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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Rails

Every second week, the Friendly Friday challenge is hosted here at, ‘StPA’ (Something to Ponder About) and can be found at the blog of my very adept co-host, Sandy, every alternate Friday, – The Sandy Chronicles.

This week the world continues its Corona freefall, so we could be facetiously say, the world is off the ‘rails.’

Weekly Friendly Friday Theme


This week I am asking you to show you me photographs of ‘rails.’ It could be a balcony, or a train line, something new or something from your archives, if you are self isolating.

Monday Mystery Photo

As rails are usually straight and narrow, we could say the universe has it under control and whilst we should take precautions, we don’t need to panic, if we are following basic hand hygiene and cough etiquette.


Rails can keep us from straying from the straight and narrow.

Bamboo grove arashiyama

The rails might keep us safe across the bridge

Or from falling over the edge.

A world like no other!

This is one kind of challenge that is not risky for our health.

New to Friendly Friday or need a reminder about how to join? Post a comment below with a link and check the details on how to join here.

Thank goodness we cannot catch Corona via our computers!

I hope you are all doing okay in your respective countries.

Take care, everyone.


103 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Rails”

    1. Thank you for your very welcome comment. The first is taken in Australia on the East Coast, the second is on the Express train through the Swiss Alps and the last, well the geysers should give it away. A tiny island with lots of volcanic and geothermal eruptions up north. Any ideas?


        1. Bingo! You guessed right. Yes I did go on all those adventures, mostly as a solo traveller and also with my kids. Hubby doesn’t like to travel overseas, you see. Do you have a good travelling companion?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. My hubby is a good traveling companion. He, too, grew up traveling all over the country with his family. And he and I both did some Europe before we met. We’ve only done a little since-our honeymoon and several states–but now with kids it’s more challenging. :/ Cheers to you and your many adventures! I’ll need to catch up to you. Iceland is definitely on my list! (As is Australia and New Zealand!) 🙂


            1. “..he and I both did some Europe before we met.” Spoken like a veteran traveller!
              And lovely that you and hubby can look forward to many years of travelling ahead of you, after the madness settles. I can thoroughly recommend Iceland as a destination, if you like something very different from the beach resort style holidays! I like wintry cold landscapes as there is not many of them here, but then Iceland is summer is also spectacular. Like nowhere else in the world.


            2. I feel similarly to you, even though we regularly went to the beach for the children’s sake – once or twice a year for a few days. In Australia, it would be a strange thing if you didn’t go to the beach and learn how to stay safe in the ocean surf. But now, we live just a hop, step and jump from the waterside – we moved last year, so going on a beach holiday seems like an oxymoron. Where do you like to go for holidays, usually?

              Liked by 1 person

            3. Our “holidays” have typically been to visit family members we rarely get to see. Some day they’ll feel more like vacations than drudgery. 😉 My beloved Aussie friend taught us how to read the waves, so it made me smile to read that you all learn how to stay safe in the surf.

              Liked by 1 person

            4. I am pleased to hear that you wouldn’t be one of those folks that have to be rescued from the rips!! Some people are not sure what to do and get into trouble. I knew well the visits to extended relatives that we all have to do in families. I am sure the older folks really appreciate it more than we do. I guess the advantage is built in babysitters?

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