The Yin and Yang Opposites SOCS

Opposites – Opposing; the antithesis of another.

On a writing assignment yesterday, I met a father and daughter who were extreme opposites.

The father, a rough diamond, raw, with unkempt greying hair, various tattoos and sometimes the language to go with it. Unsophisticated, one might say, but true to who he was. A muso by trade and, perhaps, a muso by nature. In the music business.



Completely spontaneous, yet business savvy and productive enough to spot an opportunity and grab it, in his lingo, ‘by the balls.’

The daughter, so well-groomed, outwardly fashion-conscious. An optimistic young lady, confident and idealistic, with an undercurrent of uncertainty and not a tattoo in sight. This, her first business venture.

An inherited disposition from Dad: this business acumen to spot an opportunity and run with it, full tilt. So far, their business is booming. It’s a winner. Not just a cafe, but a concept. Something different, unusual, eclectic. What people want? What people are craving?


The challenge for me is how to pivot the opposites into an article, weaving these two opposing characters together?

A yin and a yang.

#SOCS – written as a Stream of Consciousness with the theme Opposites

45 thoughts on “The Yin and Yang Opposites SOCS”

    1. If anything, Ally, the writing assignments lead to meeting some interesting characters.
      On opposites attracting, it is surprising how often I’ll find a married couple that ARE complete opposites, so opposites must complement by attraction.
      You would probably enjoy the shop/cafe. Vintage is in, atm, isn’t it?

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  1. Perhaps they are both on the same track, but each on a different rail.
    He, further along on his rail is now vintage, was once hip and in tune with the scene.
    She, years behind puts her ear to her rail, senses the past and future.
    She, fuelled from his life experiences and he recognizing himself through her youth merge the past with today.

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  2. Yes, opposites fascinates. It is difficult to disagree with sameness, perhaps even impossible.
    And of course it helps if the opposite is convincing and have backups. However, disagreeable opinions must be avoided when the result is a war or a fight.

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  3. I’m sure the daughter has had other influences to her character than just dad. She may have her mother’s delicacies while finding her father’s business acumen. There is also a lot more peer pressure on girls than boys so her presentation to the world may be more finely orchestrated than dads. But they have a common goal and that’s always a good meeting ground. Just a different perspective. How fun that writing assignment will be.

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  4. Wise, Marlene. Her presentation to the world is definitely more orchestrated plus she is her own person living her own life, in a different era to her Dad. I hope it won’t be too difficult to keep to the word count!

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  5. Amanda, good post. You have to dig beneath the layers to find out what people are really like. The outer shell may mask an inner person that would surprise you. This is a key reason I treasure the eclectic, as like Forrest Gump’s mother would say about chocolates, “you never know what you are going to get.” Keith

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    1. The challenge for me, Keith is to ask the right questions that will uncover those qualities that make an interesting story. I felt that there was some barrier in our meeting. Due to a previous bad experience with reporters they were apprehensive. Making them relax is part of my job, I guess.

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      1. Amanda, that is an interesting point. How do you get beneath the outer cover? In this case, you discovered that both had a penchant to seize opportunity, even though they looked and dressed so differently. It reminds me of the four attributes author Malcolm Gladwell highlights in his book “Outliers” on successful people and groups.

        – they are smart or talented enough enough
        – they practice or study their craft a great deal – he used 10,000 hours
        – they are given opportunity
        – And, they seize opportunity

        He notes this last point is critical, as some very smart people have to be shown that this is the opportunity to seize. Your father and daughter had that. Keith

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        1. Oh, thank you, Keith. You have given me further inspiration for angling my soon to be written article! The blogging community is nothing short of amazing! I am indeed blessed to have you and other bloggers offer inspiring comments!


  6. The store looks so interesting, one I would probably visit only to see what they have. There is a market for vinyl and I actually wish I would have kept mine from years ago. What is old is new again. Good luck with your writing assignment. These two sound will make for a very cool story.

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  7. So love a place like that can they franchise down here, lol. They sound just like my son & I. I am a complete grot but my son is a handsome well groomed, posh totty he is my best mate.
    I hope your stayin cool neighbour

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    1. Trying to stay cool, Linda. It isn’t easy and unlike previous years, I have had the air con on this year. The humidity seems to be off the scale this year.
      I love that you would consider such a project with your son. Is he into music too? Or is it just the mother and son project that interests you?

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      1. More the Mother & Son project we do love our music though he is an old soul.
        The humidity is ridiculous it must be extra crazy if you guys are feeling it intense up there it must be bad. From one drip to another stay well, Have marvelous Merry Christmas.

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