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Things to be grateful if you think you can’t find anything

  • A Roof over your head to keep you dry when it rains
  • A Good book or story
  • Sunsets
  • A TV to entertain you or the internet
  • A pretty Picture to lose yourself in
  • Loved ones – even if you don’t always feel that you love them/they love you
  • Friendship

and then there is:

  • A nice painting jewelry or trinket
  • Delicious food
  • Enough food
  • Your imagination
  • Dreams
  • Beauty in the world and in nature
  • Sunrises

If you think something is beautiful, the physiological proces in one’s brain gives us a rush of endorphins, those feel-good hormones. If you view something beautiful and reject its beauty, you get no good feelings at all.

Therefore, it is our thinking that gives rise to our feelings. Focus and imagine good will come.


What are you grateful for?

Please add to my list.


25 thoughts on “Things to be grateful if you think you can’t find anything”

  1. Mine are all versions of yours: good health if you’re lucky; birdsong; cloudscapes; silence; watching the seasons change day by day; music .. and so on and so on. At the moment, I’m doing gratitude big time. Lucky enough that nobody I love is enduring this horrible sickness, I’m relishing the slow, simple pace of life at the moment.

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    1. Cloudscapes and silence- that’s one, or rather, two that I had not thought of immediately, Margaret. They are things to appreciate aren’t they? It ties with your comment about the slow, simple pace of life. It is comforting to have the knowledge that you CAN take things more carefully, with less rushing, in a more thorough, methodical way. This gives its own sense of pleasure and accomplishment of a job well done. Daily life lived without watching the clock, the pressures of time constraints in beginning the next task, or rushing off to work. It’s kind of a forced mental health break for everyone. Mind you, for some folks this time is more isolating and distressing, so we have to factor that in as well. For them, too much silence is worrisome.


    1. A bed to sleep in! Now that’s one thing to be grateful for that didn’t spring to my mind and it’s a valid point. I’m grateful for the roof over my head but also for a very comfy bed to sleep in. Soon thet will be more homeless folk in all parts of the world. My own daughter had to move home as she could no longer pay her rent, after losing all her work.

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      1. I’m thankful that your daughter has you to go to. I have a friend who lost her job as well and her husband’s hours were cut so much that her and the three kids had to move in with her parents.

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        1. I have heard of many 40 year old moving back to their parent’s homes. I guess our own parents generation experienced this, as youngsters, in the Depression years ago too. Boarders were often taken in too. For those who don’t have family, it is tragic.

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    1. All great points, Ally. Who can get by without love? Fresh air is valued more when you don’t always have it. Fresh food is vital. Especially in keeping up our immunity at present. Not everyone has access to it, either. Remote and island communities, in Australia and the Pacific, have food supplies flown in, or have to travel 4 or 5 hours, by car to reach the nearest shop. We take our local grocer for granted!
      Furthermore, how lucky are we that we can eat snow peas or asparagus year round, if we so choose? Want a different kind of soy/almond milk – no problem. Gluten free products – sure.
      Toilet paper – er… that might be stretching my argument a little thin, atm, but I am sure you know what I mean?

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  2. Good golly, the list is endless. I AM grateful for absolutely everything including the challenges of life. The things we learn from this. I saw my first Pink moon last night. Up until now, I was unaware. What a shame. I wasted so many years not really ‘seeing’ the beauty right in front of me. The darkness makes me appreciate the light even more. I AM GRATEFUL that I am. It boils down to that. In deep gratitude, Marlene Herself
    Thanks, Amanda.

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        1. I used to think the same and I so loved coffee, but am ultra sensitive to it. Getting massive headaches if I miss a cup or energy extremes – the highs and the lows and the shakes when I have had an extra cup or two. Shame though. I still love the aroma. Do you ever drink tea?

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          1. Just infusions, where I can be quite brave with my mixes. I do not understand earl grey with milk appeal… And I did enjoy all forms of green tea while in Japan 🙂

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            1. I prefer black tea too, although when I first drank it as a child, I had plenty of milk and sugar. I weaned myself of sugar whilst a teenager. A good move in retrospect.

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