Koala Spotting at the Home by the Sea

We have a koala in our estate and we are hoping she will stick around. Read more about our neighborhood koala here

2 thoughts on “Koala Spotting at the Home by the Sea”

  1. Knowing the plight of the koala, why would municipalities not try to preserve Eucalyputus trees or at least reserve green areas for native trees? I don’t know anything about the local politics/economics but is the city density or growth so much to prohibit this?

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    1. That would be the sensible thing, Sandy. There are so recent moves by the STate Government to protect habitat areas,. The koala rescue organizations say the areas are not extensive enough. Then there is the issue of interbredding if they cannot roam from ecological island to ecological island to find a mate. WE need a national strategy urgnetly.

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