Friendly Friday – Comfort Food

My resourceful co-host Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles has allocated Comfort Food for the Weekly Prompt for Friendly Friday.

Chocolate and raspberries are a match made in heaven. And for me, any kind of berry and a dash of chocolate in any form is comfort food.


To save confusion, you can find the link to the response complete with recipe on my secondary blog:

The Home by the Sea.

Friendly Friday

12 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Comfort Food”

  1. Those .. THINGS ! – you can’t eat them with any degree of good manners – one bite and they’re all over the place. Stiff pastry and soft centre ? – askin for trouble. 🙂

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    1. M-R you are talking about Kremowka – Or Napoleon slices. In that, I am in agreeance with you. They are messy and I will only eat one at home! But you haven’t had one in Switzerland have you? – with pastry so fresh, it melts in your mouth. You would think differently then. The Aussie ones aren’t freshly baked, always at least one day old. 🤪

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