Friday Fictioneers


Write a fiction story in 100 words or less based on the photo prompt. Trigger warning- this short story is dark.

Explaining Why

Bad day? Rindango asked, his open palm offering another refill.

I nod, saying nothing.

How could I explain, without opening the floodgates?

Suppressing the steel ball of anxiety wedged in my breastbone way preferable to divulging the wretched hurt and misunderstanding.  It’s safer staying distant. Numb. Protected behind a wall.

I dropped my guard once. The do-gooder’s sympathetic response well-intentioned, albeit transient. Too confronting and they walk. Excuses made. Resetting their unremarkable life.

I left normal behind years ago.

So why change now? It’s my problem, my ownership, my solution.

I signal to Rindango. One more for the road, thanks.

100 Words


62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers”

      1. I have a very short story on my blog with a deliberately-shocking finale. My mother was the first person to read it. I had printed it up for her, and afterwards, she rolled up the papers and hit me over the head with it. “Don’t scare your mother like that!” she said. But she liked it nonetheless.

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    1. Good point. Saying nothing is an oxymoron and unnecessary. I could have just written. I merely nod? Would that convey the feeling better? Or I nod, but cannot speak. That was the feeling I wanted to convey.

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          1. You are welcome. Yesterday was the first time that I could see a dr after my issues with high bloodpresure and fast heartbeat. All after effects from Covid which I had half March. I still feel tired at times. Doctor said I’ve got to slow down because of my age. Looking after grandchildren isn’t a easy task. It really takes long to get over it. When you feel tired you just have to rest that’s all that’s going to help to recover.

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            1. I agree, the little ones need a helping hand and that’s when grannies come in handy. I’m napping after lunch but sometimes it doesn’t help. Just can’t relax enough. Was two weeks school holidays. Monday things are going to be in a slower pace(hope so) I would love to do some painting and some writing again. Going to start another six weeks from 15 Aug to color in your sentences with all kinds of interesting (descriptive) words.

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            2. This is what it’s all about: “fun with sensory descriptions and specifics that keep good scenes going” There are only ten in the group and we get information from tutor and we discuss the writing we’ve done for each week.

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    1. Thank you. Fiction stories don’t come naturally for me, Bridget. This practice forces me to think in a fictitious way and as the slogan says, you make every word count!
      It curtails my sometimes rambling verbose style!

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  1. Beautiful writing, the mood comes through perfectly. Trigger warnings are always good although ‘dark…’ no idea if someone is triggered by that. I’m surprised by good plot twists, not the mood.

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  2. Because of my background as a psychotherapist, I couldn’t resist trying to analyze your MC. A do-gooder who went too far? Someone who wants to fix everyone else, but doesn’t take a good long look at his own motives?

    In any case, an interesting character sketch, well done in very few words.


    1. I didn’t completely realise when I wrote this, that I was so clearly referencing that barrier of psychological trauma that leads to withdrawal behind a wall. But I think that is exactly what I felt about this sorrowful, broken character.

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  3. Okay, the first paragraph is interesting. I wish I can write a short story about that prompt photo but I can’t, I have no clue how to begin writing 100 words based on that photo. Anyways, great blog ‘Friday Fictioneers”🙌🙌

    Maybe the next prompt photo will give me an idea of how to tackle that assignment

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    1. It is a fiction story Mthobisi. Just tell a story that is made up or based on something in your life. What does the photo remind you of? An anecdote of your life? Something you saw or heard? Just pure fantasy. A story of your imagination. As long as it has a beginning a middle and an end, it is a story! The word limit makes you utilize every word that you choose to use.


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