Friendly Friday- Funny Furry Friends

As much as we have all seen photos of pet photos on the web, quirky or funny cat/dog videos never fail to get a laugh from their audience.

Clever Schnauzer

I know Schnauzers are clever, food-obsessed creatures, but did you know that, too? I am sure Peggy from Where to Next? and Alejandro from Chief Writing Wolf do.

Tiffany was my beloved Standard Schnauzer. A rescue dog who was truly the most wonderful companion. I mean just look at those eyes!

Schnauzer licking lips

I have loads of Schnauzer photos. I rarely show anyone. 😉

dog on computer
Our mini Schnauzer hard core hacking the laptop.

This is my contribution to Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge – Funny Furry Friends.

Are you joining in, too? Instructions here

Friendly Friday

I will be back with another Friendly Friday Challenge next week.


45 thoughts on “Friendly Friday- Funny Furry Friends”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Amanda. I actually love all canine species, but German shepherds and miniature schnauzers will always hold a special place in my heart, since I’ve had both types share my life! I look forward to the day when I adopt another 4-legged child (or 2) to complete my world and to give a chance at a good life. I’ve heard miniature schnauzers are among the smartest breeds of dogs and I have no reason to doubt that claim. I still believe my departed Wolfgang was smarter than most humans. But, of course, I also believe the majority of animals possess an extraordinary degree of intellectual comprehension.

    Consider this: the average dog understands several different commands from their parents (e.g. sit, stay, etc.). How much of the dogs’ verbiage do we humans understand?

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    1. That is a great point. Reciprocal understanding is lacking. I think dogs have domesticated us, not the other way around! Just today, I met someone with a Schnauzer who could not read the signals his dogs were giving out. When I employed the signals I use with my dog, this dog began to watch me and ignore his owner. He was clearly looking to someone who could communicate with him. No wonder his owners have problems with his behaviour.


      1. I’m fine thanks Amanda. Returned safely from Germany on Monday and since then back at home. Yes, several upcoming trips have had to be cancelled but hopefully things will improve in the coming months. Spring is arriving and I’ve hung washing outdoors for the first time this year. We live in a semi-rural small town so plenty of opportunities for some exercise in the surrounding countryside. As well as my writing there are so many things to do around the house like de-cluttering and spring cleaning so I’m trying to devote an hour a day to those extra chores. We have a piano that’s not been played for ages and only gets dusted so I might even lift the lid one of these days and give it a try but it probably needs a good re-tuning. Take care, Marion

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        1. Doesn’t the bumper sticker about cats say that their owners are “staff?” Having had a cat once, it sounds perfectly plausible. There are plenty of Schnauzer ‘slaves’ around though….

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        1. That is the sad part. Alejandro. Our pets never live as long as we do. But then another one comes along to fill PART of that empty void. That can be fun too, getting to know the new personality, don’t you think?


          1. My mini schnauzer made me realize that most animals have some degree of emotional conscious. I always wondered what thoughts lumbered behind those big dark brown eyes of his. How did he feel? Did he dream? I could only contemplate and imagine. But it was obvious to me that he possessed strong cerebral capacity.


            1. Rebel definitely dreamt! No doubt about dog related things like dinner time, and Mum and Dad coming home !! The scientists are finding out more and more animals that possess emotions and feel loss, grief and other emotions thought to be the domain of humans only.

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  2. Sweet photos. My Schatzie was the color of your Schnauzer. She was a Yorkie-Poo and everyone thought she had some Schnauzer due to her silver coloring. Or they thought she was old. Dogs can understand 200 words and sometimes I think more. I think they are the most brilliant creation ever.

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    1. A silver shadow like my Tiff? I really miss her when times are tough. As you must miss your Yorkie poo? Dogs are such incredible creatures, and excellent visual readers of our movements. I don’t doubt that your dog knew many, many words.

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