Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity

How’s your 2022 shaping up? I haven’t seen its best face, so far. Not by a long shot.

beach sunrise
Scarborough, Australia at Sunrise

Even so, there’s always a sense of serenity to be found, in a Scarborough beach sunrise. Australia is blessed with a multitude of beaches. They’re a perfect place for contemplation – the rhythmic waves drowning out the city sounds: a soothing poultice for troubling thoughts that tumble chaotically in the vortex of life.

Coolangatta Beach, Australia

Whether you’re seeking respite from boisterous children, noisy neighbours, barking dogs, a family crisis, unemployment, the ‘rona,’ or other sounds of city/life that might grate on one’ nerves, it’s the desire for peace and tranquillity that propels many of us to search for peace, physically and/or emotionally, somewhere we can feel calm and untroubled – a state called serenity.

Serenity – a welcome internal state brought about, in part, by external forces.

crimson leaves foliage japan along the Nakasendo way- an ancient walking trail that connects post towns between Tokyo to Kyoto
The Nakasendo Way – a place to find serenity and peace.

If a sandy beach is not your thing, taking a walk in nature is an excellent way to eliminate stress. Forest trails invite you to explore, to exercise, to breathe deeply and it is possible to find a sense of serenity to those who seek it.

Tsumago Japan Steps forest
A stairway near Tsumago, Japan

The Nakasendo Way is an ancient walking trail connecting post-towns between Tokyo and Kyoto. This section, located in the mountains in Hakone, Japan, is a place where even the most anxious person might find serenity.

Zen Gardens

Zen Gardens are synonymous with serenity. They are minimalist-designed gardens adorned with certain elements and a lot of open space, intended to help the viewer erase the stresses of everyday life by providing him with emptiness and openness.

A serene Zen garden in Toowoomba with raked gravel

DIY Zen Gardens

If you don’t have a zen garden nearby, you could make your own version with stones, versions, dollar store miniature tools and a few rocks and cactus – this was a school project which certainly attracted a lot of attention from the school students.

Friendly Friday Challenge Prompt – Searching for Serenity

For the Friendly Friday Challenge, show me in photographs, or using words, write about somewhere that imparts a feeling of serenity – a favourite walking trail; a comfortable chair; a place where you craft or work; or home with loved ones.

A poem, a story, a report, a photograph, all are welcome contributions to Friendly Friday.

How to Join Friendly Friday Blog Challenge

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This challenge runs for two weeks from today, after which Sandy will post a new Friendly Friday prompt at The Sandy Chronicles.

2022 Friendly Friday Prompt Release Dates

February 25 – Sandy – The Sandy Chronicles

March 11th – Sofia – Guest Host Photographias – EXCITING!!!

March 25th – Sarah – Travel with Me

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Friendly Friday

60 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity”

    1. Japan is that strange mix of megatropolis and then peaceful gardens where solitude and serenity can be found, Aletta. It is quite a contrast but I do like it. Have you been?


        1. When the pandemic clears, you could have add it to your wish list I had never planned on it being anything more than a short stopover destination but it captivated me so much I returned twice more and would go again.


            1. There really is a lot to see in Japan and its that interesting snd sometimes quirky mix of west and east. And everything so clean, neat and planned.


  1. Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity.The picture is from my childhood Bibley parents gave me. On Thursday, February 10, 2022, Something to Ponder About wrote:

    > Forestwood posted: ” How’s your 2022 shaping up? I haven’t seen its best > face, so far. Not by a long shot. Scarborough, Australia at Sunrise Even > so, there’s always a sense of serenity to be found, in a Scarborough beach > sunrise. Australia is blessed with a multitude” >


  2. My apartment was sprayed yesterday professionally and I am now challenged with the task of restocking my dresser and placing things in the closets temporary hoping to find a place to move.


    1. Japan has a wonderful range of spots but the cover image is from the Brisbane Botanic Garden where they have a wonderful Japanese garden hidden amongst the natives.


    1. Thanks so much, Janis, only the beaches, the Toowoomba zen garden and the featured image are from Australia. I am a big fan of wooden paths as well as beaches, and I always appreciate the opportunity to do so, knowing that many in the world can’t.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so pleased that you liked my choice of prompt this week, PtP. I think all of us would like our inner mind to be at peace. I am interested to see how you have interpreted this via photos.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I had the same feeling of wanting to return to Japan, as I was formulating this post, Sofia. It is a very special country. Thanks for joining in. I am keen to check out your entry.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The Zen garden in Toowoomba calls to me. So soothing.

    [When I read the title of this post my mind went to the TV series Firefly which was about a crew of ragtag space adventurers who travelled in a ship called Serenity. Not your point, of course, but there you have it!]


    1. The Toowoomba garden was fabulous, designed by a master Japanese Zen Garden Architect, and will take 30 years to completely mature.
      I am not familiar with the series Firefly, but I do think Serenity is a cool name for a spaceship!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True. It is more inside. Though some “theres” help. We just bought a “country” house an hour away from Mexico. Warmer, with a small pool for the grandkids. Very quiet. Peace indeed.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I so agree about Japan (and Japanese gardens anywhere) being a great source of serene spaces. The Japanese seem to find room for a peaceful oasis in the smallest spots 🙂

    You’ve picked a perfect theme for me as I’m just back from a two week trip escaping the chill of London and busy city life among the greenness of Costa Rica. I thought I’d share the serene views we enjoyed from our various hotels there:

    Of course being me I didn’t just sit and look at the views, so watch this space for more posts about this beautiful country!


    1. I agree that blogging can be a fantastic way to find some serenity in your life, Marsha. Typing out those kinds of thoughts in an entertaininng and logically presented way is a great and productive use of one’s times.

      Liked by 1 person

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