Unprofessional Texts

He must have had a bad day.

That’s the only explanation.

There was the Moth, (i.e. Man of the house for the uninitiated), and I driving home from the airport, one ordinary Monday. A sound, consisting of a weird remix of the soundtrack to the Exorcist, the Adam’s family theme song and Thomas the Tank Engine’s whistle, boomed through the car’s cabin.

It startled me, for a second, before I realised it was the Moth’s new cell phone ringtone. What can I say? He gets bored with ringtones easily and changes them as often, {as I hope}, he changes his underwear!

Amidst much headshaking from me, the Moth answers what I consider to be a highly disturbed ringtone with one of his newly installed auto-gadgets he purchased recently from the Autobarn. One that lets him answer his phone hands-free.

The caller’s number was unknown to us. That should have been our first red flag.

Nevertheless, the Moth answers the call.

An unknown male voice mumbles a response from the auto gadget’s speaker,

Yeah, it is Col. You rang me.”

The Moth, now slightly confused says, No, no, mate. I didn’t. Must be a wrong number,” and was ready to hang up, when “Col,” surprises us, adamantly stating,

“NO, You just RANG me.”

The Moth immediately hits the defensive note as he had been driving for about 40 minutes straight at this point.

Well, I don’t know how I could have called you. My phone’s been in my pocket for the last half hour.”

We were expecting to finish the conversation at that point, but Col was a bulldog who retorted condescendingly:

“No, Mate. YOU RANG ME.” and click – immediately hangs up on us, ending the conversation.

That is where the story should end, shouldn’t it?

Except perhaps for some slight bewilderment on our part, at Col’s audacity and his inability to accept he might be wrong. There might be some mild accompanying head-shaking from us, lasting only milliseconds, before we moved on with our day and promptly forgot the incident.

At least that is what we expected.

You can imagine our surprise when another equally dreadful ringtone sounds on the Moth’s phone. This time it’s a text message from: –

You guessed it – Col.

He has sent us an SMS.

‘Col’, whose caller ID identified him as Prestige XX…. Homes, SMS’ed us to say:

“Check your call log, Mate. You just rang me.”

Of course, the Moth’s call log checked out just as we thought. How could it not? He had not used his phone to call anyone and it was still in his pocket since we set out from home to drive to the airport, 40 minutes previously.

Impressed by the bulldog’s tenacity but slightly pissed off with his impudence, the Moth and I discussed deleting the text until the Moth had a sudden change of heart.

He was curious about Col from Prestige…..Homes, so instructed me to text back a reply, with a screenshot of the call log from the last few days, as he was still driving and couldn’t do it himself.

If you know me, that invitation was just too tempting for words.

I happily complied, sending through the screenshot of the call log, which showed zero calls for today, and a handful of calls the Moth had made to the family in the previous few days.

Very dull and uninteresting.

Here is where I have to admit, the temptation to embellish the screenshot SMS with some choice Aussie jargon, was too much for me.

It was clear this guy didn’t give up and seemed to have a problem accepting he might actually have made a mistake! He was, you know, being unprofessional, so I thought I’d be a little creative(?) and match his telephone manner.

Listen Dickhead,” I texted. “Please see attached screenshot, showing zero calls to you. Probs not too good for business to hassle people.

It must have been a slow day at Prestige…. Homes or Col must have been trolling for a bit of a stoush, as his reply SMS came in thick and fast:

Must have been someone else using your phone, then.”

Did we respond again? No, we didn’t. We moved on. But it got me thinking how many people would continue the argy-bargy, get angry or abusive? What was it that prevented Col from accepting our explanation?

Would you respond? If so, how? What do you make of Col?

I am intrigued.

Do let rip in the comments.

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52 thoughts on “Unprofessional Texts”

    1. A lot of anonymous calls turn out to be scams. However, when I looked up the name of the home builder the caller ID gave me, it was legit and they are an actual company. That was when I thought it was strange. How could an employee make a phone call and be so unprofessional?

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        1. A scam call using your own number? Now that is a dead giveaway. But how do they do this legally? I guess it is not legal. Just today in the news, the Australian government and telcos are putting in place some new procedures to stop the scammers. But then the courier companies and online stores should also stop selling our details to database companies for telemarketing purposes.

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          1. It was a giveaway, and a disconcerting one… Do others think we’re spammers? πŸ˜€

            It did teach us to assume that unknown and unexpected calls are likely to be spammers and to be ignored. There are times of year where we got a LOT of those. I once read that the response rate to mailer junk mails was 2%, I wonder what it is to the calls/texts…

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            1. I their junk mail straight out so urged would too. Advertisers on the other hand, seem to believe companies that indicate they distribute to 40000 homes. More like distributing to 40000 trash bins!

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  1. I agree with Hungry Traveller. And in fact I NEVER answer calls from an unknown number on my mobile. It almost always means they’re scams, and if the caller is genuine they’ll find other means of getting in touch. But they never do.

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    1. If it was my phone, that is my policy. If I am expecting a call from someone, I might answer it, but usually I look at the number and the calling prefix and decide whether it is worth answering. Most times, my phone isn’t attached to me during the day as I have left it lying someone around the house! Then I play, ” can someone ring my phone so I can find where it is!” If I have left it on DND or silent, I have to go room to room re-tracing my steps to find it. Do you ever do that, Margaret?

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  2. ‘Awa’ an’ bile yer heid’ would have been my response, followed by ‘yer erse is oot the windae’ should he try again. Fond memories of the Scottish vernacular…..
    I am glad I am not alone in having to ring my mobile to find out where it is…

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    1. Bahaha, Helen! I can just imagine the seemingly half asleep Aussie getting slapped with the Scottish vernacular! What a hoot! Bile your head? Whatever that means I love it!! Not to mention the idiom about backsides!! Lol.

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  3. I’d have ignored it myself … like I do all calls on my mobile, even the ones from people I know πŸ™‚ I haven’t developed the habit of toting my phone everywhere and I’m a little deaf to its ringtone, which is a regular, comes-with-and-free one πŸ˜‰

    Your story does remind me why I ignore ‘unknown caller’ rings though.

    I once answered the call with a “Hello?” and the woman on the other side “Who the hell are you?” The conversation went downhill from there.

    I have the unfortunate experience of inheriting a previously owned number. Whoever the previuos owner was, he is on the list for debt collection agencies and people who want their cars towed at 2am in the morning. Do you wonder why I don’t answer my phone? LOL

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    1. Oh no, Sandy. Calls at 2am aren’t great. It reminds me of someone whose number was one digit off an escort service’s number! Have you thought about changing it? It is a hassle though. Do not disturb feature is your best friend, then?

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      1. It is too much of bother to change. One of the reasons I chose it is because it’s an easy to remember number. Instead, I just block the nuisance numbers.

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  4. Sounds like some very crossed wires. He called out to you but thought you were calling him??? Makes no sense. There must have been a connection short but that calls for kinder and more understanding behavior. All you did was answer the phone. Just strange all the way around. That person must have left his manners in his hip pocket. No call to be rude.

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    1. Indeed and ordinarily I would also just hang up and forget it. But the Moth was curious….. Also I have an update from my IT son who advises that dodgy companies have sometimes gained access to phone numbers and will use those as fake caller IDs when making calls. It is not legal but it does happen and that might be a possible explanation as we did not call.


  5. That is weird beyond weird, Amanda. My sister-in-law had a guy that scammed her. What stopped her from giving him more money was the fact that he got belligerent with her and YELLED at her. Thank goodness! But not before she had paid him $1,800 in gift cards from several different stores for fixing her $600 computer online. It was quite a process to get untangled. So I urge your readers to beware of calls like that one. They want your information however they can get it.


      1. Well, it made a great story, however weird it was or how it happened. What was so funny was how obstinant he was! That was hilarious. πŸ™‚ Have a great week, Amanda. πŸ™‚

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  6. I would have assumed my number was being spoofed, or Col was drunk. I block that sort of call. I doubt I will ever need to talk to Col.

    But one of your commenters reminded me of when my number was one off of Pizza Hut. Friday nights were call after call after call. And it was before you could block calls. I often threatened to take the orders. Then perhaps they’d call Pizza Hut and complain their order never arrived. I was not that mean, at least at that time.

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