Sunday Quotes – Living with our Troubles

The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than growing with them.”

Bernard M. Baruch

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35 thoughts on “Sunday Quotes – Living with our Troubles”

    1. You are right about it not being possible to have a trouble-free life, Laurie, yet many of us strive for this.
      Why? When problems can be a personal challenge for us to overcome and lead to a sense of achievement, once we’ve overcome them. It is hard to reframe a problem in our head as an opportunity but many of the less serious ones, are just that.
      It’s seems natural for humans to try to find the easier path or the path of least resistance, but it also might be a path to restricted learning.

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    1. It is easy to forget Jen and dwell on a subject or task that is character building or a problem by another name. When we get stuck in that mode and don’t have any obvious answer, it might be good to look for the things we can do around that problem. Go sideways rather than forward or backward.

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  1. Yes, who would have thought that we reach a stage whereby we would be punished for being together! We now have to keep walking when outside and benches are taped up.
    Yes, we have to move and grow with the obstacles.

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  2. So true. Thanks for the important reminder, Amanda. When I’m facing challenges or troubles, I try to remember to ask myself, what can I learn from this? What is the Universe trying to teach me, or what is the opportunity being offered to me? I’m not always successful…but when I am, it really pays off.

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    1. You are very wise to ask yourself that question, Christie. Did you have a good role model that taught you this strategy early in life, or did you work it out yourself?


      1. While she didn’t teach me this specifically, my mother was very resilient and a good role model of perseverance. I read somewhere about asking yourself this question specifically. I can’t remember where I read it, but the advice stuck with me.

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    1. The Rosella is native to Australia, so that might be why to have not come across it. It tastes kind of lemony.
      I close comments on old posts due to them attracting so much spam. Thanks for the random raid. I will return the favour as soon as I can.

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      1. Sad. I checked a chain store’s website and nothing comes up, even though I currently live in a climate that should be able to support it.

        Thank you for teaching me something. Stay golden!


  3. Nice to read this quote.

    But how to eliminate our troubles is a million dollar question.

    Many pundits tried to answer but people were never successful.

    Since one can’t eliminate troubles…..better one is at peace with it.

    Life = Surviving with troubles or succumb to troubles.

    No in between route.
    And there is no art.

    This is my personal opinion.

    Thank you Amanda

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