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As this blog is older than a decade, I thought that rather than write a lengthy comment in response to Maggie’s post, on questions on blogging, I’d formulate a post to highlight my thoughts on the questions she posed.

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Do Bloggers Respond to Every Blog Comment?

When Maggie asked if bloggers respond to every comment made on their blog, I would reply and say, of course, on my blog, I do. And try to, without exception.

If someone has actually taken time out of their busy life to read my ramblings and then post a comment, then it’s only polite and courteous that I respond. If, however, the commenter is breezing through and says, “Nice post,” I can’t guarantee it, but it is likely my reply might be equally generic/bland and generalised. Don’t hate me for that.

Using Different Fonts Styles and Colours in your Blog

On this blog, I sometimes use a coloured background to highlight an important paragraph. The use of styles, colours and fonts are a way for individual bloggers to express themselves.

Some bloggers favour consistency, but I am a bit of a fan of mixing it up. A pretty blog with a neat appearance might still be visually boring for readers.

Blocking Users Who Spam

When would I block a user? If the blogger consistently stole (or re-blogged+++), my content, posting it as if their own, without contributing anything else to the blogosphere, then they are at high risk for being blocked. Spammers are obviously blocked.

Having said that, do you know where the block option setting is located in WordPress?

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Off Limits Topics for Blogs

This depends on the theme of a blog.

This platform is an independent venue for self-expression and I like to hear differing opinions, but if a blogger got uber-religious or fundamentalist in their belief system, or if you are someone who wanted to peddle propaganda or misinformation – well – you’re on our own, baby.

Blog Awards – Yay or Nay

These are great ways for beginner bloggers to build a community around their blog, but awards are often time-consuming and basically a tad annoying for the blogger who has been on WordPress for some time. I do occasionally accept them, but in nominating another blogger, I hold no expectations and pass on no obligations whatsoever, leaving it up to the individual to decide if they wish to pass the so-called award onward.

Do Blog Prompts Inspire You to Write?

Well – Um- ja! Kinda exactly what I am doing now. Plus, I host a Photography / Blog Challenge called Friendly Friday, so I’d be lying, if I said no. Prompts can be incredibly useful, at times, especially in overcoming writer’s block, or at least I find them to be so.

Are you Focused on Blog Followers?

It sounds so self-indulgent to be focused on the number of blog followers, doesn’t it? I try hard not to look at that total number of followers but have to confess that number catches my eye more often than it should.

I justify that by considering the increase in or decrease in followers is a way of gaining feedback on one’s writing. I can reflect whether I am hitting the mark or not. Or if my writing is worthy of reading, or not.

The numbers don’t lie.

That is, unless you have paid for blog followers, which is a lower-than-a-snake’s-belly-style of act and defeats the purpose of fostering community.

What Motivates a Reader to Follow/Unfollow a Blog?

It is no surprise that interesting content motivates me to follow a particular blog. Something relatable to my circumstances, wishes, dreams and hopes. Topical posts are great, but maintaining a general conversational writing tone is more attractive to the reader than pure information. We have to entertain, at least slightly.

Pet Blogging Peeves

None. I don’t have any peeves about blogging. I hear that many writers are still uncomfortable with the Block Editor, but I am okay with it. I like moving blocks around in the draft of a post and other new functionalities. However I started out on that block editor, very early in the piece – the first chance I got, so I have had a lot of time to become accustomed to it.

Although, there is one thing that does irk me, just a bit. WordPress Engineers suddenly removing elements of functionality without warning, or consultation, is frustrating. For example, I really miss the ‘search’ function for comments.

That’s All.

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