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Bloggers with a View Video – Market Day

Credit: Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles

Our ongoing project with Vero, Sandy and other bloggers around the world continues.

It’s a really fun way of taking a trip around the world even when you are in lockdown. Bloggers with a View is the brainchild of Vero from LesFrenchChronicles.

Something to Ponder About followed up later a Vlog collaboration on Morning and now it is The Sandy Chronicles’s turn.

Sandy has used the theme Market Day.

It is interesting to note how similar and also how different we are. {Please note we are mask and Covid free in Australia. We are not breaking rules}

The level of professionalism escalates with each new Vlog collaboration and release. Sandy’s work with this is nothing short of perfect. Take a look below or use this link for audio version.

Contributors from around the World include:

Next Bloggers with a View Collaboration – Goodness

The next theme is Goodness. If you would like to participate, hop over and tell Vero you would like to join in.

It is loads of fun.

Cheers from Australia



29 thoughts on “Bloggers with a View Video – Market Day”

    1. The milk in the bag is so very different. I am not sure if it is better for the environment, although it would presumably be less expensive and take us less space in landfill.


      1. The milk bag is a bit more eco friendly. It uses 80% less plastc, is lighter and less bulky and so cheaper to transport wt less emissions. In Toronto, we have city wide recycling and the plastic bag goes into our blue box. When Im on the West coast they sell milk in plastic jugs and my small town has no recycling for plastics. There, I’m constant in looking for ways to reuse these jugs..
        The motivation for bags is not environmental. It started when Canada went metric and had to convert packaging from pints & gallons to liters. The bags were an easy way to convert and cheaper to produce and transport. I think it helped too, that the milk industry is dominated by a couple companies in Eastern Canada and once they decided to go one way … that was that. My guess is that the rest of Canada didnt have as big a monopoly and they yeilded to consumer preference to keep plastic jugs..

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        1. Interesting. Our milk comes in lined tetra cartons and plastic recyclable containers. I do remember the days of glass milk bottles and there has recently been a move to bring that back, with limited success.

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  1. Thank you for the compliment Amanda 🙂 I had fun pulling it together but couldn’t have done it without everyone’s contribution. I also had some learning moments along the way. One being that that audio licenses can’t be transferred between account ids … hence why the earlier video doesn’t have sound any more.
    The best version for viewing is the latest at

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  2. Oh I love markets from across the world! It’s always so interesting set-ups compared to what we know and have at home. That milk from a bag looks tricky- I wouldn’t want to be the first to open and pour it in the mornings!

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  3. Watching this video makes it obvious we’ve all got better at it. There is care taken in which clips or photos are selected and the work done on the video edit is outstanding.
    Well done team!!! And thanks Amanda for sharing it 😉

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    1. Thanks for the visit, Vero. We have you to thank for giving us the nudge to upskill in video making. Sandy has added her unique and professional looking touches.
      Is the project coming to an end?

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      1. I’ll publish the “goodness” video this weekend then I’ll take a break because I might not have enough time to do it properly in the coming weeks.
        But I’ll be happy to take part in a vlog taken care by any “wanna try editor” from the community 😉
        “Bloggers With a View” is a free bird!

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  4. I was sorry I couldn’t find anything to share for this one (our shopping here is quite restricted and we have to shop alone and quickly). But I’ll be joining in with the Goodness theme, I hope 🙂

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    1. Was it me that introduced you to B.w.a.V, Donna? I am chuffed, if so! Connections for the benefit of all are important for me and as you say, these videos bring other cultures, places and lives, alive for us and insight into happenings in the rest of the world in real time! That is special. The fact that it is entirely random is also special.
      The next theme is an interesting one. It should produce some very different content, don’t you think?


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