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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Odd Couples

The Friendly Friday Photographic challenge is about community and interacting with other bloggers, sharing everyday photographs of things from our world and is hosted by bloggers Amanda, here at ‘StPA’ (Something to Ponder About) and Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles.

On my afternoon walk today, I spotted two inconguous pieces of nature. Mushroom fungi are opportunists, taking advantage of recent rain, in our region. The fungi have no real place here, or do they?

Nature is usually the master of harmony, but sometimes things are found together that work well, but look decidedly a little odd.

Weekly Prompt

The prompt for this week’s photo challenge is

Odd Couples

Your odd couple might be two different kind of friends, animals or objects, or a contrast of two incongruous items.

It is an opportunity to showcase contrasting photographs and a fitting title for Valentine’s Day!

When I saw the two houses with vastly different colour schemes, and the two porta loos, or builder’s toilets, sitting side by side, they looked like a bit of an odd couple.

I should tell you that I live on a estate construction site, so it is no surprise that a new estate with multiple houses being built at the same time might have porta loos, side by side!

Here are a few more odd couples to get you thinking about this week’s challenge.

New Zealand
trondheim history soldier

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Friendly Friday – Odd couples.’

Please note the Friendly Friday Photo Challenges will run for one week, from Friday to the following Thursday, when the new weekly prompt will be released.

As I host the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge with fellow blogger, Sandy, at The Sandy Chronicles , you will find next week’s prompt published there.

Unsure of what Friendly Friday is all about? Find out more.

Friendly Friday

Something to Ponder About


39 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Odd Couples”

  1. Pingback: Kamerapromenader
    1. It is similar to contrasts and perhaps this time of year is when I reflect on that? Happy couples indeed. The man in the bota is in New Zealand on the river that runs through Christchurch. I doubt that he was happy two weeks later when the first large earthquake hit that once idyllic city! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well done, Sandy for finding something. It was a harder than usual prompt, I think.
      The mushrooms were large and do look like something out of a medieval forest, but I certainly would not eat them. There are very few mushrooms in the wild here, that are safe to eat. One of the dogs of someone on facebook, ate a few mushrooms after the rain and got so sick, it had to be hospitalised at the vets. I will pop over and view your post now.


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