WordPress has kindly reminded me that I have a blogging Anniversary. To celebrate, I am re-posting one of the first blog posts I wrote. Almost ten years to the day that I wrote it.

I have to admit it is pretty boring. This post achieved a monumental response of two likes, and no comments! Undeterred, I am still at blogging today. Writing about things that puzzle, interest and frustrate me and information that is important to share with others.

Please excuse any formatting errors as I have forgotten many of the functionalities of the Classic Editor.

Norwegian Crochet – Hakking

In Norway, there is a special type of crochet called Hakking. It has nothing to do with computers and is pronounced as in the english word “Haark” and add “-ing”!

I would not consider myself an experienced knitter and my knitting tension as a child was awful, yet I took to this wool handwork instantly. I love it.

I have to thank my dear friend Mia, not only for her patience but for starting me on a Hakking adventure, which seems to be limitless.

If you feel knitting takes too long and is too fiddly, but you want to create something with wool, then Hakking is for you!

You can make a scarf with a basic stitch (using ‘grund’ technic) in less than an hour! I promise you.

Hakking goes by a variety of names: Tunisian crochet, Afghan stitch, and one might use a double-ended hook sometimes called a cro-hook.

My first Hakking projects were a Scarf in acrylic, a sampler with stocking type stitch, and pulse warmer, which is made using Hakking in the round. For this you must have a double pointed crochet hook or needle.

Good luck, I hope you find it as rewarding as I do.




16 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary, Amanda. I used to crotchet and found I could achieve results very quickly. It was also rewarding. Fun to look back on original posts. I am at the two year mark this August. I will need to switch to Block Editor soon. A fun post!

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    1. You have done so well for only being relatively new to the blogging world. It took me a few years to get right into it and determine what I wanted my blog to be about.
      I wish I was better at knitting or crochet.
      I was a hopeless knitter but did try tolearn several times. I much preferred crochet and hakking seems to be easier to find dropped stitches as I used a large hook.
      Re block editor: Once you get the hang of it, you will love it, if you are anything like me. It is much more flexible I think, but it is presented in a different way. I am happy to help if you get stuck. I have been block editing for about 18months or however long since they first introduced it.

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      1. Amanda, I am in awe as to my two year journey. I cannot imagine ten years. Likely with most of us, I thought it was a place to experiment with creativity and writing. I am surprised how the blogging community is exceptionally kind and supportive. I learn a great deal from everyone. I have a couple of completed blog stories (two parts – one posted and second one to be posted). After that I may just dive into the new block editor. I have heard how many people have to change their themes. If I run into snags, I may take you up on your kind offer for some help. Congratulations again. I hope you and loved ones are well during many of our recent challenges.

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  2. Hello – You would not believe that I just discovered your blog on a Saturday night sign-off at my friend Ruta;s ‘kvass’ post in Estonia. I was born there but have lived, studied and worked in Australia all my life ! Live in the Southern Highlands of NSW but do not write my own blog because of time commitments. Congratulations meanwhile to you on your Blogversary . . . . have just subscribed . . . Oh, going back to the ‘meeting-place’ . . . kvass tastes fabulous but you DO need a dark fermented black bread, already for taste and for the fermentation ! The Estonian word for ‘hakking’ is ‘heegeldamine’ 🙂 !

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    1. Hello! So you have your own word for Hakking Eha? Some people call it Tunisian crochet!
      Thanks for the advice with the bread. I don’t think I will be able to find that here.


      1. 7 years. Because of blogging, I’ve been able to go from handwritten scraps of poems and stories to a medium that can be shared more easily outside of my friendship community. Especially during this time in our world, it also supplements my other hobbies– thus giving me a truly full, satisfying day. Have a good one, Amanda.

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