Holidays and Church whilst Australia Burns

In case you are not aware, the head of our country has taken himself on holiday. He is out of contact – although supposedly still being sent daily briefings.

There would normally be nothing at all wrong with that, except that there is a national crisis – we have had months of bushfires burning through swathes of country to unprecedented levels.

And the head of our country is nowhere to be seen and remains silent.

Where am I

Or is he?

Some say he deserves some quiet time with his family at Xmas. I agree, but if you are elected leader of a country, are you not on standby, 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Would you not want to support your people in a time of crisis?

Nurses, Doctors, Hotel Housekeepers, hell even Taxi drivers have to work over Christmas, so why not the leader of our country? Someone that has given himself a big fat pay rise of late, when the rest of Australia waits six or more years for a pay rise. Six years.

Some say the P.M. has gone to New York to open a Hillsong church there – his faith is admirable, but how is this more relevant than our country?

Wellington church

Is he serving our country to the best of his ability or massaging his own ego?

Over 800 folks have lost their homes to fire in the last months. Rural fire Service folks, often volunteers themselves, have not had a day off in months. They are soent, exhausted and get NO pay, but the P.M. is entitled to a holiday, on full pay to open a church in New York?

It makes my blood boil!

I was discussing this with another blogger, Snow on her blog who wondered why we can’t boot him out of his job for this. We can’t kick him out as he hasn’t done anything wrong – legally. Morally – yes, there is an error in his judgement, however, he enjoys the full support of his cabinet ministers, so any repercussion is unlikely.

This is the same Prime minister who brought a lump of coal into parliament to show his support for maintaining coal fired power generation sources!

His government believes coalfired power is still the way forward because it is so very cheap to produce here and supports lots of jobs.

But the shift in public opinion is building. The youth in Australia want action on Climate change and they know burning fossil fuels is not good for our planet.

In the meantime, the only thing burning at the moment is Australia and Australian homes. And the #AussieNero sits idly by.

Smoke alarms are being triggered in our nation’s capital, Canberra, such is the poor air quality from bushfires.

Sydney suffers with a constant smoke haze and I can even smell it up here in the North, 800 km away.

Last year, the Amazon and Columbia suffered through many fires. The land in many areas is becoming drier and the rainfall is dimishing. This year, even the Monsoon rains in Indonesia have not yet arrived.

With lower rainfall, the soil becomes ignited far more easily from a stray cigarette butt, or a deliberate back burning off operation, or other accidental or deliberate causes.

The high winds that accompany climate changes fans any bushfires to catastrophic levels.

And the rainfall needed to saturate the ground does not come.

Here is a recent map of the fires across Australia from

And still the P.M. is silent. I hope the New Yorkers realize the price our country is paying.

Perhaps they might even say a prayer.

Well may we say, #wherethebloodyhellareyou Mr Morrison.



48 thoughts on “Holidays and Church whilst Australia Burns”

  1. My blood also boils. And now he’s going to tell us how sorry he is and we’re expected to give him a hug and say “Oh, that’s alright, Scott ..”
    USELESS bastard.

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    1. Indeed. What good is that? I think he should invite and pay for the 811 families who lost their home to Christmas dinner at his home at his expense. That would be a great media exercise and proof of his dedication to the Christian philosophy.

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  2. Oh my God! The fire map is terrifying. I am so sorry. I will be in NSW soon. I am used to fires, coming from California, but the fires now, are a new type of terrible.
    My thoughts, prayers and love are with you all. I am so very sorry.

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    1. Thanks for the validation, Jo. It has surpassed the point of politeness. Drastic measures and loads of resources are needed to save our land, animals homes and lives. It is a bleak outlook for the planet. We need good supportive leadership. I suppose you might feel a little disenchanted or frustrated with the leadership in recent years, but are people in UK also listening and responding to tabloid journalism?


  3. A friend of mine who lives in New South Wales has just marked herself “safe” as the fires have come close to where she lives so that friends and family don’t have to worry about her. Another friend’s husband is a firefighter. At the moment they live relatively far away from the fires but she worries. Knowing somebody personally brings home the horrifying situation more (not logical, I guess, but that’s how we humans tick).
    I know little about Australian politics but you voice your anger very eloquently.

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    1. Thank you eklastic for your comment. It is indeed tragic when we know someone who has lost everything in fires that are so devastating. There is a long road ahead for these families. Economically their properties are also ruined. We will all pay for tge rebuild, as insurance premiums will skyrocket for everyone, now. Still that is a way of spreading the economic burden equally in some measure.
      We need rain and lots of it as much as we need a proactive national leader.

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            1. Thanks so much! We do need it asap. Even the koalas are drinking water. This means that the gum leaves on the Eucalypt trees are not holding any moisture anymore and therefore the koalas need to drink water. Which is something they rarely ever do under normal circumstances.


    1. It defies belief. Contrast that with former PM’s- one who is helping out now with the fire fighting effort, and another Former PM after Black Saturday fires of a few years ago, (where whole towns were extinguished in a firestorm), visited the victims and handed out emergency payments to those who’d lost their homes……

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  4. You have one almost as bad as ours and a few are starting to stand up for what is right here. I’ve been watching the fires as I have family in Toowoomba and Sydney. I am filled with a deep sadness that people can’t see what it is they are putting into office. It’s time the good old boys club is closed permanently. I’ve had enough and the worst of it is that it’s going on world wide. There are a lot of morons out there to get these people in power. Or maybe they are just misguided. Let’s hope they wake up soon before there is nothing left.

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    1. That is where democracy is flawed – fools will vote for fools and they do immense damage before folks wake up and drive them out via the following election. I suppose that has been going on all through history. I do hope your family here are safe.

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  5. I saw a few weeks ago the images of the burning koala being rescued by a woman… We don’t read many news from Australia and I didn’t know the fires were still going on. That map with all the fires around the country looks terrifying… In Spain we also suffer these wildfires in summer, and it’s so sad to see all our forests disappear…
    (I better don’t critic your politicians… we in Spain don’t have any to be proud of…)

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    1. Yes, little Lewis the koala, I think – it was all over the news for a while. The Koalas are already functionally extinct and every koala lost is so detrimental to the gene pool. The areas that are burning are largely Koala habitat, and unlike kangaroos, koalas aren’t quick on the ground. It is a tragedy, and not much is being done to ameliorate the growing environmental problem.
      I think there is also a wider problem of discontentment with politicians the world over. They don’t have a great reputation, although the wider public sentiment doesn’t always get expressed in the ballot box.
      I do hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year over in Spain. I imagine it is a nice temperature there in winter?


    1. I know, right. There is incredible frustration by the heads of fire and emergency services at this lack of leadership. It is pure arrogance and blind faith.


  6. The world has gone mad. So many of us seem to be saddled with politicians and leaders who simply aren’t in the job for the right reasons. And they were democratically elected. It’s truly worrying.

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  7. I saw this on the national news recently, and it broke my heart. They showed one clip of people rescuing a koala that had been harmed by fire and was whimpering in pain, as they poured water over it. I realize animals will suffer and perish amidst wildfires. But it’s still a heart-wrenching sight.

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  8. I read yet another disturbing article in a local newspaper about the impact these fires are having on the koala population. A previous estimate had placed the death toll at roughly a thousand. The latest estimate puts in the THOUSANDS. I also have to wonder how badly other animals in the fire zone have been affected.

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    1. The kangaroos and fast moving creatures such as horses and dogs can or might outrun the flames if the fences don’t stop them. A lot of landholders will leave gates open if they have to leave the property. A report yesterday was from a man who stayed to defend his property. When the sheds began burning and he realized he had lost control of the blaze, he got out, but it was too late for him to leave in his car as the fire had blocked the road. So he jumped in the dam while the flames swirled around him. When he looked around, there were a mob of kangaroos in the dam with him. Smart!


    2. And the koalas are already functionally extinct, so this is a very severe impact from which the species may not recover. Unless, it has highlighted their plight and the Government steps in. They should have been protected years ago as they bring in so many tourists to this country, particularly the Japanese who are spellbound by them.


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