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Something to Smile About

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We all need good news stories at the moment. Right?

This week I joined in on a free Qi Gong Exercise class on the beach at sunrise. This group practises every day at the same time, and the best part is that it is totally free. No strings attached, no hidden agenda, just a wish to have a community activity that would include and welcome all.

It started with a few ladies who were going through Breast Cancer rehabilitation and has grown to include a dedicated group of instructors and attendees. The oldest is 88 years old and is an instructor on the weekend. She pulls in the bigger crowds. She is inspirational and takes me to task, in a gentle way, if I am not doing the exercise correctly.

And although it is gentle – meditative almost, I feel it in my gluteal muscles the next day! So it has to be doing something.

And I am still smiling.

The other surprise I had was to receive a generous gift of aromatherapy lotions and creams from Utama Spice in Bali. This is the first free gift I have ever received as a blogger so it certainly made me smile. It was the perfect timing as I was just writing about lavender at the Home by the Sea, recently.


59 thoughts on “Something to Smile About”

  1. My lavender is something to smile about. I planted a couple of small ones six months ago after I moved into my new place. They are now flowering profusely and the bees are wise to it. Dozens of them hovering around the flowers. I feel like getting a beehive. I wonder what lavender honey tastes like?

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    1. I think it would be delicious, Gerard. It might have an aroma as opposed to a taste. And don’t forget to propagate some cuttings under plastic, after the plants flower.


  2. Sounds great. When I run by the beach in the morning I see people getting ready for a class. I am not sure if it is Yoga or Qi Gong or something else. I assume Yoga, which is very popular, but don’t know. There are days when quite a few people show up. Sounds like you have a found a great group for some early morning exercise.

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    1. Yes indeed, Trent. I think I am fortunate to have it close by. I do have to get in the car to get there as it is just over 2 km but it is worth it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about. Keep up the weekly smiles and enjoy your time at the Cape.

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  3. Two thumbs up on the exercise group and free gift. Please enjoy. I grew up about ten miles from the beach in Florida. I so miss the ability to see the ocean with some regularity, now that I live four hours inland. Exercising with sea breezes and scenery would be marvelous. Thanks for sharing, Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith. I think the salt air is so good for my lungs and exercising as well. Plus there is the bonus of seeing and hearing the whoosh of the waves meet the shore and the sunrise glistening over the water. That is fantastic to wake up to. You must miss Florida a lot. Could you move back there someday, after Covid finishes of course.


    1. I do, Cee! And it is quite deceptive, in the same way as Pilates. You don’t feel or look like you are doing much but you are always moving in a slow and controlled way. I do like it.

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  4. I’ve had 2 gifts over the years. The most treasured, an old travel book, and prior to that a lovely body lotion. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ My Saturday t’ai chi class is free but I suspect it will be reverting to Zoom as we have a restriction of numbers to 5 in effect from today 😦


    1. A travel book sounds just like THE perfect gift.
      I have tried Tai Chi a number of years ago. It is great. My very first Yoga teacher also practised it. How long have you been doing it?


            1. That is the aim, Jo, but I rarely do it. It is now 7.11am and I just checked the computer while the dogs were eating their breakfast. Normally I would do my morning yoga stretches and take them for a walk first, at the very least. Blogging can be life consuming if we wanted it to be.


            2. For sure. I like to think I run the blog but it could be the other way round. But I have plenty of time for the things I want to do. Have a good day, Amanda πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. I am so glad to hear that you like the outdoors kind of exercise Janis. Why go to a sweaty smelly gym full of tinea! Lol. It is quite invigorating being out in nature, and a lot better to breathe fresh air than recycled air.

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  5. Nice read
    Lucky that there is somebody ready to motivate.
    Otherwise it’s a mediocre life.

    One must also self congratulate for making it a point to join the community and take part in its activities.

    One is pleasantly surprised when things are not just free,even augmented with freebies.

    This is the community spirit which is lacking in most part of the world.

    Thank you
    Have a great Sunday 😊

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    1. Oh yes, I was there again this morning. On the beach exercising with the QiGong group. Fantastic. It certainly makes the exercise go easier when you have something beautiful to gaze upon. Makes me forget about those glutes! Are you near the beach Dawn?


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