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Sunday Sayings – Focus in Isolation

From The Treasury of Proverbs and Epigrams, kindly given to me by LeggyPeggy comes these wisdoms:

It may be hard to work, but it must be harder to want.

Employment is natures’ physician.

The confidence of ability is ability.

and finally,

Learn the luxury of doing good.

Counteracting the Negative

Feeling pessimistic about the future of the planet and yourselves? Feeling like you are climbing the walls in self-isolation?

Useful work doesn’t always have to be renumerated in dollars.

If you are struggling with loss of work, are self-isolating, or feeling stuck in an endless loop of negative thoughts, fundamentals are important to acknowledge. You are doing loads of great things to keep going.

Make daily lists to remind yourself of:

  • Good things that are happening – For example: cooking healthy meals, helping family keep occupied with indoor activitites, staying at home, spending more time and conversation with pets and family, maintaining your room/garden/flat.
  • Good things about yourself – Eg: I am clever and capable. I have got this. I have survived up til now so I will get through this. I am good at …… ( insert whatever you are good at).
  • Things that you are accomplishing (even little things). Like clearing out that old cupboard, decluttering Marie Kondo style, creating a DIY project you’ve been meaning to do for years; Sorting and labelling the myriad of photos in the cloud/on PC, or even checking on a elderly neighbour/friend, over the back fence/through the doorway or telephone.

Focus on what you ARE doing, rather than on what you’re NOT doing.’

Blogging can be positive too.


34 thoughts on “Sunday Sayings – Focus in Isolation”

  1. I completely agree! My good deeds, if you like, this week have been contacting older people on the phone who are isolated…not many, but every little helps….

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    1. Well done, Sue for checking on those older folk in your community. I am sure they appreciate it very much. Most older people love a good chat, even if they don’t need supplies. It is one of the reasons I chose not to move to the country as I got older.

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  2. I agree! Today we drove over to my grandma’s apartment building to wave at her from the window (all 70+ are advised to isolate). But she had a surprise prepared. She had tied a bad to a long string and lowered it from her window. In it, the were ice creams for the boys, who said, ”Great-grandma is funny!” ☺️

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    1. That is hilarious and sweet at the same time. And something you couldn’t do here. Just as well it is cold in Finland! I love that the average person is finding creative ways around the isolation. Is there any singing on the balconies in Finland?

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    1. I was thinking of editing your comment, as I knew that is what you meant. I would like wordpress to give us the facility to edit comments we make on other blogs. Other platforms do..

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    1. That is correct, Marion. It can’t last forever and for you, this isolation must be especially tricky given that you travel so frequently. However, I do feel that this is going to change the world in certain ways forever. Things like how we work, our hygiene practises, the way we treat infectious people, care for the sick etc. Some good things and some not so good.

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    1. Truth is often stranger than fiction. Can you imagine someone attempting to warn that this was going to happen? They would have been dismissed as a fool, a charlatan, a doomsdayer. Yet, here we are. In some ways, it helps to know that everyone is situated similarly, in other ways, it is more of a concern. Trying to stay positive is a pro-active healthy approach, Lisa. Our Government has just allocated monies to aid domestic violence and mental healtht help lines as they feel this may increase due to isolation, that is not good, but it is great that there is more support available.


  3. Yes. Keeping track of your daily accomplishments rings true with me. I realized over the weekend that I was sort of drifting into *one day is like another* oblivion, so I did that very thing. I feel more centered because of it.

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    1. In times like this, it is easy to lose a strict routine and thereby one day blurs into the next. I also found a bullet journal excellent for keeping to task and managing the things I need to do, each day. Mind you, the bullet columns get looser and looser. Have you ever tried bullet journalling?

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      1. I know of bullet journals, but I’m more of a list person who makes messy ones on a legal pad, then tosses each page out when I’ve done the things. I like the joy of scrunching up a completed list more than making a pretty diary of my life.

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        1. Oh! My diary/journal/notebook is far from pretty! It is gratifying for me to flick back on occasions and see how much I have accomplished/completed. Crossing out pages of to do lists is similarly satisfying without the scrunching pleasures you mentioned!!

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  4. Question: is it something missing between these lines? They don’t make sense in this way:

    …”comes these wisdoms:

    and finally,

    Learn the luxury of doing good.”

    Should there be quotes in images here? I don’t see anything.


  5. It’s taken me a bit to get back here. At 71, I always have more (work) to do than time in the day. Any day there is a break in the rain during daylight hours, I go for a 2 mile walk and stop to chat with anyone else outside walking. I text a more elderly neighbor and let her know I’m rounding her corner so we can wave. I’ve even started walking down her street so she can step outside for a moment and we shout a good morning and how are you doing. It’s too chilly for her to stay out long but it seems to help her mood she says. She is busy quilting all day. I have been doing a bit and other projects. Work is good for the body and the soul. I write my list in my morning pages of what needs doing and see how much of it can be actually accomplished. I loved all your quotes. Everyone needs to be able to something well enough to take pride in it. Not being prideful but in feeling well accomplished. Self esteem is built on work well done. When I sit with the television on, I have handwork to do or my laptop. You are right, hard work keeps thoughts positive. It’s 4 a.m. here and I’ve run the dishwasher and dried a load of laundry. My heart goes out to those who have nothing to do. Or those that want to do nothing. Sad indeed. Hope you are enjoying your new home. I will catch up soon. 🙂

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  6. “Self esteem is built on work well done!” That is a secret to self confidence!! Another Marlene gem!!! You are inspirational that at 71, you have done several jobs by 4am!! What time did you go to sleep?


  7. Yes, this is a wonderful reminder that we need daily I think. It’s too easy to just let the days drifts but I’m trying to stay mindful and make each day count. Keep well Amanda.

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    1. Well done on the mindful habits, Miriam. It is a great opportunity to really cement that kind of regular practice. It id so often don’the case that we don’t allocate time for it in our usual daily life – out in society. Hopefully I can keep it up too and once it is a habit, it is easy to keep it going.

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