Creating a Successful Blog

So you have time to read blogs? Why? Don’t you know what you want in life?

Said a philosopher who had no concept of having to battle with a financial position.

Benefits of Writing a Blog

Most of us aren’t completely aimless in life, we have some kind of plan and guess what, we do like to read blogs, because we like to write blogs. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

Why do we write a blog?

  • To Spread Awareness
  • To Inform or Educate
  • To Meet others
  • To hear Independent Perspectives
  • To Promote something or someone (not discussed in this blog post)

There are more similarities between people from diverse cultures than there are differences. We can learn so much from each other if we keep an open mind.

Choosing Topics for Blog Posts

Develop your own personal voice and blogging style by writing quality content that might be useful to others.

Perhaps the best way to stand out from the crowd and make an impression upon people is to produce content that impacts them in some way. Write something that matters, that helps people, that solves a problem, that enriches people’s lives, and you increase the chances of them coming back again and again.

Write Interesting Blog Content

Blog posts are interesting to readers if you:

  • Write about topics that you know well or in which you have some expertise
  • Write about something that is dear to your heart
  • Post about subjects you are passionate about
  • Ask questions of your readers to engage the audience and build your own blogging community.
  • Keep posts short and succinct as much as you can! Long posts tend to bore the reader. Everyone is time poor.

Tips on Increasing Blog Traffic via the WordPress Reader

  • Research your topic to see what others have written previously and how this blog topic performed. Google can also give you an idea of the most popular questions the public has about any given subject. This can help you structure a post to answer those questions.
  • If you reset the publication date on a post multiple times, WordPress will drop your posts from the WordPress reader for a while.
  • Too many re-blogs of other sites will also result in your blog not appearing in the reader which means less new people coming across your blog.
  • WordPress does not want to have lots of duplicate content in their reader. New bloggers often make this mistake in an attempt to gain new readers. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect.
  • Visit other bloggers who are writing about a similar subject.
  • Share your post via a Hyperlink in Pinterest and social media

Commenting and Blog Etiquette

  • Be kind to those who take the time to comment on your blog and visit their blog.
  • Reading and commenting on other blogs can only help to build your community and increase your readership.
  • Find a blogging challenge that interests you and join in. There are many types and it is a good way to build a blogger community of like-minded folk.
  • Long comments are interesting. Bloggers love long comments. It is hard to begin a conversation if you receive a comment that merely says, “Great Post.” It could even be a spammer as it is not specific enough. Think about what you liked about the post? I usually try to keep the conversation going by asking something further about the topic which leads to a deeper, more fulfilling conversation.
  • No one has time to read every post of every blogger that you might follow. Liking posts is no ongoing substitute for a real comment.

Tips on Formatting a Blog

Themes and WordPress bugs

  • Some WordPress themes do not present all that clearly on every device. I was using a Twenty Twenty theme that did not show: “allow a comment,” option and did not format well on some devices. It is wise to check how your post and blog presents on various devices.
  • Customize the chosen theme with a colour or featured post to stand out from the crowd
  • Add a featured image to each post where possible. This creates interest in the WP Reader.

Tips on Formatting Blog Posts

Use Headings and Subheadings

  • This is good for SEO. It also aids in making your post organized and flow.

Useful Widgets for a Blog

  • Include a translation option for speakers of a language other than English
  • Add a Follow option for Email and WordPress Readers – this is ESSENTIAL
  • Link other Social media Accounts
business workplace
Photo by on


  • Free blog plans have a limit to how much media storage you have. Resize your photos for faster loading of your site and efficient utilization of storage limits or purchase a paid blog plan.
  • I use Imgur or Flickr to add images by linking a URL (saves downloads and uploads). Copy the image location in google, (Right-click), if you don’t have a photo of your own to illustrate the point you wish to make by adding media.
  • If your google photos don’t show to other readers, it could be due to your privacy settings in Google photos.

Adding Tags to your Blog Post

  • Adding Tags and Categories are useful for helping other readers discover your blog.
  • It can also help if you want to check back on a previous post, on your own blog.
  • Use up to 15 categories and tags in total.
  • Using more than 15, or adding irrelevant or inappropriate tags, will result in your post being bumped from the WordPress reader. The more tags you use, the less likely your post will be featured in the Reader. And that means less new readers and followers.
  • Delete old tags that have a count of zero (posts>tags>count)

Recently I posted about maintaining a blog, and using tags in posts, which led to some really productive comments and conversations.


393 thoughts on “Creating a Successful Blog”

      1. Yeah exactly!
        May I please know how many years of experience have you experienced in blogging field?


            1. Oh! That’s a big span, with lots of experiences. Well that experience is the only way you’re successful😊

              Liked by 1 person

  1. I just created my blog a few days back and this post has been really helpful. I have only posted one post till now and then I got confused what to do next. Luckily after reading your blog post, I can now sort out my confused mind.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I enjoyed your post! I am new to this blogging community. I have been so interested for years. I have a very good friend where he and I write emails to each other for years about various topics and situations we find our selves in. He has helped me develop my writing style and really the realization that I have something to say. Maybe other people would find find it helpful or interesting as well.

    I have lived a fun and eventful life, I am still young 34 with 4 children ages ranging from 18 to 2. I have step children, and a relationship that has lasted almost 16 years. I want to share my stories with the world.

    I’m still trying to develop my site. I know I don’t want to make it too cluttered. I really like the asking questions to the readers tip.

    Do you have any tips on finding followers or making money from the blogging?

    Liked by 1 person

          1. A couple more things? Thank you so much for responding by the way!!

            I have not launched my site yet, I am building it still and foundation content to set the stage and platform of myself and what not.

            How personal would you suggest being in blog content?

            My blog is about my family and myself and life. We make choices and life forms behind our choices. I talk about navigating through mine in different experiences my family and I have. Some it it gets pretty dark. Should I go ahead and be honest, or dummy it down?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. That is a question only you could answer. Readers will appreciate honesty but in the beginning if it is very dark, it may initally put off some readers. Your best gauge will be how many comments/views you get. Bear in mind that at first you won’t get many comments until you have enough posts for your blog to show up well in the reader. It is good to be prepared with a great showcase but jump right in. You can change up the appearance and add widgets as you go along and get more ideas.

              Liked by 2 people

            2. Ok, I am going to take your advice. I really do appreciate your feed back. You and your post has been more helpful then you know.

              Liked by 1 person

      1. Many bloggers do not reply to the comments of their audience, because that is their attitude, they act pricy. But I felt treated kind after I got a reply for each and every comment I posted on your blogs! Thank you!
        By the way, what is your name? For me to call you for this amazing flowing conversation. Forestwood?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Shari
    Hi I have been struggling with the idea of starting a blog for sometime now.I always figured it was too hard ai am not tech savvy. Now Thanks to WordPress I am able to learn and your post was even more helpful. I am collecting my thoughts and putting it into paper. Much thanks


    1. Customizing themes presents special problems relating to each individual theme. The WordPress gremlins don’t seem to like certain themes. Are you happy with the rest of the theme? If so, stick with it and google the problem you have, whether that be media not aligning or featured content prompts, or something else.
      I like a theme that has side bar widgets. Stick with a theme that is not too busy, as this can look cluttered. What is your blog about?


  4. I needed this post as the more that I write, I feel like not enough people are reading my blog or that I haven’t found my audience yet. This just told me to keep writing because eventually someone will like my work. This post was very helpful !

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes lol back in like 2010 I started and connected with a few indie authors. I’ve noticed the vibe and formats are changing, but in a good way. Less blogger awards. And as always, most people on here are very kind and happy to interact. It’s great to be back.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ah I remember the blog awards. You are right, I rarely see them now. They are a good way to connect with others, if you are a new blogger. Over ten years I have found the vast majority of people to be kind and happy to interact. It is an awesome community and in that way vastly different from other social media platforms.

              Liked by 1 person

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