Virtual World Tour of Bloggers


Vero has started a collaborative project collecting videos from her blogging community around the world. Being isolated doesn’t have to be boring.

Are you curious? Then, hop over to Vero’s blog to see the short Collaborative Blogger Video.

It was good fun to be involved in such a project and I thank Vero for organizing this “Vlogging experience.” I particularly enjoyed seeing some parts of the world that I only know from words on a screen or a social media posts.

Would you like to make a video of your corner of the world?

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50 thoughts on “Virtual World Tour of Bloggers”

      1. Let me know when you’ve decided on something but sunrise seems good to me. You might have to be patient though with the weather we’re having right now in Europe, there’s isn’t a proper sunrise every morning to enjoy!!!

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        1. There is no time limit and as it is summer here the sun rises about 4am. I would have to use one of my older videos from winter. But we have time to do this if we come up with another theme too.

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          1. I’m actually thinking of doing it regularly because it was so pleasant to do. And I feel very grateful so be helped by such a variety of great bloggers.
            I have a fab sunrise video taken in the market town close to our village. If you want it, just let me know 😉

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            1. I’m actually thinking the portrait format was a mistake. Try in landscape if you want to have a go. The more we’ll do videos, the better we’ll all get! And it takes us a little further away from what we’re used to do – good oldf-school blogging!
              I have another prompt ready for next month. I’ll post the theme in a fortnight and will edit the next video for mid-February.

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    1. Thank you again Sagittarius Viking. I had a lovely restful weekend and caught up with reading some blogs.
      I am so pleased you enjoyed Vero’s project. Just let me know if you would like to be included in a video compilation with the them sunrise.


      1. Well .. I COULD already show you a v. short video of (a) the BOM online temperature with slow pan down to the date on my laptop (day before yesterday) and an even slower tilt up to (b) read the thermometer on my wall ..

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    1. I would be really happy if you want to join in, Dorothy. Vero and I are thinking of doing a sunrise video – sunrise in winter is still a delight – and we have time to wait to catch one in the next few weeks.

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  1. Vero had a great idea and it turned out well. I’m glad I contributed but if you’re going to get into more vlog collabs … I’m going to have to upgrade my camera 🙂

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    1. I think we’ll all take even more care with our clips next time. We’ll just upgrade our skills 🤣 But who cares really? It ended up in a feel-good video even if our pieces weren’t perfect. Bravo everybody!

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      1. I’m in Indonesia, the vaccination process takes place alternately / queues considering the very large population of Indonesia. Unfortunately, this period I have not been included in the vaccination program (because I am only a freelance worker / blogger, mostly working from home). Luckily my wife got the vaccine yesterday from her office.

        Sorry for any grammatical errors, English is not my native language.

        Best Regards,
        Jimmy Ahyari
        (Sorry beforehand, I haven’t had the chance to change the profile name on wordpress account.)

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        1. Hi Jimmy in Indonesia. I think you are the first or at least one of the first from Indonesia to comment here at StPA. So welcome from Australia. I am heartened to hear that vaccinations are progressing in Indonesia.
          Your english is perfect btw. Well done. Is there much Covid disease up your way?


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