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Sunday Sayings – Finding Peace


Weekly Proverb

Alle fuglar kan ikkje vere falkar

All birds cannot be hawks.

Swedish Proverb

Weekly Quotes

“Peace comes from within. 

Do not seek it without.”


Somewhere between the love in your heart and the thoughts in your mind is a happy, peaceful place. To find it, look towards:


Life is a series of natural events and continuous changes.  Don’t resist them; doing so only creates unnecessary stress.  Let the reality and changes take place.  Let them flow. 

Acceptance is allowing things to be the way they are, right at this moment.  It doesn’t mean you don’t care about improving life; it’s more about realizing that the only thing you really have control over, is yourself. 

This simple understanding is the basic foundation of acceptance, and only when we feel some level of acceptance can there be peace and ultimately, growth.

 Henry Wadsworth once said, “For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.”

Your Own Truth

I never really got what was meant by these words, until I understood that each person has their own individual way of living and experiencing life, and that perspective is the absolute right way for them, at that particular time in their life. You can never really walk in another person’s shoes.

“One of the sources of feeling at peace is simply being comfortable with who you really are.”

What ever is your “thang” – own it.

Being comfortable with who you are, might still be a struggle with those who find self-acceptance challenging. They might struggle to achieve peace in their life, until they can relax and be themselves.

We have to honour that the choices we make in our life are the absolute right way for us, and in so doing, we have to give others the same acceptance that their choices are absolutely right for them in their journey through life.

Leave judgements of yourself and others behind.

If you find self-acceptance really difficult, recognize the many ways you are already accepting yourself: –

  • Not trading your reality for a role, or your truth, for an act you perform when you are elsewhere.
  • Not giving up your freedom of thought. 
  • Not putting on a mask. This is exhausting.
  • Owning your inner spirit.
  • All birds cannot be hawks, and that is okay.

Something to ponder in a minute of reflection today.


I became fascinated with traditional proverbs and sayings, their metaphorical layers and the many different interpretations found within just a few, succinct words. I marveled at their ability to transcend race, religion, opinions and age.

They offer us knowledge; knowledge that is passed to us in much the same way relay runners might pass a baton. Once it’s handed over, it is up to us what we do with it and how we pass it on.

Several years ago, I created ‘Proverbial Friday’ (now Sunday Sayings), on my blog. One of the quotes here was published on my blog some years back and I felt in these times it was well worth reviewing and adding some updated information.


26 thoughts on “Sunday Sayings – Finding Peace”

  1. So true – I constantly try but do not always succeed in thinking like this. I guess most of us are having some difficulties here. Being a teacher I still don’t put on a mask…which many times makes my work harder – but I guess more rewarding. It’s a balance you have to find, isn’t it?

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  2. I am still tying to succeed with this too. One day it will become easier. And yes, there is a balance you have to find in all things you do in life. Life is a dynamic juggling act and I guess this is the challenge for us, to always aim and try to achieve balance.

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    1. Dynamic – yes that is true. Just when we think we have a handle on it, some curve ball is flung at us! That is the challenge of juggling life. What is your greatest challenge in management of the various directions we are pulled in, Sue?

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      1. My greatest challenge has been learning patience, I think. Since my health really started to go downhill a decade ago, and my way of life had to necessarily change, I had to develop coping tactics, and a realisation that I could no longer do the things I used to…but my mantra is Ring the bells that still can ring, and be patient!

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        1. It sounds like you have found a way to focus on your strengths and positives. I like that – focusing on what can be done, rather than lamenting what can’t. In that, you have embodied acceptance of where you are, and supporting your body without overreaching. Your ‘juggling act’ – is the daily challenge that keeps us going. Patience and slowing down is something that most of us can also benefit from – even without the health issues, don’t you think?

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        1. It doesn’t do us any good to blame others, does it, Peggy? If we do,we simply pass up the opportunity for growth and learning from our mistakes. A common theme here on Sunday sayings – mistakes are merely opportunities to learn. Who would pass that up?

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  3. I agree that once you internalize the idea that to be content you must be who you really are, you become happier. I like the proverb: All birds cannot be hawks. I’m not sure what kind of bird I am [a robin perhaps?], but I do know I’m not a hawk. Self-awareness is key.


  4. Being satisfy’d with a lifetime–
    ‘Tis one’s preeminent reward.

    (Part of a longer poem I wrote many years ago.)
    Many thanx for your inspirational quotes. Have a wonderful day and be safe, Amanda.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Art! I love that you are enjoying the inspirational quotes, as they mean a lot to me. Even if my bad memory doesn’t retain them for too long. They are beautifully written, I think.
      As to your words – so true, so succinct! A gospel to life by!


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