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Making a Råtta Dog Toy

Some of you may know that we have a new puppy in our house and like all new puppies they are a bit of work, but bring lots of joy and happiness. And must be amused!

The new puppy is not directly mine, but my daughter’s. Due to the pandemic, we are frequently required to help out training, feeding and puppysitting. Which is no problem at all.

We all know puppies like to chew and this little puppy is highly animated, energetic and intelligent so she needs lots of stimulation.

Being a schnauzer, she likes the stuffed rat toys in IKEA’s range of toys.

Maybe it could be because that was their original purpose – i.e. as ratters on German farms. Whatever the reason, Schnauzers develop an affinity towards toy rats!

To this end we went to purchase an IKEA ‘Råtter,’ to keep the pup amused, but Ikea had no stock! The råtters are too popular!

No problem, I thought.

I can make something similar. Dogs aren’t too fussy about what kind, shape or colour their stuffed chew toys are? Surely?

My homemade solution included finding scrap fabric for the rat’s body,felt fro the dubious looking feet, wool for the eyes and whiskers, a string handle from a cardboard merchandise bag for a tail, (I think it came from Ella bache cosmetic purchase), and 5 to 10 minutes on the sewing machine.

It ain’t pretty but it is functional.

This is the result of the Råtta experiment:

Instead of being a furry rat, my home made version looks like a mutant platypus but what does it matter?

The puppy really likes it. Humans attach meaning to stuffed shapes, so as long as it keeps the pup away from chewing my socks, toes, shoes, furniture etc. Then all is good.

Butter would not melt in its mouth.


53 thoughts on “Making a Råtta Dog Toy”

    1. Thank you, Jo. I am glad you like the header photo. The pup’s Mum think the small chew toy looks like a carp fish!
      I hope you have an excellent week. Are you able to get home to see your son, soon?


    1. Thank you Sofia. The toy appears to serve its purpose well. I am thinking of making another one with a whole lot of tails, as the tails seem the best fun to chew. A cat of nine tails perhaps? Lol. Are you a pet owner too?

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        1. I can imagine the shenanigans two schnauzers get up too. We have never had a dog that digs holes- until this one – now the older one learns that digging can be fun and they have a tag team going!
          Does the younger one pull Indi’s beard?

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            1. Excellent quality dogs then. We almost had a tall exbredding boy but chose to get a pup from the breeder instead. My own Schnauzer is an ex breeding bitch who had two litters before she came to us.

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      1. I have 2 seniors: an English bulldog and a labrador. They are polar opposites and they make me laugh everyday. Puppy training’s a challenge but the results go a long way. Hugs to your Shnauzer!

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        1. Two senior dogs – how sweet! Senior dogs become so lovable in their elder years i.m.o. They usually love to sit quietly with their family. I don’t know much about the English bulldog’s temperament. What are they like? A bit different to a Schnauzer, I imagine?

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          1. Senior dogs are very sweet indeed. My English Bulldog sleeps most of the time (while my lab is still active). He’s stubborn and couldnt be bothered, but he is very adorable and is so funny! You and I are both lucky to have our dogs 🙂

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            1. We are very lucky to be in a position where we can keep dogs and keep them well. Some people would love dogs but haven’t got the capacity to look after them and if they do have them the animal might suffer along with the family. So I feel so very fortunate everyday to be able to have my dogs with me. I hope I can always have that option in life. Dogs enrich one’s life in so many ways.
              Your bulldog lives up to the reputation! How long do they live?

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            2. Pedro’s 12 years old – past the average of 8-10 years, I think? You are right, caring for dogs is a commitment. My heart goes out to dogs in chains, the ones in the kennels. If I can multiply myself I will care for more dogs in a heartbeat. They’re my angels.

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  1. Isn’t she the cuttest puppy? Love her eyes in the first photo!!! You’re so resourceful!! You remind me to my mother in law. She also makes and repairs all of her dog’s stuffed toys!! I can’t imagine myself even sewing a sock, hehehe (well, maybe that I can… but not making toys, clothes or curtains for my new home, hehehe!)

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    1. Oh, thanks so much, Mercedes. The pup is definitely cute, which helps extinguish our annoyance, when she does something naughty! She has beautifully inquisitive eyes that melt my heart and is growing quickly.
      I don’t know that I am really that resourceful. I don’t really even like sewing. But if it is simple and quick, I will do it. I have some fabric that I bought for a Christmas tablecloth in 2011, in Oberammagau, Germany that I have yet to hem and use! One day….
      What kind of dog/s does your M-I-L have?


  2. What a gorgeous dog. He has such a sweet face. I think your rat dolls are amazing. The dog loves it too. I like the long one the best. I say hats off for being creative enough to sew a rat toy. Dogs are such a blessing in ones life. Have an amazing and blessed day to you and yours. Love 💕 Joni

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    1. Hi Joni and thank you for such sweet words and for stopping by at Stpa. The fun in making the mutant platypus was seeing the delight on the puppy’s face.
      I feel blessed to have these beautiful creatures in my life. Do you have any pets?

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      1. Hi there, yes we have two and they fill our life with joy and life. Your little rats were precious. I hop you have a blessed day. Looking forward to more stories about this little one. Be safe, blessed and filled with joy. Love and hugs to your family. Joni 🌸🌺💕

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        1. I can imagine how your two ?dogs/pets fill your home with joy, Joni. That is the gift animals give to us. I am sure the puppy will figure in another future blog post. I wish you a beautiful week in return.

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  3. Forget the teenage mutant ninja turtles its a new breed of dog toy, mutant platypus, their motto is: here to save your socks. I think I’d have your mutant platypus over a mutant turtle any day. The puppy is adorable what’s its name.

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  4. what a cute puppy!!! great post👍🏽

    great tips! thank you very much for sharing☺️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested☺️ It would mean a lot to me!


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