Find Out Your Royal Name

Are you in need of a laugh this morning?

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Post in the comments your Royal “Name,” by listing:

1. Lord or Lady
2. Name of a Pet
3. The last thing you ate
4. add “of”
5. The Last Place You Shopped


Mine is:

‘Lady Rebellion Biscuit of North Lakes

Sounds Legit?

Clearly I’m missing the Tiara and the Castle. (NB. I am no Monarchist!)

castle in Italy

Thanks to Linda P, my old friend for this bit of comic relief.


220 thoughts on “Find Out Your Royal Name”

      1. I come from the land of the Scots. Pleasure to meet you too!

        (All jokes aside though, very nice post. Good for a little laugh haha. Had trouble choosing which of my pets to name myself after though!)


        1. Thanks so much, IanSlav. Comments are a bit part of blogging I think and something that can make folks laugh is even better. I like that you gave your royal name so much thought. I used my dog’s pedigree name!

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      1. Oh in taking my pick, I’ll take Lady No-Pet Jollof of Nordstrom. Will take the pleasure in explaining Jollof to every curious mind, and of course, you can find me at Nordstrom (or its Rack) window-shopping! 😊

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          1. Never! As a child, I watched my brother fiercely bitten by a dog – we thought he wouldn’t survive it. Being scared of dogs since.
            Didn’t know that Nordstrom is a Swedish name – now I do. Thanks

            Let’s set a shopping spree day. I’m sure the store would love us for it! 😍 Enjoyed reading all the royal names – very creative.

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            1. My mother told me, when she was about 6 years old and still living in México City, she and her older sister saw a Doberman attack a man and almost rip him to shreds. At that point, they developed an intense phobia of dogs, especially large dogs. Ironically, their family had a golden retriever at the same time. I even have a picture of my mother with that dog.

              But, after my parents and I moved into a new house in 1972, they promised to get me a dog; a German shepherd in particular. My mother was willing to set aside her fears for my sake. We got the new puppy in June 1973 and named him Joshua (Josh). And he took a particular liking to my mother. He got very big very quickly, ultimately reaching about 100 lbs. (45 km). While he loved my mother, he also bent to her ever whim. She always joked, if he only knew that all he’d have to do was bark at her, she’d pass out.

              A couple who lived next door to us (mid-1970s) had a large collie-mix who was pretty docile. Then they got – of all dogs – a Doberman. He eventually grew to the size of what looked like a colt and – as fate would have it – took a liking to my mother. Every time we visited them, that dog would hover around her. He was also one of those dogs who wouldn’t leave you alone the moment you petted him. LOL!

              I understand, though, why you have a canine phobia. But trust me on this one: in general, dogs are only as aggressive as their owners allow. The miniature schnauzer I had until 2016 thought he was the size of that German shepherd! But that seems to be a common personality trait among smaller canines.

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            2. “She always joked, if he only knew that all he’d have to do was bark at her, she’d pass out.” Lol that’s how I am. Can stand the small dogs but sometimes those get unnecessarily aggressive sometimes too. My kids, when they were younger, wanted one so bad. I told then that I couldn’t take care of them as well as have to worry about their dog especially when we’re out of town. One of them had one in college and I was okay with it as long as it doesn’t bark at me or get too friendly!
              Thanks for sharing.

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            3. Ironically, my aunt (who had witnessed that Doberman attack) got an Italian greyhound sometime in the early 1970s. That dog had a loud bark that would echo throughout the house and an equally loud, even stranger growl; it sounded like he was yodeling. My father joked it was because he was Italian; he would imitate the growl almost perfectly, which drove that dog insane!

              My schnauzer had a tremendously vociferous bark that made him sound like a gigantic canine. It would also make my mother’s head hurt. And she’d tell him that! Of course, he would just respond with that doe-eyed puppy-dog look, so she couldn’t be mad at him.

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            4. They have been extremely creative names, thinktalk. The attack on your brother sounds devastating. My own two dogs were attacked by another dog some years back. It left me and my dogs terrified of that breed of dog forever.

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            1. Ah – couldn’t be a Corgi – that would be too much of a coincidence. Having the Irish setter in the mix might be why you called him Rusty – did he have red in his coat?

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      1. A lot of people’s names turned out Really entertaining but.. I kind of like Vincenzo Saltine. I’ll have to make my family start calling me that. It was a fun idea and a much need distraction, thank you!

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