Later we learnt some very tragic events that had occurred in the house and especially in the section of the house we could not enter.

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    1. My goodness, I just got a shiver reading that. There must have been some strong energy there, but it is a worry that it felt malevolent to you. And those rooms you felt uncomfortable in – that freaks me out a little thinking about them. The north of Sweden always seem like an idyllic place in my mind. It is scary that folks rent this place not knowing the history. I suspect many houses where murders or violent acts take place are put up for rent because the owners can’t sell them. How did you find out about the tragic history, Annika?

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      1. Before I started writing full-time I worked in the timber trade! I met up with some sawmill owners for dinner at their house and they told us about the story. The countryside is idylllic, dramatic, amazing to drive two hours into middle of nowhwere and see herds of elk. Yet, as everywhere, no one quite knows what goes on behind closed doors!

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            1. Oh. Okay! It is a lovely area- well just about anywhere in Sweden is. Have you ever considered writing a Swedish crime novel, Annika. That house would make a great story setting for a novel.

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            2. Amanda, that’s a thought which has occurred to me and kind of you to ask! It seems a market well-covered. I’ve read a couple of Camilla Lackerberg and love Stig Larson books and was sad at his early passing. I think he had a lot left to say. Maybe one day … chatting here has brought the house and emotions all back to the fore!

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  7. Dear Amanda, your story is totally spooky! Didn’t you notice the dark and dramatic music? That is always a surefire sign of danger!
    I am so happy, you survived!!
    And yes, I believe that our World is much, much more complex than we can imagine – and we have good imaginations!
    (so if you want to get real nerdy… 😀

    Is there room for ghosts? Oh yes, definitely! 😀

    Wishing you peaceful nights and bright days, dear Amander! ✨🌈☀️

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    1. Yes I did survive, Elena, but my relationship in that house did not. It was a good thing that it ended. I do think there is a lot more that we are yet to find out about the spiritual world, the energy world and the extraterrestrial world.
      Until we know more about this we continue to speculate and invent stories and use our imagination to interpret actual events.
      Thanks for your comment and the link. It was really interesting and I would like to find out more when I have time.
      Right now a bit preoccupied with moving. I feel sure my new house will have no spirits, except our own or the alcoholic kind. Lol.

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  8. Dear Amanda, we have a tradition in Belarus: always let the cat be the first person to enter the new home. It will chase away bad spirits. 😉 The Egyptians, by the way, believed much the same thing…
    Good luck, dear Amanda! Joy and smiles! :))

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  9. It is well known, that cats and dogs are the best of friends… So, of course, it will work! ;))
    Seriously though, in the stories dogs are well known to react to spirits too. I am just not sure they are well able to scare them off…
    Have a great weekend, dear Amanda! 🙂 🙂
    PS: pray excuse me if I am not so active in the next weeks – I need to concentrate on a music project… 🙂 🙂


    1. I would definitely trust an animal’s reaction to someone or something over a human’s judgment any day! If a dog (or any pet, I suppose) won’t enter a home or some other structure, no matter how much you try to encourage or even force them, then that’s a sign something is wrong with that place.

      About two weeks ago some wretched storms tore through the Dallas, Texas area. They damaged or destroyed countless homes, businesses and schools and ripped up plenty of trees and other vegetation. A close friend of mine lives in the southern half of the city with his dog, a large female poodle. On that Sunday night, as the winds began to pick up, he said the dog wouldn’t go outside, even though she hadn’t been out in a while. She kept running into a bathroom off the hallway on the first level. Then he realized a storm was approaching. His house and the surrounding neighborhood were spared the brunt of the storm’s wrath, but he realized the dog could sense pending disaster.

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      1. Yes, I quite agree Alejandro! Our “best friends” can sense and feel things which we have long forgotten how to – and that goes for those of other species as well, not only cats and dogs. 🙂
        Thank you very much for your long and interesting comment! I was amazed to read about that episode, and I am glad that they were spared the worst of the storm. 🙂
        Wishing you a wonderful week to come – with only good surprises! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      2. They know things! Your story is a good example of this, if for no other reason than their super hearing! But I do believe they also pick up on other vibes, particularly negative ones. My dog never liked one of my daughter’s boyfriends. We tried to tell our daughter we didn’t like or trust this guy, but of course it was her decision to date him. He smoked and used drugs and I am sure the dog smelt that and it was this smell together with his persona, that made our dog growl and snarl like the exorcism whenever he visited.
        In the end, she broke it off with him – He was not nice.


        1. A woman I worked with several years ago had a niece living with her. She also owned couple of dogs. At some point her niece brought home a boy she’d met at school. My colleague got suspicious of him, almost from the start. But she said the hostile reactions her dogs had to him made her even more leery. Eventually, she told her niece not to let that boy in the house. They argued about it (you know teenagers!), but my colleague won. A short time later they learned that boy was arrested by police for participating in some kind of gang activity.

          One of my first cousins had a similar experience with her two dogs. Her oldest daughter met a nice young man a while back, and it seemed they were getting serious. Even though my cousin liked him, she said she just had the feeling something was off. But it was the sometimes negative reactions of her dogs to him that made her feel even more uncomfortable. One growled at him constantly, while the other would just avoid him. I noticed this on at least two occasions when my mother and I visited her for family gatherings. I found out recently my cousin’s daughter (my second cousin) left that man and moved her and her young son out. Her mother told me the new beau had an addiction to just about everything: alcohol, drugs, etc.

          If you can tolerate it, here’s yet another story about my late canine, Wolfgang. Several years ago I was here at my parents’ house, working on my computer; the dog laying nearby. My parents had laid down for a nap. I suddenly got the impression someone had walked behind. I literally stopped and turned around, seeing a sliver of a shadow. At that same second, Wolfgang jumped up with a growl and jumped into the hallway. He looked towards the den and began cocking his head – the way dogs do when someone has their attention. He returned to his spot beside my office chair and laid back down. Then, my mother came out of the bedroom and immediately asked about her maternal grandmother. She had helped their father raise her and her 3 siblings after their mother died in México City in 1940. When my grandfather moved the kids to their new home in Dallas, their grandmother came with them. She died here in 1963, about 2 months before I was born. That she would ask for her startled me. But that’s when my father and I started to notice she was having memory problems.

          I honestly believe her grandmother had returned – if only briefly – to let her know she would be looking out for her. And Wolfgang just happened to sense her presence, which initially startled him. Uncanny, indeed. But to we level-headed people, it’s not so bizarre.


    1. It was a revelation to hear about the meaning behind the numbers but seemed like a very plausible explanation, especially since hearing about the previous tenants of the house!


    1. Hi Geri, Thanks for finding this post from a little while back. It certainly was unsettling, looking back on it. I am still a bit surprised that I wasn’t more unnerved whilst living there. I think I had bigger problems on my mind at that time, and I was young. When you are a teen you tend to think that you might be more invincible that you really are.

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