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“How many slams in an old screen door?

Depends how loud you shut it.

How many slices in a bread?

Depends how thin you cut it.

How much good inside a day?

Depends how good you live ’em.

How much love inside a friend? Depends how much you give ’em.”

It’s all about interpretation and perspective isn’t it? Each person’s perspective is shaped by the way they have lived their various life experiences.

The way we see the world is via our own idiosyncratic lens,so it begs the question as to why so many expect others to understand and perhaps agree with them?

Many thanks to Yvette ~ Priorhouse Blog for supplying the inspiration for today’s post.


58 thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. My old screen door creaks open and slams shut once no matter if it’s gentle or firm.
    Bread is always cut thick
    Every day is a good day
    So much love to give it seems to ooze from my pores 🙂

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    1. Your old screen door must sound comforting, Brian. Its voice is loud and clear!
      So you like thick-cut bread? Nice. I can swing either way with bread, except on the weekends – then it is always thick cut. Lol!
      Best of all is your mantra on the day.
      Lamenting what we don’t have or feeling gratitude for what the day does bring – the choice is easy.

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        1. I have always had toast cut into strips and dipped into soft boiled eggs anytime of the day, not just breakfast. My goto snack. We don’t have a name for it, but some people call them toast soldiers, don’t they?
          When he was staying in Norway, his Norwegian family thought my son was very strange when he cut the bread and dipped it in the egg like that!


    1. So sweet of you to stop by and leave such a lovely comment DJ. Thank you. Our individual perspective does make us unique and different from everyone else. It is nice when we are in agreement but agreements between people must occur much less regularly than we expect them to. And that would be natural, yet so many rail against those who take a different point of view.


    2. I visited your blog but ironically could not find where to leave a reponse to your current post on like for like. Not just a reciprocal comment but a response!


  2. Amanda, this is terrific. I love the picture as going back to the first few lines, I picture her opening that screen door and hearing it slam (once, then twice) as she walks onto the pier and celebrates life in the ocean breeze. Keith

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      1. Amanda, many thanks and so true on celebrating life.. Speaking of poets, here is the “screen door slams” start to one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs, “Thunder Road.” Keith

        “And the screen door slams, Mary’s dress sways
        Like a vision she dances, across the porch
        As the radio plays, Roy Orbison singing for the lonely
        Hey that’s me and I want you only
        Don’t turn me home again
        I just can’t face myself alone again

        Well, don’t you run back inside, darling
        You know just what I’m here for
        So you’re scared and you’re thinking
        That maybe, we ain’t that young anymore
        Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night
        Ain’t a beauty, but hey you’re alright
        Oh yeah, and that’s alright with me”

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        1. I don’t know Bruce Springsteen that well but some of the opening lines sound familiar. I am sure I heard it. Just the other day I heard about Springsteen’s early days – he had a really rough time at schools and was a loner, I believe. Ironic, hey?


        1. The recipients are lucky! What a lovely tradition to look forward to. I am afraid it is far too hot and humid in February for candlelight dinners, unless we had the air con on full blast. But it would be ever so nice in a northern winter.

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    1. Oh yes, Liesbet. All those things are without a doubt influences on our world. They shape us in so many ways, through each interaction. That is part of living in a community. With so many variations, it is a wonder we can agree on anything!

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    1. I do think so and if we recognised this simple fact, we might value other’s right to differ from our own opinions more often. Agree that we might all disagree. Agreeing and consensus is a wondrous thing.

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  3. That is so true! So much depends entirely on how we look at it, and yet we’re always shocked that others don’t see things exactly the same way we do….and yet how could they? I think that’s why it’s so important to be as tolerant as we can.

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    1. Absolutely, Ann. When we step back a little and consider this point, we see how futile it is to argue with another person on their point of view. I think if we accept they will see things in a different way, tolerance will follow.


  4. Amanda, one simple line in your poem inspired me to look up and give my hubby a hug and tell him I love him. I get caught up in blogging and he in his activities. It’s necessary to be reminded.

    “How much love inside a friend? Depends how much you give ’em.”

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  5. Hi Amanda, A thought-provoking post that reads like poetry. The word “Perspective” has been appearing in my radar often recently. I will ponder and mull it over and explore my “Interpretation.” I will check out Yvette’s post and see where this goes. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. That is kind of you to say Erica. If I can make at least one person think a little more about this topic, the post will have done its job. Interesting that perspective has been appearing on your radar lately. In this context?

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  6. I need to apologize for missing this post – I am honored that you linked my blog (I never got a notice because when it links to the general blog there is no ping or notification – sniff) and I cannot tell you how elated I am to see that I inspired this post back in February and honored to have the mention here.

    and regarding the post content – loved this so much
    “Each person’s perspective is shaped by the way they have lived their various life experiences.”
    ((and by the way – so glad we are blog friends, dear Forestwood by the Sea))

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      1. well I am not sure an edit is needed now at all because I found it! woo hoo
        also, side note – when the interview post goes live there might be a handful of pings coming from my blog – lol – kind of the way it goes

        and side note – I am so excited to be getting to this interview post and really appreciate the patience.
        I like to post the interviews at the time when it feels right – and so I appreciate the flexibility

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