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Friendly Friday Challenge – Art Unexpected

Sandy over at The Sandy Chronicles, is hosting this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge and the theme was so tempting, I had to showcase some of my unexpected artsy photographs.

Art can be cathartic, fun, controversial or just a bit hard to understand.

From a pumpkin photobombing in Japan,

  • to the wilds of Australia’s farming communities
mailbox donkey
The Donkey mail
  • Some old photos and some new.
Oops, nearly lost it.
  • A Trick of the eye or a slight of hand

What do you think?

  • Lastly, our Kiwi cousins have a fun sense of humour. Especially if you are a gardener in Wellington.
hidden art

Thanks Sandy for a fun prompt. Are you joining in too?

See you here next week for the new Friendly Friday prompt for Something to Ponder About.


65 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Art Unexpected”

    1. The dog was a surprise I found when walking around suburban Wellington. I wondered about the owner of the house, though! A former boss had a Scottish father who once purchased used mannequins from a fashion shop and placed them in strange positions around the garden such as half hanging over the fence, to amuse the neighbours!!


  1. So fun! The card player was so well done and like that dog digging a lot.
    And you know – more mailboxes should be fun like that – but I guess we all
    Get so formal and just want revisit mail boxes – ha

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      1. Yes- I kind of thought we would have less mail now – but seems like Amazon is putting small delivery folks out of business and mail is thriving and even groceries are almost free to have delivered – weird – and just bought more stamps for the year – hahah

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            1. We were planning to visit friends in Asolo in Italy which is now in lockdown. Then we were hoping to visit Lisbon, Valencia and San Sebastian. Nothing too far away in the first six months of the year but it rather depends on the Corona virus.

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            2. Corona is a game changer. My daughter words in the hotel industry here, and already there is fallout. Her shifts have been cut. Now she struggles to pay the rent.

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            3. Itโ€™s a disaster for anyone working in the gig economy, zero hours contracts, freelancers etc. If they donโ€™t work, they donโ€™t get paid and there is no safety net.


      1. I am sleeping better. And losing weight when I do. I’m looking for ward to the time when I sleep well every night.
        I’m fifty pages in editing my manuscript.
        I’ll so happy when I finally finish my trilogy. If not for my illness I would have been finished a long time ago.
        How are you and your new house doing?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I wasn’t aware of your illness, so I am sorry to hear about that. I do hope you will be better soon? Well done on the manuscript. Your body must be telling you that you need extra rest!
          Re the house, I am so happy in my new house and neighbourhood thus far. It seems to have been a very good move for the moth and myself.

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            1. There’s a big yes. If only someone had told me the value of fruit years ago, but when I asked, a medical professional, they only had reasons why I shouldn’t eat fruit. I read a book, Liver Recovery, that explained several of my symptoms. So I took the book’s advice and I’m doing much better, like sleeping at night.

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            2. Perhaps it might help my son who has liver issues and sleep problems. Do you find it keeps you asleep or that you are able to get to sleep faster, Phyllis?


            3. It would be hard to attribute anything singular to any improvement. His life is so complex, but I do think eating fruit can’t hurt. It will help prevent coughs and colds if nothing else?

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  2. I agree, it’s great that you posted. You must never have second doubts about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve enjoyed your selection very much. The two photos of paintings with you in front cannot be enlarged, though (I tried clicking but nothing happens), so I was unable to see what exactly you are doing there. But happy donkey, happy moose, happy dog, happy me!

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    1. You know I tried clicking on the photos just to be sure – and it worked at this end. Funny how it works for me and not for others. I reduced the size of the photo, but not too much, as I wanted to see the detail. I will upload a cropped version, I think. Happy dog, indeed! Or is it a message about sticking one’s head in the sand, Manja?

      Liked by 1 person

            1. It is such a tricky one for me to spell. Spelling is not normally an issue for me, but it is a French word, so perhaps I can excuse my incorrect spelling on that. It appears to have a different vowel on google though. the o and e appear joined. Kind of like one of the Scandinavian vowels except it is the wrong letters. I find it a hard word to pronounce.

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