Happy New Lucky Year

Last year, early in 2019, I decided I was going to have a lucky year.

It was a kind of experiment.

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I have never really believed very much in positive thinking. All that standing in front of a mirror and saying postive things to yourself, can’t necessarily make thing happen. If things are to happen, mostly I believe you find a way to make them so. Or fate intervenes.

I was chatting to Marlene from Insearchoftiall about fate and destiny, and she was telling me how her daughter just “decided” she should have good luck. Marlene told me how she was most surprised to see if actually did work, for her daughter.

Now I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical that I could make good luck happen, by simply convincing myself and believing it could happen. But I was intrigued by Marlene’s testimony.

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I decided to give this concept of deciding one could experience good luck, by believing it, a go for a month, and see what happened. Even though I knew it was an experiment,- I was determined luck was going to come my way. I was still pretty sceptical, thinking it was just a fun thing to do, and chances of it working were pretty slim. But….

Several spells of good fortune came my way that month. Money back from very unexpected places and things working out for the better, financial and logistical windfalls that caused me to report back to Marlene that the experiment actually did seem to be working.

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Yet I remained a little unconvinced that it would continue. Nevertheless, I continued with the experiment, reporting back again to Marlene in our discussions via our blogs. My good luck continued for another two months and 12 months on it seems that it has turned out to be a very fortunate year indeed.

Not only did I have a heap of lucky breaks during the construction of my new house build, there were various other instances too. Just one example is losing my wallet in a shopping centre, one day. For me, that is one of my worst nightmares. I thought there was almost no chance of finding it again as I had no idea where I had dropped it, then chided myself that, of course I would find it, for it was my “lucky year.”

Blow me down, I did find that wallet, under a rack of clothes, in a clothes shop, I had stepped into for less than a minute, about 20 minutes before. When searching for it, I walked into the clothes shop and began asking the shop assistant if anyone had handed in a wallet in the past 30 minutes or so. She shook her head – “No, no, sorry,” she said. I turned to leave and for some reason walked over the left of the store and looked down on the floor under the clothes racks. There it was lying there under some long dresses. The shop assistant had not even noticed it sitting there for what must have been 30 minutes or so.

What are the chances, I thought? Everything inside was intact.


There were many other instances, both minor and major so that by the end of the year, even my husband, the MOTH was responding to a problem saying, “It will all be okay, it is your lucky year!” I convinced the all – time negative sceptic that he is, as well!

It may be visualization, pure coincidence, or the lofty belief that someone was watching over me, but it doesn’t really matter. To me, the experiment worked.

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So, I wonder, what do I decide 2020 should be?

Have you ever had tried something similar?

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Happy New Year

73 thoughts on “Happy New Lucky Year

      • It was a gold pendant which I have been wearing for 25 years. The chain became unhinged somehow and the pendant dropped on my way to work. I didn’t think about being lucky, I thought surely it would have been picked up in busy traffic and pawned. I retraced my steps and found it 500m away lying by the bottom step of a footpath. Felt like buying lottery 😂😂

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      • I know the feeling. That was a lucky find. Even retracing your steps, it could have easily been missed, or picked up by a passer by. That chain must be meant to be with you. 25 years! Wow! Have you secured it with a safety chain now?

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      • Exactly, right!? It was peak traffic as well. I’m very mindful of it now, and you are right, have to think about securing it better!
        Hope your New Year’s been “lucky” so far (although it is gut wrenching to see most of Aus on fire). 🙏🙏

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  1. No I haven’t, but I really think I want to try this one. Last year remains in my mind as pretty negative, largely because of national and international political developments. In my personal life, many good things happened, but these don’t really dominate my picture of 2019. So I suspect that luck may be as much about mindset as anything else. But there’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s definitely a more positive way forward. I’m so glad you found your wallet by the way. Now that IS good luck!

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      • I am tempted for sure! How wonderful and reassuring and liberating too, it would be to start each day this way. I have a small notebook/notepad where I have been jotting down moments that move me for some time now and I have a gratitude journal where I have write things that I am grateful for each day. I do this at the end of the day and this has been part of my doing things differently for 30 days (ever since I that TED talk). Not that I have been 100% successful in that 30 day thing but I am trying to not give up and find that consistency. I have gotten better for sure! Work in progress…that’s me I feel at all times;)

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      • Journaling does bring me clarity. And recording everyday little moments is surely a great way to look back on simple moments that tend to get lost. I apologize for my terrible grammatical errors in my previous response 🤦🏾‍♀️ I am sure you understood but I feel like clarifying- “ I heard the TED talk” and “have a gratitude journal where I have been writing things”!
        I recently posted about the food challenge we had talked about a while ago and I wanted to thank you, once again, for that🙂I would love if you took a look at it😊

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      • I missed the food challenge post. I will be sure to take a look. And no worries about the grammar. I understood what you meant and usually do my best proof reading after I hit ‘send.’ Lol.

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    • That’s the irony, isn’t it, Sandy? Many folks, (like me in the past), find it hard to believe, or are reluctant to think, that a continued thought of anticipating good luck, or looking for good luck, might assist to bring good luck upon yourself. Yet there is always so much evidence that negative thinking is self perpetuating, hampers your health and can detract from clear thinking and productivity. When you think negatively you are not concentrating 100% on what you’re doing and therefore are much more likely to have accidents or mishaps, make mistakes, have things going wrong- this way, it is like bad luck becomes self-fulfilling. So why not self-fulfilling good luck? Are you thinking of giving it a go?


      • Luck is a dangerous thing to believe in. I know of people who’ve based their obsessions on luck, even personifying it. Instead, i will keep to thinking positive 🙂

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      • If you believed you could have continuous good luck without pause or end, you might be delusional? Personifying luck – do you mean a lucky charm or person that brings them perceived luck?


  2. I do believe that a positive attitude makes a difference… It sure can’t make things worse 😉 And it is interesting to see how this little experiment turned out for you! I just might try it out, too 🙂 Have an amazing 2020, and keep your luck coming! xx

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    • Hi Cyranny!! Happy New Year!! A positive attitude has many flow on benefits health wise, when compared to negativity. Is there a trip to Denmark on the agenda for you, this year, Cyranny?


  3. Happy New Year. Great idea t be positive. The Bible says: As a man (woman) thinks so he will become.
    Be become what we dwell on. Good advice for all of us to remember.
    Speaking of bad luck, so sorry to hear about the forest fire. Where are you in relation to all that is going on?


  4. I do it with parking especially around Christmas when spots are at a premium. I drive into the shopping centre car park calmly and convinced I will find a park. I let people into queues, smile, wave… and always find a park. Not just any spot either. It will be on the end of a row or near the door or under a tree if it’s a hot day. I call it Parking Karma. 😁
    So glad to hear you had such a lucky year. May the year ahead be just as positive. Happy New Year, Amanda!


  5. Well, this was a nice surprise to read. Thank you for the ping back, Amanda. My daughter and I used different words for it. I call it being blessed but not in a religious sense. More spiritual. She does kind deeds throughout the day and when she needs a good parking space, she declares that her parking karma ticket is fully loaded. It keeps her more patient with other drivers as well. I just read this to her and more and more, she sees her luck pouring in. You always get what you expect. I converted my last husband too. 😉 He started to be more generous and giving and then I would point out the blessings that popped up out of nowhere. Then he started sharing it with others. Have a very lucky life and a happy 2020. It will get better.

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    • Blessings is a beautiful way of calling good fortune or luck by another name. And there is the added layer of building up karma parking credits! In a way this altruistic attitude means one is always seeking to help others. That is a small gesture that can have massive ramifications – which it sounds like you already have had. Ramifications in a good way though. Happy 2020 to you and your daughter.

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  6. Happy New Year. Previous to last year we were told we were so “lucky”. It annoyed me as I do believe there really is no such thing. Being in the right place at the right time, hard work and a few other “things” I suppose could be classed as a form of luck.

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    • I used to think as you do, Suzanne, before I tried this experiment. It was all a bit silly. A placebo effect. You found luck because you were looking for it. I still believe that, but I are not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Coincidence or wishing – I will take the good luck with open arms. And you are absolutely right about being the master of your own fate. Hard work, and ‘lucky breaks’ are also a form of fate that can be contrived.


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  8. I don’t know if I believe in luck, but I do believe what goes around comes around. What you send out into the world comes back to you, and you believed you were going to have good fortune, so you sent out positive vibes. Others pick up on that and treat you well, and so on. The opposite is also true, if you’re negative and expect the worst, you’ll probably get it. Good experiment, I’d continue it.

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  11. What a delightful experiment. I read about this challenge of yours on Cranny’s Cove and it excites me. I think of luck as a state of mind, don’t you? It’s the sort of challenge that will not only benefit me (a very ‘lucky’ me) but will also benefit those around me. Thanks for sharing and putting it out there for us. I have no doubt whatsoever that luck will find me on a daily basis. Many thanks!

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    • I was quite sceptical when I first spoke about it, but had committed to giving it a go. It was a surprise and very uplifting when it worked! It doesn’t matter if it was a coincidence, because thinking it is a coincidence is somewhat irrelevant in terms of buoying one’s mood. Luck will definitely find you if you open your heart to it! I am so happy you are on board with the experiment! Let’s spread that luck far and wide to all! Thanks for getting in touch, MargeKatherine. From your blog title, it looks like we are in the same life stage!


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