Imagination in a Box

Imagine if you had a box, and it could contain anything, as long as the contents are things one can not pick up.

What would be in your box?

A great exercise to use abstract thought.

This was an exercise that was given to primary school children. The text in italics was mandatory, and the rest of the verse was imagination and free writing.

Ten years ago I wrote the following verse on this blog. I am a little confused as to why I wrote a black unicorn. It doesn’t at all sound like me.

The likely explanation is that my daughter must have had some input at the time as she was young at the time and obsessed with Moose, unicorns and rainbows.


The Moose’s Box

I will put in my box

The freedom of children to dream and aspire.

The fortitude and perseverance of a nanny goat,

the sound of boots stomping in freshly laid snow,

the anticipation of holidays and travel.

I will put in my box

empathy and altruism,

emotional intelligence and joy,

extra doses of joy and happiness,

and the extract of a pup’s exuberance.

I will put in my box

a shifting fog,

rainy weather,

a thousand giggles,

and the sky at twilight.

I will put in my box

a black unicorn hiding behind the rainbow

and the toes of a fish or the fins of a horse.

My box is –

shaped like a moose’s horns

and is a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds

tied with imaginary bows of angel’s breath.

In my box

I will understand the meaning of life and find contentment and love.

What would you put in your mythical box?


18 thoughts on “Imagination in a Box”

      1. It reminds me of the box that was drawn for The Little Prince. The Little Prince asks for a drawing of a sheep. And it turns out it’s more difficult than one would imagine. After many tries, the drawing of the perfect sheep ends up being the box (with air holes, not to worry 🙂 ), because you can imagine your perfect sheep in it…

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        1. How beautiful. I know a lot of people who like The Little Prince although I am totally unfamiliar with it.
          Perfection is rare and the attainment of it often problematic. But imagination can always be perfect.


  1. Hi Amanda, I was wondering how I missed this post as it didn’t show up in my reader. Luckily I caught because of Bushboy’s post. I see your reader’s comment from 2012. Did you Update the original? I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t get notification.
    Anyways, this is an intriguing prompt and I like the imagery of your words. I can imagine that kids would like the idea. At a certain age they (my girl in particular) loved boxes in which they’d keep little treasures.


    1. Yes, Sandy this was an update of the original so that is why you didn’t receive a notification. Knowing your feelings on poetry, I appreciate the comment. Despite being a children’s prompt, it was good opportunity to practise imagery.

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  2. Imagination is a wonderful thing that we should never stop using! Fun post. I would keep seashells and the ocean waves in my box. And the smell of the salty sea would come out every time the box was opened.

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