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Suggestions for Self-improvement

This is not my list but I am going to use this to practice one aspect today.

Which one speaks to you today?

good qualities to aspire to
Pick one today to aspire to.


47 thoughts on “Suggestions for Self-improvement”

  1. Thanks for sharing that list, Amanda. Mine would be more teaching…less judging when it comes to my kids. I should always remember this. Oh and more kindness, less anger – that way maybe they’ll learn to be gentle as they grow up. 🙂

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    1. Eliminating judging is a big challenge for most of us. Society judges us continually, and it is reinforced every day.
      We can never have too much kindness or education. There is always so much to learn, isn’t there?

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  2. I read the whole list, but I’m picking the first choice 😉 Having to stay home pretty much 24/7 for the last 7 months, Chéri and I have decided to uncluther our apartment from everything useless in our lives… I hope you’re safe and well 🙂 *big hugs* xx

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      1. I totally agree… And I think that being forced to stay home for so long has helped understanding that letting go of things we hadn’t used in years is very liberating 😉

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        1. You can also make room for new things by de-cluttering. Although a lot of people like simple living and don’t fill it up again. What do you think you will do?


    1. Great choice, Kate. We can always learn something from every single person we meet. A life long independent learner is my goal. Less judging is the challenge thrown down for me on a daily basis. It is such an ingrained habit, I must try so hard to eliminate it from my life as it was a staple diet at school.


  3. On Wednesday, October 7, 2020, Something to Ponder About wrote:

    > Forestwood posted: ” This is not my list but I am going to use this to > practice one aspect today. Which one speaks to you today? Pick one today to > aspire to. ” >


      1. Yes! Decluttering. I hate clutter of any kind and I try to keep my space as minimalist as possible. I focus better in a free space. But sometimes, clutter builds up without our knowing, so I’ll be going through my things today with a fine tooth comb.

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        1. Good on you, Naya. A simple life is more easily managed. Many of us crave possessions but they can become an albatross around the neck, if we are not careful. Better to check the accumulation at the start.


  4. Mine would be more learning, less judging, and more living, less existing. I have to admit I’ve gotten into a rut lately, but haven’t been doing much to climb out. Thanks for sharing and here’s to continual self improvement.

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      1. Only recently been able to put principles into practice. At the beginning of our lockdown here in March I discovered a free app called Oak. I love it, three choices of breathing excercises and three of mindful meditations. The app gives reminder prompts and is particularly useful when life gets hectic.

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  5. I like the one about living > existing. I think that’s what we ought to do more of in order to become better within ourselves. Living and becoming our truth. A lot of people just believe and go with what they’re told but I believe true living is when you realise your gift and who you are. I think it also starts with intention, I wrote about that in a fairly recent post , I would love your take on it.

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