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Are all Bloggers would-be storywriters, in disguise?


I had to think a little more about why bloggers are attracted to write in the first place?

Is it because we have a desire to express ourselves and communicate to others, using the written word?

Blogging is like a Facebook post on caffeine!

Writing Your Own Story

I believe the stories we, as bloggers, write are to entertain or inform. Whether that is a work of non-fiction or a completely fictitious story, it can be entertaining for the reader.

Mostly, for the reason that people ARE interested in the details of other peoples’ lives and happenings. If you are in doubt, just look at how many Reality TV shows are on TV.

It can be a levelling experience for us to be watching or engaging with others. In doing so, we also learn about ourselves, as well as the journey through life.

Attracting More Blog Followers

Sandy and I have been discussing the art of blogging and the purpose of maintaining a blog after WordPress kindly reminded me I had begun this gig, ten years ago! This revelation was, for me, a little embarrassing when I looked at some bloggers who had acquired massive followings, in that same period of time. [And I say this trying hard to not focus on that number that pops up in my sidebar or notification lists.]

I do not blog to gain more followers, but I have to be honest: I do look at that number for feedback. I question myself: Am I writing something of interest to another person? Was my post boring? Is anyone listening to what I am saying? Did I communicate that well?

Blogging Feedback

In our Conversation, Sandy mentioned:

I worried too that my blog wasn’t focused enough, that I hadn’t found my niche. The thing is, I don’t know my niche.

Sandy from

From the comments on these posts, it seems many of us, including me, might have this niggling doubt that our blogs. We worry our writing is not focused enough to gain interest, that is, unless we are a committed food/photographic or travel blogger, who posts solely on the one chosen topic.

Then I thought about the fact that we DO have people visiting and taking the time to post a comment, so that seems to prove otherwise. Thus, I’d like to challenge this almost subliminal notion many of us have, that our blog should be more defined.

Does it really matter if our blog is diversified in its topics?

I have some followers that enjoy my Sunday quotes, others who only like and comment on the photographic challenges and still others who will presumably only read the art, or lifestyle, posts.

With just a single focus for blogging, I would miss out on, “chatting” to this wide spectrum of readers via their own blogs and the comments they make.

Each and every one of my readers bring, with them, their own individual opinions and thoughts, which results in a wonderfully rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives that can only be beneficial for me, as a writer.

The number and content of comments on our posts, are perhaps the real litmus test for any Blogger. Growing a dedicated Blogger community will never happen overnight. In the meantime, we can continue to hone our craft and have a lot of fun in the process.

What is it that attracts you to a certain blog?

Join the Conversation with Sandy and Amanda

This post is a part of a new series of CONVERSATIONS between Sandy and myself. Over the next little while, we’ll talk about a topic, compare notes, share Q&A and invite you to join in.

Do you have any topics to suggest for our Blogging Conversations?

Pingback to join in and write a conversation post.

Still in disguise

58 thoughts on “Blog Conversations”

  1. That was a good read, I don’t have any ping backs yet. I worry about the same thing, was it boring. But then I think well I enjoyed writing it. Also since I’ve been commenting more on other posts I’ve been engaging with other bloggers. I love my blog and what I’ve achieved over two years. I actually wonder what I would do with thousands of bloggers! I’d never get off the computer.

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    1. Thank you, Alison. Even though I may have thousands of followers and others have loads more than me, I don’t have thousands who comment. That is the real judgment of whether people were listening or were motivated enough by your words to write something in return.
      Thankfully, I inspired you to write your feedback in a comment and for that, I am truly grateful. It takes at least twelve months to even get up and going with a blog community, so you are still in the early days.
      How many blogs do you follow?


      1. Around 160 I think. As you say it’s not really the followers but comments. I find I get some strange followers and when I look at their websites it’s commercial. I look forward to the WP reader everyday more than Instagram these days.

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  2. Good on you, Alison for viewing the WordPress Reader over Instagram. It is much more interesting.
    I too get commercial companies who are pursuing clicks on their websites following me. The preview that comes up when you hover over their gravatar determines whether I visit their ‘blog’ or not. Then there are new bloggers from the subcontinent who follow ,’everyone.’ They don’t realize that they can get bumped from the reader if they follow in excess of ?4000 blogs! Thus their objective to gain more traffic is actually counter-productive!

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  3. I’m attracted to the writing and will read quite broadly across topics. I also really like following people’s life (as embarassed as I am to admit!) and am really drawn to blogs on how people live and their thoughts on life. I think it’s more my want to learn from others and to improve my life by taking lessons learnt from others or introspect alittle and expand my knowledge.

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    1. It is most admirable that you spend time reading blogs because you ‘want to learn.’
      Such a great attitude. Combining an open mind with breadth of reading material greatly enhances learning.


  4. I comment on blogs I follow but if after many months that person does not comment on mine I resort to liking their blog and not commenting.. No one asks you to start commenting on a blog so if they don’t comment on yours it’s normal as they might just not like what you are showing on your blog..but then I loose interest in them.. is that normal.. 😉 ??

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  5. Here’s a secret … I write as much for myself as for my readers. The original tag line for my blog was “Before I forget …” and that is literally why I write. It’s a bonus for me, that what I want to remember is interesting to others too. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to the thousands of followers or Like(s) but that’s ok. As Alison says, What’d I do with all these people!

    P.S. Love the sheepdog picture. Funny!

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    1. That’s true Sandy and I find I write for myself now and I’ve constantly got blog posts going on in my head ..I don’t always get the time everyday and need to carry a notebook because when I sit down to write it’s gone!

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      1. I used to carry a notebook and just scribble down things, mostly about people I see. When I’m on public transit it’s easier to do. When I’m driving in my car, no so much 🙂

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    2. I’m glad you like the sheepdog picture; I always have a laugh at it each time I see it.
      I think it’s terrific that you write for yourself Sandy. I am constantly amazed that people are sufficiently interested in my ramblings to visit my blog on a regular basis. Even more, it’s a beautiful bonus for me when people start a conversation. I do my best to visit the lovely people who comment on my blog but it isn’t always possible to read every single one of their posts, but I try. Furthermore, it is also the quality of the comment that is relevant. Is there any satisfaction for the writer or reader if I visited 100 other blogs in a day and wrote, ‘nice post,’ without specifics? I find these bloggers are usually seeking clicks or followers with a view to a business dealing.

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  6. I blog to share my world through my photos. Only sometimes I might blah blah. I also blog for the conversations with all manner of people worldwide. I do notice a few people follow my blog each day but some are businesses who will never interact and some are folk, who like me, only speak their native language. I do often wonder about people who have thousands of followers and how much do they interact. I have a relatively small “blog family” who are in in contact regularly. Well there you go….I do blah blah 😂😂

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    1. Great to hear your little bit of blah blah, Brian. I really like the waffling conversation, even if I can only for the most part speak my native tongue. As has been said, the real test is how many followers do actually comment. Having written that, I follow a number of blogs that I only read only occasionally whilst others I read every post. Having a blog to share your photos with the world is entirely legitimate and is a conduit for connecting with other photographers and informing the world about the treasures in the Australian bush and how to care for it.


        1. I must look at that. I have around 100 I follow, but some don’t post that often. Some bloggers follow thousands- that would really be impossible to do with any quality reading.


  7. It is hard to say what is normal, Lisa, isn’t it? And the blogosphere is so diverse there is no normal. Heavens, I got a comment from someone who wrote a blog about Erotic Spanking! It is extremely unlikely that I liked any of their posts deliberately and I certainly have NOT visited their blog, but they must have visited mine! Reciprosity might be seen as courteous in terms of comments/likes on blog posts, but is pointless unless you offer something that interests another person, or you enjoy conversation on their blog. If you lose interest in them because they don’t visit your blog, then perhaps their blog does not hold enough curiosity for you. Or perhaps your interests are not closely aligned?

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  8. We bloggers are simply sharing with the written word and pics the similar interests that are only shared with possibly a lesser population in the non-blogging world. Something inside us wants to be heard… and wants to learn of others’ opinions, etc. Today’s technology, social media and its filters have been a boon to writers. Remember what it was like before personal computers? And its something cool to supplement the occupation of my life.


    1. Something cool indeed, Art. I think blogging is really cool. You get to unleash the creative beast inside with legitimacy, (of sorts). I do remember B.C. – before computers. It was a golden childhood without technology. But I do enjoy its fruits.


  9. I think we are all storytellers. For me, the clue is in the title: and anyways… It’s how I often start a story. While I am an author (and have an author blog) blogging at and anyways is unedited and immediate. I don’t have the size following I’d like to have but then again can’t really be faffed to do anything about that. I do, however, love the interaction.

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    1. The interaction between bloggers can be incredibly satisfying, given both bloggers invested in making an effort to make conversation.
      I do agree that most bloggers are there to tell a story. Nice to know that you shoot from the hip with your blog. Sometimes that works for me and other times I plan out posts far in advance. It depends on what I want to say. Have you blogged about your books that have been published?


  10. A most thoughtful post. My blogging began 8 years ago as a way of communicating with techie children on FaceBook. I didn’t even know what a blog was or how to do it. I only added photographs after a friend suggested it. It is, in effect, a daily diary. I agree entirely with your points about variety.

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    1. A blog is a perfect daily diary for the Tech age, isn’t it, Derrick? Good on you for starting out that way and I like that you a fan of variety in postings. At what point did it change to be a conscious blog commenting on topics of interest with conversations with other bloggers, or would it still just fit the description of a daily dairy for you?

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      1. As the readers and comments built up I tended to respond to likes and suggestions. Real friendships have developed, including gifts – and my photographs adorn walls across the world. Other bloggers have visited. Nevertheless it is a daily diary, and variety is the spice of life 🙂

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  11. What an interesting post Amanda! The thought that inspires us or motivates us to be here is the crux of blogging. I joined in primarily because I wanted to share my stories and listen to the stories of others as I believe our shared narrative is far more interesting than we think. Our stories bind us in more ways than we are aware of and I wanted to explore that through this. I have been somewhat successful and it felt good to realize that I wasn’t incorrect about the commonalities that inspire us, keep us grounded and help us move forward. I have a handful of followers and likes on posts that can be counted on finger tips (sometimes none) and that did make me upset (for the lack of a better term) in the beginning. It no longer does. I write for myself and yes, I obviously write to feel a connection with others who may have similar interests. And I have made a bit of that connection with some of you here and each is unique, big or small. And I am thankful for that. I am an introvert and I mostly stay away from social media. A couple of friends only know about bitsandpieces. So, to have a huge follower base will never be possible and I do not mind at all. I do not write, as you mentioned, to gain a huge follower base though I am more than grateful for the 100+ kind folks who sometimes take their time to glance through my posts. They have all inspired me to keep going and I hope to continue! You, as you know by now, are one of those people I am grateful for knowing and this world of blogging made that happen:) Sometimes we write just to be heard and knowing that even one person has read what we had to share can feel good. Keep these conversations coming!


    1. A touching comment Moon and eloquently written. Especially this:
      “I joined in primarily because I wanted to share my stories and listen to the stories of others as I believe our shared narrative is far more interesting than we think. Our stories bind us in more ways than we are aware of and I wanted to explore that through this.”
      I alluded to how blogging is pivotal in breaking down barriers of misunderstanding and the differences that separate us in my last comment to you and you reinforce it here with these words:
      Better communication and listening to others opens the doors to building better relationships and we have been doing just that. Blogging is a catalyst!
      Sandy came up with the original idea for conversations and I think it would be great if we could include others and expand this concept.

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      1. Those lines are part of the ‘about me’ on the blog…one of the first few lines I wrote when I started this about two years back! And I really believe, as you said it is crucial to building better relationships. And we know how much we need that, especially in today’s world. I will jump onto your link now and give it a read:)

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        1. Stories do bind us and help us understand each other. I think that is a great intention to have with your blog. We do really need so much more of that these days. We only have one planet. Thanks for checking the link. Have a great weekend!


  12. The post I need right now. I am very new to this blogging, but people who started out much later than me have acquired more followers and likes. I was worried that my posts were boring. But getting such advise from a senior blogger like you, I think I will take things slowly and put up posts only for my passion. And someday I might get what I want. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

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    1. I don’t usually follow bloggers for the sake of following and I would never ask that. I usually prefer to develop a conversation first, and see if we sync with each other. I will visit your blog though.


  13. I have just started my blog!! And so far I just love what I’m doing especially when I write! I’ve always been introvert so this way of expressing myself have helped me! I really love to write just as you said! I maybe a writer in disguise ( he he he)

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  14. For some reason this popped up in my reader. I realize I’m late comment but this is interesting read and I love the pictures you choose for this conversation. They’re funny . As an aside I write and post mainly for myself. I started as a way of sharing my art (quilting) with family and friends. Especially those who are far in miles but, close in heart. It’s slowly morphing beyond that.


  15. The sheepdog meme is one that continues to make me chuckle when I see it. I think blogs are fundamentally fluid – evolving and changing as we want and see them fit to do. That is another great thing about blogging. It can fit into any lifestyle.


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