Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity

How’s your 2022 shaping up? I haven’t seen its best face, so far. Not by a long shot.

beach sunrise
Scarborough, Australia at Sunrise

Even so, there’s always a sense of serenity to be found, in a Scarborough beach sunrise. Australia is blessed with a multitude of beaches. They’re a perfect place for contemplation – the rhythmic waves drowning out the city sounds: a soothing poultice for troubling thoughts that tumble chaotically in the vortex of life.

Coolangatta Beach, Australia

Whether you’re seeking respite from boisterous children, noisy neighbours, barking dogs, a family crisis, unemployment, the ‘rona,’ or other sounds of city/life that might grate on one’ nerves, it’s the desire for peace and tranquillity that propels many of us to search for peace, physically and/or emotionally, somewhere we can feel calm and untroubled – a state called serenity.

Serenity – a welcome internal state brought about, in part, by external forces.

crimson leaves foliage japan along the Nakasendo way- an ancient walking trail that connects post towns between Tokyo to Kyoto
The Nakasendo Way – a place to find serenity and peace.

If a sandy beach is not your thing, taking a walk in nature is an excellent way to eliminate stress. Forest trails invite you to explore, to exercise, to breathe deeply and it is possible to find a sense of serenity to those who seek it.

Tsumago Japan Steps forest
A stairway near Tsumago, Japan

The Nakasendo Way is an ancient walking trail connecting post-towns between Tokyo and Kyoto. This section, located in the mountains in Hakone, Japan, is a place where even the most anxious person might find serenity.

Zen Gardens

Zen Gardens are synonymous with serenity. They are minimalist-designed gardens adorned with certain elements and a lot of open space, intended to help the viewer erase the stresses of everyday life by providing him with emptiness and openness.

A serene Zen garden in Toowoomba with raked gravel

DIY Zen Gardens

If you don’t have a zen garden nearby, you could make your own version with stones, versions, dollar store miniature tools and a few rocks and cactus – this was a school project which certainly attracted a lot of attention from the school students.

Friendly Friday Challenge Prompt – Searching for Serenity

For the Friendly Friday Challenge, show me in photographs, or using words, write about somewhere that imparts a feeling of serenity – a favourite walking trail; a comfortable chair; a place where you craft or work; or home with loved ones.

A poem, a story, a report, a photograph, all are welcome contributions to Friendly Friday.

How to Join Friendly Friday Blog Challenge

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This challenge runs for two weeks from today, after which Sandy will post a new Friendly Friday prompt at The Sandy Chronicles.

2022 Friendly Friday Prompt Release Dates

February 25 – Sandy – The Sandy Chronicles

March 11th – Sofia – Guest Host Photographias – EXCITING!!!

March 25th – Sarah – Travel with Me

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We are what our name says: Friendly!

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Friendly Friday

60 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity”

  1. I love the subject here, Amanda! I’m going to keep it for future reference. On the road right now to retrieve my personal belongings and staying with a friend. The room is serene and I’m absorbing it’s essence. I’ve always thought that serenity was a state of mind you could chose. Even when chaos is all around, you can take your focus off and find that spot in your mind to bring you back.Of course, idyllic surroundings are very helpful, though we can’t always get to them. You have given me a great deal of food for thought.


    1. Lovely to hear Marlene that you could find some food for thought in my challenge post. You know I am not good at finding serenity when things are chaotic. It is very difficult for me to choose that as a state of mind unless I practise some meditation. Yet the paradox is that serenity is most needed in those chaotic times.
      When things are more stable, I can visit that serene place in my mind very easily. Enjoy your mini holiday and visiting your friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved how you spoke of the beach, “a soothing poultice for troubling thoughts that tumble chaotically in the vortex of life.” Beautiful words and lovely pictures.


    1. Thank you so much for that kind comment. It does indeed feel like that and in that I am blessed that a beach is easily accessible to me. Although I am not in walking distance to my favourite beach, it is just just a short drive.

      Liked by 1 person

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