Plastic Pollution – It is Serious

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25 thoughts on “Plastic Pollution – It is Serious”

  1. I try to take it seriously. What is horrifying is just how hard it is. The unnecessary packaging of fruit in shops. The fact that retailers on the whole still try to drop your purchases into single-use bags. The fact that you have to check before ordering a cold drink in a cafe. Will it be a plastic bottle? A year ago, I was on a sparklingly clean beach in Sitges, Spain. Only it turned out not t be sparklingly clean. Just a few minutes trawling revealed small fragments of decaying packaging, plastic straws, tiny bits of broken beach toys … This was almost worse than finding larger objects, because these are the bits destroying ocean life and getting into our food chain. I’m part of a group working to promote more sustainable practices in our home town, but despite the change in public attitudes, it’s all up hill. And our litter-picks reveal horrifying amounts of thoughtlessly discarded waste. We could do them daily and still find plenty. Still, Donald Trump says we’re doom-mongers so I’m sure we’re wrong …

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    1. Margaret – you are inspiring in your enthusiasm for the environment. I don’t ask before ordering a drink although I di choose if the receotacles are in show. I also carry a stainless steel straw with me, but sometimes forget and lose them!! I will now ask before I order a smoothie or hot drink – I do not like being served coffee in a takeaway receptacle. I must edit my suggestion list to include your practice.


  2. Anything that interferes with the ‘economy’ is taboo and many governments feel that our addiction to this ‘economy’ will ensure their stay in power . There is hope in some countries, especially the Scandinavian countries, and I am heartened by the young and strident. We need strong action and a kind of revolution to get rid of the old fogies that are in power.
    Did I hear that the EU is now trying to get the Reserve Bank of Australia to buy up coal mines and make them redundant? The mining industry employs 80 000 but tourism 1.000.000 !

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  3. Great job in bringing awareness to a critical part of what is causing many of our issues related to the oceans and land. Plastic bags are being banned throughout America. My state will have them eliminated within two years. People must stand up against products that are over packaged, and must turn to reusable bags for shopping.

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    1. Thanks, Sally. Awesome news about banning plastics but a shame they don’t get banned sooner. I am so surprised at tree uptake by Australians of reuseable eco bags. Australians are generally considered lazy so if we can do it and manage to remember to take our bags with us when we go shopping I’m sure Americans will adopt it wholeheartedly too. What is the feeling towards this on the street?


  4. I agree that we need to be more conscious of/reduce our use of plastics, but will admit that I’m not sure how that’s going to happen. Every stinking thing nowadays comes wrapped in plastic or is contained within plastic. I’m old enough to remember back to when shampoo came in glass bottles, and how happy we were to finally get it in a plastic bottle because it was unbreakable. Less dangerous, or so we thought…

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  5. Amen. I live by the ocean and I’m simultaneously awed by its natural beauty and dismayed by our impact on it. I hate seeing litter and no one should have to pick-up other people’s shit, literal and metaphorical. Littering is rude, asocial behaviour. Worse though is that improperly discarded plastic breaks down into micro-plastics which invade our wildlife and food chain. Micro-plastics are now being found in non-marine animals and Humans! To change this, we all have to change our habits in using plastic and excess packaging, governments need to regulate waste disposal and industry needs to improve on packaging strategies.

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    1. The micro plastics are a big concern. Everyone knows it, but do little is being done to stop it. I am considering writing to all the bait shops to ask then to stop using plastic bait bags. A small gesture but it could start to change the mindset and throw away culture of fisherman at least.


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