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Friendly Friday Challenge – The Last Good Quote I Read

I can’t remember where I read it, but the serial killer Gary Gilmore is apparently quoted as eating his last meal before announcing, “Let’ Do It,” in reference to his own execution. And then I read that Nike used that as inspiration for their slogan, Just Do It! That is crazy. Just like the world seems to be at the moment.

Whilst that is not the last good thing I read, they are posted below. But it does make you think about not wasting a second on useless flirtations or video games or news that terrifies us.

Life isn’t as long as you think.

The last good quote/s I read was the ones below :-

Quotes about Life

Sandy asked us to share something that was the last good thing we saw, ate, watched, did or read. If that tempts you to join in, you can find the challenge at:

Friendly Friday

18 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – The Last Good Quote I Read”

  1. I assumed the Nike thing was a bit of an urban legend and lo and behold, it looks like it’s true. It doesn’t sound like it could possibly be true. Very interesting thing to know!

    The Michael J Fox quote resonates with me. I’m working on acceptance right now. Not the kind that makes you depressed, the kind that allows you to pull up your socks and get on with it.


    1. I agree about the Garry Gilmore – Nike inspiration, Zazzy. It is unsavoury, and I don’t know how they thought that it would possibly be inspirational. Yet, it has become iconic! Go figure!
      You are right about acceptance being two-fold by nature. I agree it can be both negative and positive. It can allow you to move past worries or anxieties, but also can carry over into the territory of triggering apathy, if not managed. I like to think of acceptance as a liberating force from troubling repetitive thoughts.

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  2. Two thought provoking quotes Amanda.

    I particularly like the George Bernard Shaw quote and have great admiration for anyone who lives by it.
    Seems like MIchael J Fox’s quote can be taken both ways. In the context of his own history, it is very inspiring. But held in constrast to Shaw’s quote – it’s quite the opposite, don’t you think? Finding yourself is all about acceptance. Creating yourself is all about being dissatisfied with the status quo and aspiring to higher expectations.

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad family news. I hope this is something that you can weather well . Best wishes – Sandy


    1. Thank you, Sandy. The pull of tension between the two quotes did not go unnoticed by both of us. You get full points for noticing and commenting on that. I do like Shaw’s quote because I think it relates to something I have tried to live by, in a large part of my adult years. Life is what we make of it, to a large degree. If you don’t like the hand that life has dealt you, it is up to you to do something about it, to problem-solve and search for ways to change it up in any way that is possible for you and by you!
      Acceptance however, has its place too! I agree it is most apt for the events that unfolded in Michael J. Fox’s life. Having too high an expectation of something or someone can be counter-productive, unrealistic and at worst, detrimental as life and good health is so very unpredictable. Acceptance is important for peace of mind for those kinds of circumstances that are completely outside your control, or where change has failed.
      Great discussion, Sandy and fabulous and very unique, Friendly Friday Prompt. Thanks!

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  3. Very thought-provoking quotes, Amanda! (And I will never, ever view a Nike Ad in the same way again).
    The last good book that I read was Peace by Chocolate. Very uplifting – especially in these difficult times.


    1. Re the Nike ad – I know, right! To give voice to a serial killer’s mantra is a little shocking. But as far as advertising a product, it certainly worked and most people probably only know of the connection after the fact.
      Peace by Chocolate sounds interesting. I will look it up. Fictional?


  4. I was confused because I couldn’t find this post by browsing your blog and then I clicked on the link in Sandy’s recap post and now I see that this post is dated to September 22 2021! 😮 How did this happen? The just-do-it story is truly astonishing.


    1. Oh no… the explanation lies in the fact that I have 158 drafts and it was clearly one from last year that I failed to check the date on when I hit publish! I am naughty! I must check that before publishing as WordPress penalises you if you reset the date on published posts, by bumping you from the reader. Thanks for alerting me. This is probably why comments were very much down to what they usually are. I needed a bit of a break anyhow. It takes up too much of my morning at the moment as I am quite busy with other tasks. How are things for you.

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