Sunday Reflections


”No man ever steps in the same river twice,

for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

– Heraclitus


65 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections”

            1. I’m a pharmacist by trade. I understand your concern. Unfortunately, they all have side effects, drugs/vaccines, it is simply too early to truly quantity it all in terms of Covid vaccines. It’s a matter weighing it out, if the benefits outweigh then we take it. I hope this helps. I hope you find peace amongst the chaos. Take care.

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  1. We’ve had our first doses of Astra Zeneca—without no side effects except slightly tender arms for a couple of day. Second doses come this week. I’m sorry so any people (especially those over 50) are so reluctant to protect themselves. Pzifer and Moderna may be a long way off. They may be ordered, but they haven’t arrived.

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  2. Amanda, this one was a head-scratcher at first. My guess is we have new water flowing, so it is not the same. It must be a metaphor for the person who is changing. Keith

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    1. A metaphor – yes Keith. It could mean, exactly as you say. I think it also refers to the uniqueness of every moment. The river and the water is never exactly the same, from one moment to the next. We are a dynamic entity and change is the one constant certainty.

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    1. Thank you. How is the situation with Corona in your part of the world. We here in Australia are struggling ( or the Government is) with vaccinations, so we have snap lockdowns when there is a breakout in the community. Otherwise we remain safe way down here, with the borders shut.

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      1. Oh here in Germany, life is going back to normal. The infection rate had a sudden sink (??) so people are rushing to get vaccinated so they can be allowed to travel and have vacations. We are still wearing masks, also at work and schools are back to normal . We are hearing about the threaths of the new Delat Corona variant so for me personally, I am still cautious about crowds. On the other side it´s good to see that life went back slowly to where we are before…but then psychology plays a big part now.
        The borders have reopened but there´s a tight control for risks countries–meaning summer vacation is not really “safe” yet as it seems.

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        1. Great to hear you have resumed a sort of normality. The trouble with viruses is that they mutate so rapidly and we have a few cases of the new Delta variant here, from returning cutizen/travellers causing snap lockdowns in the community.
          Caution sounds like good practice for the future of travelling to other countries. I doubt I will be going far for the next few years. Sadly….

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    1. Ancient Greek sayings do probably need an update in terms of contemporary language pronouns. Thanks for reminding me of that. I hope it did not cause offence.


    1. Thank you for your comment, LiveTerra. I have translated it here: “The river could be any day that passes in today’s conditions. We are different every day. In fact, we bathe in a different river every day…”
      Each and every day we are alive, nothing stays the same, or is static. The bad days change (thankfully) and the good days change also. We ride the waves of life.

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    1. It is a quote that makes me think about the transience of each moment and life itself. The Ancient Greeks had some amazing thoughts for their time. Mind you, I haven’t come across it, before now.

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  3. Yes, everything changes constantly. Even taken literally this saying is true. On the first dip the water is likely freezing. A minute later, and your body will have lost some of its heat with the result the water wouldn’t be feeling as cold.

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  4. Hello dear Amanda, thank you for sharing this great quote. It’s a very comforting one, and so true! How often do we worry about things from our past that might happen to us again in the future, conjuring up these fears (which a teacher of me once said means “false evidence appearing real”) and creating stress in the process? Just because we equal the past with the future, which, as the quote indicates, is totally not realistic… Thanks Amanda! Hugs and blessings to you. ✨✨✨

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    1. “False evidence appearing real and creating stress in the process.” That is profoundly a fact. Why do we let that happen? If we think about it in those terms, it seems crazy to not let the past slide into mental oblivion, doesn’t it?

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