Aromatherapy Products

The use of essential oils for therapeutic and cosmetic use has become popular, in recent times. Many different Aromatherapy products are readily available to the consumer, some that are detrimental to the environment.

So do any aromatherapy products stand out from the ‘crowd‘?

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How are Essential Oils Created?

Essential oils are extracted from plant material using steam or water distillation. Selected plant materials are heated with steam, water or both until the essential oil vaporises. The oil then condenses as it cools.

Being a concentrated plant oil, they should be used sparingly and always diluted in some other medium, such as plain massage oil (cold-pressed vegetable oil) or unscented base cream (but not a mineral oil cream, such as most brands of sorbolene or baby oil)…Aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, should never be ingested (taken in by mouth), as they can be toxic.

Aromatherapy Product Review

About Utama Spice Products

The farming communities in Bali, Indonesia, produce the raw materials for Utama Spice’s natural skincare products and in so doing, support local farmers in organic farming, bee farming and seaweed farming. The company believe: “if you wouldn’t cook with it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.”

Being a graduate of the Environmental Sciences, I like to discover businesses, such as Utama Spice Natural Aromatherapy Products, that can maintain sustainability and a low environmental impact, all whilst working harmoniously and respectfully with humanity and nature, to produce a quality product.

Thus, I was delighted to trial a gift basket of just a few of the many Aromatherapy products, from Utama Spice, based in Bali, Indonesia and found their products to be a beneficial and therapeutic asset in, and around, the home.

N.B. The products contain:

  • No Synthetic Oils
  • No Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Synthetic Preservatives
  • No Surfactants

Liquid Soaps and Lip Balm

Being someone with sensitive skin, it was refreshing to find the Utama Spice Aromatherapy lip balms and liquid soaps were highly moisturizing, with no hint of dryness or irritation. Based on natural products like coconut oil and beeswax and infused with essential oils to lock in moisture, the aptly named WellKiss Lip Balm was a standout favourite.

The Tangerine and Peppermint Lip Balms were very much appreciated by my daughter, in the windy Spring weather that we frequently experience, living here, by the coast. I can imagine we will be thankful for that level of protectiveness for the lip areas, come wintertime.

Utama Spice’s range of Liquid Soaps

The Man of the House found Lemongrass Liquid Soap was excellent for showering and bathing and that the fresh scent lingered pleasantly in our bathroom, after use.

Or, if you are looking for something a little stronger to use on tougher cleaning jobs, Utama Spice also has an Antiseptic liquid soap, with the benefit of Neem Oil, as an active ingredient to knock down germs.

Body Butter Moisturizers

For those needing a more intensive moisturizer for ultra-dry skin, you will find an application of the Tropical Flower Body Butter, after showering is excellent on cracked heels, as well as those rough spots on the knees and elbows.

therapy products

Moisturizing Soaps and Lotions

As we have been recently planting lots of lavender at the Home by the Sea, I suppose it is no surprise that the family’s overall favourite Utama Spice Aromatherapy product, was the Lavender Liquid soap and Coconut Moisturizing Lotion with Pure Lavender Oil.

Lavender Liquid soap and Coconut Moisturizing Lotion with Pure Lavender Oil.

Yoga Mat Energizing and Sanitizing Spray

Yoga mats can become notoriously grotty if you’re using them outdoors, so the compact size of the Yoga Mat Energizing Spray, was brilliant, meaning I could keep it in my handbag, for regular use after Yoga and exercise sessions.

The added bonus of knowing the essential Oil of Lemon, Bergamot, and Mint were helpful in sanitizing the mat was most reassuring, especially given the current Covid pandemic.

Three varieties of Yoga Mat Spray
Photo Credit: Utama

All the products at Utama Spice are based on traditional Balinese herbal knowledge and comprise 100% natural ingredients.

I was really pleased to read that the company maintain strict procedures to ensure the products and the raw materials are checked at every stage, guaranteeing the highest standard of quality control.

Customer Service

The company maintains a friendly relationship with its customers and conducts prompt shipping, with tracking options for orders, at no extra charge. With a flat rate of $10 shipping, (free for orders over $100-AUD), the location is no barrier to customers worldwide.

Please note that I received no monetary incentive for this review.

It is the unbiased and honest opinion of StPA.

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24 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Products”

  1. I’m not a fan of most aromatherapy products available here. They give me a headache. The ones you feature here seem more in line with being healthy. Which seems like a good idea.


    1. A headache from all varieties of essential oils does sound like you are reacting to a carrier or preservative in the oils, rather than the oil themselves, Ally.

      Does this occur when folks put essential oils in a diffuser?
      That can certainly be very strong and sometimes overpowering. I would check the country of origin too. Certain products have a lower quality product and no regulation. Diffusers are not something that I would use personally, the idea just doesn’t appeal to me. Whereas a pretty and natural scent in a moisturiser or soap is more appealing. Especially as lavender is reputed to aid relaxation. Some floral scents such as Roses remind me of very old ladies and can be cloying, yet ironically, I like jasmine and gardenias.
      Aside from the physical reaction as you describe, scents are very much a personal preference. We see this in the perfume industry. As scents, oils and perfumes are a luxury item, I do think it is better for the planet if we can make ethical, environmentally conscious choices where we can.

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  2. My daughter suffered from growing pains when growing up. Especially in her lower legs and knees. Then I discovered comfrey oil. I rubbed it into the legs and knees and really, within a short time, the pains vanished. Nowadays it is difficult to find that same quality pure oil in South Africa. I was lucky to have a contact at the organic farm that produced it, but the farm has since closed down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is good to hear you found a natural solution to growing pains! I had a few of them myself until I worked out they were related to the changes in humidity! I don’t know much about the benefits of comfrey but I am sure the massage from Mum helped your daughter as well. It is a shame the company closed down. What is the benefits of comfrey, Appeltjie?


    1. I just came home from a yoga lesson and washed my hands. The delicate scent stays in the air for a minute or two, Jo. Just enough to be pleasant without overpowering. I like that there is a therapeutic benefit to the products as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It all looks so nice. Hopefully if the breeze blows this way I’ll smell it It is so hard to find something decent that isn’t full off awful chemicals(less ingredients the better) & has aromas that actually do last. One of my favourites is lemon grass. Thanks for the share.


    1. I think these products fit the description you are looking for. The lavender liquid soap is based on coconut and castor oil with a little citric acid. I steer clear of anything with sodium laurel sulfate in it and it is hard to find foaming liquid soaps without it. The less chemicals on our bodies and in our drainage system and then ultimately waterways, the better, Linda. The company’s motto is “For people, for earth, for us. I like that sentiment.

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  4. One of the little luxuries in life (for me anyway) is finding a really nice smelling hand soap or body wash. I’m a big fan of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils around the home. The more natural smelling the better. Good to know that Utama Spice use 100% natural ingredients.

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